SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 2 Episode 14

Welcome to the Chum Bucket / Frankendoodle

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 21, 2002 on Nickelodeon

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  • Frankendoodle is excellent (and Chum Bucket was great too)

    Welcome to the Chum Bucket- Plankton beats Mr. Krabs at cards, and wins Spongebob's contract as a winning. Willl Plankton find out the secret formula via Spongebob? Very funny throughout, there's a great visual gag in which through a series of requests, Plankton turns the Chum Bucket into the Krusty Krab. 10/10 A+

    Frankendoodle- Spongebob and Patrick find a magical writing utensil, and create a spongebob look alike with it. However, it turns out to be evil. Will Spongebob and Patrick be able to save Bikini Bottom from his evil? One of my favorites from the whole series, there are so many quoteable moments and great scenes, it is easily a favorite of mine. 10/10 A+

    Overall, two very great episodes, I liked Frankendoodle a bit more, but they both worth watching, fan or no fan. 10/10 A+