SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 11

Whale of a Birthday / Karate Island

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM May 12, 2006 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Whale of a Birthday: Pearl is having a dream about her favorite boy band, Boys Who Cry, play her a song on her 16th birthday, when she jumps out of bed she crashes the floor and lands to find her dad Mr. Krabs eating breakfast. She tells him about a special day that Mr. Krabs has no idea about. She shouts in his face,"It's my 16th birthday!" Pearl goes to school to tell her friends about how "coral" her party will be. They tell her about all the other lame and cheap party's her dad threw and she goes whining to the Krusty Krab. She tells her dad not to be cheap and gives him a mile long list. He gives SpongeBob his credit card and tells him to follow Pearl and buy her what she wants. SpongeBob spends the whole day buying gifts for Pearl that add up to $1000. At the end of the day Mr. Krabs has the patty sculpture and the singing Squidward ready. SpongeBob and Pearl arrive. Her friends do the activities and eat the cardboard cake. Pearl runs out of the restuarant crying after Squidward preformes a Boys Who Cry song. Then SpongeBob shows up with a huge delivery truck full of presents and Boys Who Cry. Pearl gets happy with Mr. Krabs and Mr. Krabs gets mad at SpongeBob. Karate Island: The day has come again for Gary's shell waxing. When he is done he receives a video in the mail that says, "You are a Winner". He puts it in to the VCR and watches. It tells him about that he has become King of Karate and his crowning ceremony would be held on Karate Island. SpongeBob runs into Sandy and tells her about it. Sandy thinks her karate is better and she has never been invited. She goes with him to Karate Island and meets Odon, the master. He sends men out to fight SpongeBob and when he barely touches them, they fall to the ground. Sandy thinks something strange is going on. They go to SpongeBobs crowning ceremony and they place a crown on his head. Sandy starts to leave the island when SpongeBob cries out for help. Sandy climbs up to him passing 3 of The Four Floors of Fear. Odon tells them this was a scam to get them into buying real estate. Sandy wouldn't give in to the timeshare and fights Odon and kicks him into the ocean. They leave the island a little before Squidward.