SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 11

Whale of a Birthday / Karate Island

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM May 12, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • What the provolone were they thinking!

    First of all,I'm just gonna say WOAB wasn't too bad,but Karate Island,just,geez. Number 1 on the Best Day Ever marathon?! BS! Just because the episode has a dedication doesn't mean it's good.
  • Whale of a Birthday Good Karate Island Poor

    Whale of a Birthday was good. Karate Island was Poor.
  • whale of a birthday was good....

    whale of a birthday was good but i didnt like karate island
  • Liked Whate of Birthday but Karate Island...

    Whale of a Birthday: I actually liked the cheesy boy band's song and singing. I also enjoyed Pearl's snooty friends drinking the dishwater and saying, "It tastes like dishwater" and Squidward says, "It is dishwater" with a smug look on his face. 6/10

    Karate Island: I don't really get why this episode was so popular. I assume kids just like the fighting scenes. I get that Sandy was trying to channel Bruce Lee (with the yellow outfit) but beyond that this episode really fails. 2/10
  • Whale of a Birthday excellent but Karate Island was just poor (you'll see why)

    This episode had an awfully lower score because of the Karate Island (most likely). But I don't really see them bashing both episodes since Whale of a Birthday was excellent. I do understand that Karate Island wasn't that good and my review on that episode won't be positive either. That's the other reason why my average is dropped.

    Whale of a Birthday: I thought this was an excellent episode. This Pearl centered episode beat Chaperon and Bossy Boots although Tunnel of Glove (a later Pearl episode) was a little better and funnier imo. Anyway, the storyline was great to watch while there isn't that much funny scenes. I only laughed at SpongeBob trying to buy everything for Pearl (which the list was very long), especially when he bought a fish and was dressed as a girl, Squidward singing the remix of "It's about you," and the last line. Score 10/10

    Karate Island: I thought this was a poor episode of SpongeBob. I can really understand why there's too much hate for this episode. Because of the Best Day Ever marathon, this was voted as the best episode ever. Not the "best day ever," but this episode was never my cup of tea, not even when I saw it for the first time. Krusty Towers should have won. The episode was getting really boring. I only laughed pretty much most of the stuffs in the first few minutes (SpongeBob on Gary's shell, "You think I'm special?" and the video) and a few parts after that. So the episode being the best episode ever is the reason why it is so hated...don't really hate it, but I was bored watching it. Score 4/10
  • To be dead honest, Whale of a Birthday was okay, but Karate Island.....

    Now, Whale of a Birthday was okay. I don't see why everyone hates it so much. It had a few funny parts, but still; the singing troupe wasn't necessarily at all. I found the Squidward singing part hilarious, and another couple of chuckles, but that's about it.

    Overall Score: C (6.5).

    But now we see this dreadful piece of shite from a buffalo. What the hell? At first, the episode might be average, but the episode literally gets worse by the second. And the ending; a condo? Where did that come from? The Sandy battles were a pain to watch too.

    Overall Score: D (2.5)

    Overall, Whale of a Birthday should have been paired with another episode.

    Overall Mean Score: 4.0

  • This was number one on the countdown? Yeah, right.

    Whale of a Birthday-Horrible! They should've even have invented this episode. Here are the reasons; 1: It wasn't funny. 2: Nothing happened. 3: Boring! 4: It had Pearl. I hate Pearl. I HATE this episode. Final Grade: A triple F-. Karate Island-Awful! First of all, this was number one on the countdown? Hard to believe. This was disgusting when Sandy was fighting with the lip lady. *shudders*. Well, this wasn't AS bad as Whale of a Birthday, but it still was pretty awful. All I know is that this should'nt have been number one, and they should'nt even have made this episode. Final Grade: F! Final Grade: F-. SpongeBob, you better not be in another episode like this! I mean it!
  • Whale of a Birthday: Superb Karate Island: Awful


    Whale of a Birthday:
    Mr. Krabs wants to give his daughter Pearl the best birthday ever. While he works on the party, SpongeBob is assigned the task of figuring out what Pearl would like for a present. So he trails her through the Bikini Bottom mall and takes note of everything she thinks is "Coral." Once Pearl arrives at her party she is horrified to find that her dad's miserly ways have won out again. What was supposed to be the most fun and fabulous event ended up cheap and lame. It looks like Pearl's birthday will go down in history as the worst one ever - until SpongeBob shows up with a truck-load of presents. Everything Pearl looked at in the mall was so Coral that SpongeBob bought it all - maxing out Mr. Krab's credit card in the process.

    Karate Island:
    SpongeBob receives an invitation to take part in a competition on mysterious Karate Island for the chance to be crowned "King of Karate." SpongeBob and Sandy arrive at Karate Island and it turns out that it was just all a set-up to make SpongeBob buy real estate.

    6.5 out of 10

  • Karate Island: my least favorite episode

    Why the heck did Karate Island get voted #1 in the Best day ever countdown???????????? It shouldn't have even made it into the top 100 at all. That was very disappointing.:( I'd like to shake the hands of all the geniuses who have given this episode a bad review so far, and I'd like to know what the heck the people who were voting were thinking when they voted for this episode. They probably had no idea what they were doing when they voted. The only reason I ranked this episode above a 1 is because of Whale of a Birthday, which was actually a pretty good episode contrary to what others believe. I love it when Spongebob pretends to be a girl and he talks in his high-pitched voice about the anchovy the girls swoon over ("Oh, isn't he dreamy?")!!!!!! Ha, ha!!!!
  • Whale of a birthday seems ugly, while Karate Island seems underrated

    Whale of a Birthday:
    Mr. Krabs wants to give his daughter Pearl the best birthday ever. While he works on the party, SpongeBob is assigned the task of figuring out what Pearl would like for a present. So he trails her through the Bikini Bottom mall and takes note of everything she thinks is "Coral." Once Pearl arrives at her party she is horrified to find that her dad's miserly ways have won out again. What was supposed to be the most fun and fabulous event ended up cheap and lame. It looks like Pearl's birthday will go down in history as the worst one ever - until SpongeBob shows up with a truck-load of presents. Everything Pearl looked at in the mall was so Coral that SpongeBob bought it all - maxing out Mr. Krab's credit card in the process. This is very ugly!

    Grade: 1.7/10 F

    Karate Island:
    SpongeBob receives an invitation to take part in a competition on mysterious Karate Island for the chance to be crowned "King of Karate." SpongeBob and Sandy arrive at Karate Island and it turns out that it was just all a set-up to make SpongeBob buy real estate.

    Grade: 8.3/10 B
  • Ugh, probably my least favorite episodes in the season.

    Whale of a Birthday: UGH!!!!!!!!! Really bad episode. If you want to watch MTV or some crud like that, watch Whale of a Birthday. If you want a classic Spongebob, watch Just one Bite. This eppie is terrible. I hate Pearl and all her episodes. The episode is just her complaining. The only part I like is Squidward singing Boys who Cry. Lol! That part was funny, but the rest was awful. I give it 30% for at least some humor.

    I hate Karate Island with a burning passion. Lip girl and Filthy Phil just didn't seem like Spongebob like characters. And there was no humor. At All! I give it a 6%

    Overall, this eppies get a D-. Not good!
  • Whale of a Birthday was good,but Karate Island was not that good for Pat's last role.

    Whale of a Birthday was about that Pearl wanted her birthday to be cool instead of her other ones.It just started out by her daydreaming about some wannabe Jonas Brothers called Boys Who Cry.I mean,oh come on.Mr. Krabs is hard to get that band and fixing the roof.Then Pearl became a jerk again,yelling at Mr. Krabs for a better party.Then she's at her high school.The friends were being jerks to Pearl.Then she cries about a better party.Then at the mall with Spongebob.Pearl wants the seahorse,then Spongebob gets it for her.I mean,come one.He will get killed.Then he buys a guy that Pearl thinks is hot.YOU CAN'T BUY HIM!!!Well,then Mr. Krabs ruins another party,but then it becomes good.Good episode.Karate Island.Oooh.Spongebob won a contest for karate.Oh come on,Sandy's better.They go to Karate Island.Where Spongebob becomes a jerk by this stupid Oodon dude who is Mr Myagi.Or Pat Motrica.Sandy beats him up at the end.Pat Motrica was better to do a movie,not a episode.Pretty bad,but one bad thing was that this episode won the best episode ever.Oh come on,Chocolate with Nuts was better than this piece of poo.Karate Island was bad,Whale of a Birthday wasen't.
  • Come Back Hillenburg!

    whale of a birthday: It was an ok episode, some good jokes and gags with Spongebob as girl (as creepy as that was) although I felt Pearl was slightly a brat. Overall, about average, maybe slightly above but nothing special. 6.5/10 D-

    Karate Island: This episode is one of the worst ever, it's up there with the splinter and Penny foolish. so many things wrong, first, Spongebob was out of character being a jerk to sandy about Karate, secondly the three floors of terror were neither terrible nor inspired. Steer clear of this one for sure. 1/10 F--------------

    Overall, WOAB is decent, but KI has me wondering how it got to no.1 on that 24-hr marathon. 3/10 F
  • "Whale of a Birthday" was a great episode and "Karate Island" was a poor episode

    Whale of a Birthday: I thought that this was a great episode. I thought it was funny how Pearl has her imagination of her 16th birthday party at the beginning of this episode and then jumps and falls down to the first floor. I thought Squidward sculpting Pearl made out of krabby patties was funny and it was funny when Squidward decides to sing the songs from the band "Boys Who Cry". SpongeBob just discovering a credit card was funny and when SpongeBob had to follow Pearl to see what she wanted for her birthday. It was also funny that for a brief second SpongeBob dresses up as a girl and says "oh, isn't he dreamy?". SpongeBob bought everything that Pearl wanted and it made Pearl happy was funny and when SpongeBob showed Mr. Krabs the receipt from the presents he bought for Pearl. The only thing I didn't like was how Mr. Krabs seemed to forget about Pearl's birthday in the beginning of the episode and how Pearl was just asking for so many from Mr. Krabs... although, I find it okay since Mr. Krabs really doesn't buy Pearl anything. Mr. Krabs should of also said thank you to SpongeBob for buying Pearl the presents instead of him being mad at SpongeBob because Mr. Krabs took the credit. Overall, this was a great episode. 8.5/10

    Karate Island: This wasn't the worst SpongeBob episode I've seen but it was a pretty poor episode. SpongeBob being "King of Karate" at "Karate Island" was pretty cool. I also thought it was funny when SpongeBob was waxing Gary's shell in the beginning of this episode. I didn't like how SpongeBob was being a jerk to Sandy. When Sandy had to go through all the stairs and fight all those people really wasn't a fight and it was pretty lame if you ask me. The only thing that was funny was when that stinky man smelled himself and said "Man, I really do stink". There was only a real fight when it was Sandy and Master Udon fighting each other. It was funny how Squidward came to "Karate Island" and said "the king of clarinets has arrived". Pat Morita voicing as Master Udon as well done because Pat Morita died after he did this episode. Overall, not the worst SpongeBob episode I've seen but it could of been much better. R.I.P. Pat Morita. 4/10
  • One good. The other I'm asking to myself who came up with this?

    Whale of a Birthday was fine. It had decent humor, but the plot could of been a little better. It was still pretty good. The main reason why I'm giving this a low score is due to Karate Island. There was almost nothing too good about that episode. First, I want to say how was it the top episode on the Best Day Ever Marathon List? That made no sense at all. This episode came from the garbage. The Four Floors of Terror? How was that terror? I mean the whole entire episode was awful. There was about no humor what-so-ever and the plot was pretty stupid. I liked the fight with Sandy and Udan but, there was nothing else to like.

    Overall I give:

    Whale of a Birthday: B
    Karate Island: F-
  • Why do some people hate this episode?

    I don't see a lot of things wrong with it, and I'm quite glad that it was ranked #1 on the Best Day Ever Marathon. But with all that aside, I'd to give my opinions on this episode:

    Whale Of A Birthday: Pearl wants to have a "coral" birthday party, so Mr. Krabs sends Spongebob out to get her some presents using his credit card. When it looks like Pearl's birthday may be on the brink of disaster, Spongebob arrives with a truckful of presents which, as a result, has maxed out Mr. Krabs' credit card.
    Liked: Boys Who Cry; the scenes at the mall; Pearl getting all those presents.
    Disliked: Squidward mimicking Boys Who Cry; Mr. Krabs being cheap; the bad things the party.

    Karate Island: Spongebob is named king of karate at Karate Island and Sandy Cheeks (my favorite) follows. However, they later find out that it was all a scam to buy real estate.
    Liked: The fact that Sandy Cheeks (my favorite) was in this episode; Sandy fighting all the enemies on those floors and, of course, Master Udon; Sandy without her space suit.
    Disliked: Okay, I'll admit Spongebob was a bit out-of-character when he let all those thoughts about being king of karate go to his head, but at least he apologized at the end, which is important; any part with anything bad happening to Sandy or anybody being mean to Sandy (I'm sorry if my likeness for Sandy is going a bit far).

    In conclusion, this is definitely one of the better episodes of the series. If you don't like it, that's fine, but I like it for some of the reasons that are mentioned above. So I'd highly recommend this one.
  • These episodes just aren't good to me. Whale of A Birthday was just spoiled brat induced, and Karate Island was poorly written and out of character.

    Whale of A Birthday:I used to like this episode, but my feelings changed for it.

    This episode just wasn't enjoyable to watch. I hated the first two minutes of it because Pearl was being a spoiled brat. I hated her lyrics to the Boys Who Cry song and how she shouted at Mr.Krabs, because it was just really spoiled brat induced. I also hated Pearl's friends. This episode was just unfunny and irritating.

    Karate Island: This episode was just as bad, maybe worse. The writing was really sloppy, and the plot made no sense. Spongebob was out of character, he was arrogant and a complete jerk to Sandy. I also disliked the ending.

    Overall, I wasn't impressed with these episodes.
  • Whale of a Birthday is really good. Karate Island has a story behind the hatred it gets...

    Whale of a Birthday: This episode is a little underapreciated, in my opinnion. I think it has a good plot because we got an episode we "A" and "B" plots, something VERY unlikely on this show: SpongeBob spying on Pearl to find out what to buy her as a present, and Squidward and Mr. Krabs organizing the party, then at apoint both plots collide. The way mr. Krabs was sp cheap towards his own daughter did ticked me off a little, but that doesn't matter comapred to Squidward singing "4-ply" that was my favorite moment, definitely hilarious (his butt-shaking that is, wait, wut? lol) It was nice that Pearl did get what she wanted at the end, the best thing is that Mr. Krabs is gonna have to pay for the credit card bill, that's his punishment for being such a cheapstake on the first place. Overall, great episode: 8.5

    Karate Island: This episode is very controversial for the fact that everybody seems to hate it just because it ranked #1 on the best Day Ever marathon back in 2006, and I think that's kind of unfair to judge an episode just because something stupid Nickelodeon did. As an episode, I think it's good, not great, but it doesn;t deserve so much hatred. I liked the Spandy moments, and the plot wasn;t so bad. Overall, I would give it a 7.9
  • Okay

    It was an okay episode.

    Let\'s start with the good parts. Very humorous lines in \"Whale of a Birthday,\" especially SpongeBob\'s \"whoa\" when discovering he could purchase goods with a \"piece of plastic\" (credit card). Some good physical comedy as well - most notably the return of SpongeBob\'s cross-dressing, the return of Mystery the seahorse, and SpongeBob\'s attempt to purchase a fish that Pearl has a crush on.

    However, I\'m getting a little annoyed with these little singing snippets in every episode. Boys Who Cry this episode. Last episode it was Sandy\'s \"Goodbye Bakini Bottom\" song. These songs hog up valuable time and aren\'t even funny. Something tells me that the creators of SpongeBob are trying to make the show be more like their major competitors, the Fairly Oddparents. Not only is the show becoming more musical (like Oddparents), but now with this episode, there are pointless, non-funny action scenes (Crimson Chin anybody?). If this is the direction the show is going in, I\'m highly disappointed. SpongeBob used to be known for being unique and original...now it\'s playing a very bad copy cat of other popular shows.

    Also, there is no way that serious, pessamistic, clarinet-playing Squidward would be so obsessed with a pop boy-band. The writers need to make sure the characters remain in character.

    Once again, no Patrick in this episode. The first few episodes of season four were horrible mainly because
    A) They focused too much on Mr. Krabs and
    B) Patrick made very rare appearances.
    While the Mr. Krabs problem seems to be cleared up, Patrick is still not in the show nearly as much as he should be, for such a hillarious, popular character. Of the 4 most recent 15 minute segments, Patrick only appears in one of them (Chimps Ahoy). This is causing the show to lose its humor and to focus more on the plot - a highly dangerous technique considering that
    A) 15 minutes is way too short to have a plot intriguing enough to keep the viewer entertained on its own, and
    B) Some of the most memorable Spongebob episodes had literally no plot at all (Idiot Box, Secret Box, Snowball Effect).

    Last complaint - There was a painfully obvious connection between Whale of a Birthday and Krusty Love (the episode where Mr. Krabs had to choose between his love for money and his love for Mrs. Puff).

    All of that being said, season four is still doing much better than it was doing towards the beginning. I consider this episode, however, to be a relapse.

  • Whale of a Birthday was good but Karate Island was bad.

    I loved the episode Whale of a Birthday. I loved the part when SpongeBob kept following Pearl around to see what she wanted. SpongeBob takes things way to literally! He bought her everything she looked at and said was awesome. I also thought it was funny when they tell Pearl that Angelia likes Brad(possible spoof on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie). Karate Island wasn't that funny. No Patrick to make it funny either. They obviously tried to make it funny but it wasn't.
  • very underated

    whale of a birthday great episode i have to say its preety good because we see pearl turn 16 and stuff overall this was a pretty good episode and also preety fun to watch id give it a 8.0 karate island this was another vey underated episode it was funny i liked it when a green guy which is the main character by the way well at least of the karate island place but as i was saying i liked it when he locked spongebob in his hands in chains that was funny and then sandy came to rescue spongebob that was funny overall i give this one the same rating as whale of a birthday.
  • These episodes are just so underrated. They're not that bad people! You're all just jealous because Karate Island won 1st in Best Day Ever Marathon.

    Whale of a Birthday: A good but underrated episode. This was one of my favorites of all time. I love Pearl, and I love how this episode focuses on her. I loved the ending when Spongebob wasted a ton of Mr. Krabs's money on Pearl's presents. Mr. Krabs got what he deserved for being so cheap. Go Pearl! It's all about you! Final Grade: A! (95%)

    Karate Island: I don't mind this being an underrated episode, but I do mind Whale of a Birthday being underrated. This WAS worse than Whale of a Birthday. Spongebob being a jerk to Sandy, where have I heard that before? Final Grade: B- (80%)
  • Pretty good I must say.

    Whale of a Birthday was pretty awesome. I liked the fact that SpongeBob totally overdid it just for Pearl. Since Mr. Krabs is so cheap, that was probably the best day of her life. He even payed a million dollars for Boys Who Cry. I just think this episode is amazing and for once Mr. Krabs wasn't cheap. As far as Pearl knows...
    Karate Island was pretty cool as well. Parts of it were kind of creepy. But anyways, it was cool. The end was funny when it was all for time share instead of karate. Great episodes for sure for season 4.
  • Whale of a Birthday was great, but Karate Island?!

    Whale of a Birthday: Pearl turns 16, so while Squidward and Mr. Krabs are setting up, SpongeBob is responsible for his wallet. I liked this episode, exactly why I watch it. It\'s funny. Oh My Gosh! This is what I want for MY Birthday! When SpongeBob already bought something. And Squisward actually appears singing in words(SpongeBob Movie La da dee la da doo la da dum while he\'s in shower.) singing Boys Who Cry! It was hilarious. But Karate Island was just pointless. *Spoiler!* It was just a prank to buy a condo, but Sandy saved SpongeBob, I guess? Oh well. I didn\'t like it too much.
  • Just what the hell is this for a Spongebob episode. This is why I've deemed both Karate Island & Whale of a Birthday as two episodes that suck. Also , the bottom of the barrel of the show. And you thought Season 4 wasn't going to be this bad. Spoilers!

    The first episode seems like a complete rip of My Super Sweet 16. God , why did the writers of this episode did it. Pearl is turning 16 in this episode and is trying to ask her father to plan a perfect birthday party without being cheap from the last 15 years. We later find out that he is an actual millionare and yet , he can't even set a perfect party for her daughter?! Sheesh. That's rubbish. Espically for a character like Mr. Krabs. Okay , enough of that one. The birthday turns out to be a failure at first as the punch tastes like dish water , Squidward singing his favorite song... Boys That Cry * shudders *

    , her cake being a cardboard box with vanilla topping , a banner that is made for a "Baby Boy" instead of a "Baby Girl" , and the not-worst of them all... a sculpture of Pearl made out of Krabby Patties. Yeah , Pearl then goes into her drama issue until Spongebob comes to the rescue as earlier in the episode , he was ordered to check on Pearl and her friends at the mall trying to find what Pearl wanted for presents. From a seahorse to some fish boy , it all ended up being the real Boys That Cry performing just like in her dream in the beginning.

    Then , we have Karate Island. So it starts off with a shell wax for Gary as it is revealed that we learn that how Gary is without his shell and that Gary's shell on the inside is large. Mostly fictional for a Season 4 episode. Then , a doorbell rings that has him winning a strange video tape that is actually a message from Karate Island. As the adventure begins with him and Sandy going there on a boat across the gooey water until they've finally reached there. Here , the main villian of the episode is Master Udon ( meaning "noodle" in English ) who actually kidnaps Spongebob so that he can make him write a contract to give him condos. Never had an episode like this had a condo part. So , it's up to Sandy to save him as an unorginal inspiration to a Bruce Lee movie comes up with Sandy strangfully into the suit of the Bride from Kill Bill. A french man who tickles people , a lady with a large lip as her weapon of choice , and a fatass fish who is incridbly smelly / stinky. Well , Sandy wins all of them by giving the Frenchy a big taste of Jelly Fillings , a hairdryer to crackle the giant lipper , and Sandy already has a fresh air dome causing the stink of the fat fish to go into a reverese direction as his stink causes him to faint. Sandy sees Spongebob in a chair already cuffed in as she is soon trapped until ( this is the worst part of the episode ) makes a strange morphical karate move in order to break the wooden cage in all. So , now here comes the battle of Sandy & Udon. As they fight almost naked. But like usual , Sandy wins the fight as her fatality was giving Udon a long fall down in the goopy water. This episode was also hinted as this quote was made.

    Spongebob : Does this mean I'm not the King Of Karates?
    Sandy : You are in my book , Spongebob. You are in my book.

    Well , that was hinted as a lovely dove scene. But in the end , Squidward was next to fall into Udon's trick as he was going to be crowned The King Of Clairnets. I think we know what's going to happen with him.

    Overall , this episode was just childish and never seems to be sticked with Seasons 1-3. A 1.0 out of 10.0
  • I said it once. I said it twice. And I don't mind saying it in a third review on this site. SACK THE NEW WRITERS!

    Sack the new writers. Sack the new writers. SACK THEM NOW! Awful. Awful. Awful. And it caps another Spongebob post - movie performance under the new writers. They must be sacked now! Nickelodeon is insane (and awfully STUPID) to keep their contracts intact. They must be burned in Mt. Mordor never to be seen by anyone again. Abysmal and these two performances deserved it. Mediocre and too childish. Childish? How could "Karate Island" be childish with a lame "Kill Bill" spoof? Simple. Work under Nickelodeon's current management. Put Sandy and Spongebob in an unheard of island. Write the worst you can think of given that. Submit your work. Claim you are a PROFESSIONAL. Trick everyone in management and say that it will be a hit with children. Like plots in an awful B - movie, everyone in management is tricked (and wow!) and they believe that it will be a HIT! Command an army of artists and make them work night and day to fulfill poorly written crap. Pearl's Birthday? I forgot about it. Well, who cares? It was forgettable! Sack the new writers!
  • One episode was spectacular, the other, eh...

    Whale of a Birthday: A hilarious episode indeed, I liked how SpongeBob spyed on Pearl, especially when he crossdressed, LOL! The only parts I didn't like was when Squidward thought making a statue with Krabby Patty meat instead of ice would be more artifical, as well as when the girls threw food at Squidward. But other than that, spectacular episode!
    GRADE: B+

    Karate Island: Terrible, it dropped my rating from a 9 to a 6. SpongeBob recieves an invitation video for Karate Island to be crowned the King of Karate, but after telling Sandy, she is very suspicious since she is better at Karate than SpongeBob. It turns out it was all a real estate scam, what confuses me is that the owner knew karate at this time when he really didn't. The ending was the worst part, Squidward arrives at the island to be crowned the King of Clarinets. This episode was awful and I bet only immature 2-year olds who don't know what real estate is voted this episode as #1.
    GRADE: F

  • This is a terrible episode.

    whale of a birthday:
    This is a horrible episode. I think it is boring, unoriginal, and just plain stupid. I turn off the t.v when this episode come on. It is a really failed episode. Boys who cry was just plain stupid. I covered my ears while they sang. This is an insult of an episode. A disgrace to the good name of Spongebob. Pearl was really out of character. What an awful episode. Final grade:F Rating:1/10

    karate island:
    This is another flawed episode. It is almost as bad as whale of a birthday. This is the #1 episode? I don`t think so! It shouldn`t even be on the top 100! This is another insult of an episode! I think this episode is terrible! It shouldn`t be in the top 100! Period! Final grade: F Rating: 1.5/10 Both episodes are extremely bad.
  • Pearl's lousy birthday party/ King of dumb looks

    In the first story, Pearl is looking forward to her birthday party. She is going to turn 16.(She's actually 47, but who cares) But her father gives out lousy birthday parties, so it up to Spoungbob to follow her daughter around to buy presents, which include the boy group "Boys do Cry." By the end of the episode, Pearl got her presents and her father had to pay that little birthday party for the rest of his life. In the second story, Spoungbob and Sandy goes to a island to do Kung fu training. there's very little to like. Thoise two episodes are empty-headed and dumb. The Pearl episode gets a 3.0, the Kung-fu episode gets a 2.o that's a five.
  • Whale of a Birthday was ok. Karate Island was bad.

    Whale of a Birthday:

    Pearl is turning 16 years old. And he wants her dad, Mr. Krabs to give her the best birthday party ever. Since Krab's is a cheapskate, he has ruined 15 of Pearl's birthday parties. Pearl wants him to not be cheap. Mr. Krabs asks Spongebob to buy the presents for Pearl while Krabs is planning the party.

    What I didnt like in this episode is that Krabs was still cheap and the party ended terribly. Pearl told him to not be cheap. And Krabs was cheap.
    I also didnt like Pearl's friends, they were annoying and so mean to Pearl.
    There were some funny parts in the episode such as Pearl's friends throwing the Krabby Patty Sculpture at Squidward. And Spongebob buying Billy Fishgan for a present.

    Overall, this episode was ok, but kind of boring.

    This episode gets a C+.

    Karate Island:

    Spongebob wins a trip to Karate Island to be crowned King of Karate. But Sandy says that hes better than Spongebob and thinks its a trick, so Sandy comes with Spongebob. Just before the coronation begins, Spongebob is captured by Master Udon (the antagonist of the epidsode). Sandy goes through 3 floors fighting a French guy who tickles people, a Russian women with huge lips. And a fat fish with horrible body odor. When she defeated all the fighters, it turned out to be a Real Estate scam. Sandy and Udon fight, Sandy wins. Spongebob and Sandy leave the island, and Squidward arrives to be crowned King of Clarinets, who will soon be scammed.

    I did not like this episode. Spongebob was completley out of character, he acted like a selfish, arrogant, jerk, and thought he was a god. Udon was very weird and the 3 fighters were stupid. I did not laugh at all in this episode. It did have some good music though.

    Karate Island did not deserve winnning #1 on top 100 episodes.

    Whale of a Birthday gets a C-.
    Karate Island gets a D+. Im out!
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