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SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 11

Whale of a Birthday / Karate Island

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM May 12, 2006 on Nickelodeon

Episode Fan Reviews (46)

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  • Karate Island: my least favorite episode

    Why the heck did Karate Island get voted #1 in the Best day ever countdown???????????? It shouldn't have even made it into the top 100 at all. That was very disappointing.:( I'd like to shake the hands of all the geniuses who have given this episode a bad review so far, and I'd like to know what the heck the people who were voting were thinking when they voted for this episode. They probably had no idea what they were doing when they voted. The only reason I ranked this episode above a 1 is because of Whale of a Birthday, which was actually a pretty good episode contrary to what others believe. I love it when Spongebob pretends to be a girl and he talks in his high-pitched voice about the anchovy the girls swoon over ("Oh, isn't he dreamy?")!!!!!! Ha, ha!!!!