SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 11

Whale of a Birthday / Karate Island

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM May 12, 2006 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Udon locked SpongeBob into a chair. However, when Sandy defeats Udon, SpongeBob walks over to Sandy, with no explanation of how he escaped.

    • When SpongeBob and Sandy arrived, the boat sank. But when they came out to leave, the boat was there again.

    • The inside of Gary's shell is much bigger in this episode.

    • In Pearl's song dream, in the crowd, there were the same people in each crowd, and the angels were already in the crowd.

    • In "Whale of a Birthday," there is no way that Mr. Krabs' credit card could buy that much stuff. The credit card shouldn't even last. Apparently, Mr. Krabs is a millionaire.

    • Sandy knocked off Master Udon off the the building, but when Squidward arrives, he's on the cliff, and back in his robe which he ripped off during his fight with Sandy.

    • In "Karate Island," when SpongeBob and Gary are inside Gary's shell, Gary has freckles. But he never had freckles before.

    • In "Karate Island," Sandy says she tought SpongeBob everything he knew about karate. However, when they met in "Tea at the Treedome," SpongeBob already knew karate.

    • In "Whale of a Birthday" after Squidward sings, a girl says this is a rip-off. How can that be a rip-off if no one paid to get in the party?

    • Master Udon says that Sandy must first pass 4 levels, but she only goes through 3.

    • Whale of a Birthday
      How would Pearl's friend know that she had had 16 lame birthday parties in a row, because she wasn't at Pearl's other birthday party in the series in the episode Squeaky Boots.

    • Mr. Krabs must have well over one million dollars on his credit card, which indicates that he is a millionaire because:

      - The Boys Who Cry band charges one million dollars just to show up.
      - SpongeBob spent over $1,200 while shopping for Pearl.

      This also can mean that all of Mr. Krabs' money are on his credit card, according to "Clams" (Mr. Krabs earned his millionth dollar in that episode).

    • It is revealed that Mr. Krabs has a credit card. His credit card number is 00012355587.

    • Whale of a Birthday:

      When Pearl is leaving the Krusty Krab, she says "I am going to the mall with my friend!" to Mr. Krabs. When she gets to the mall, she is with 3 friends. She said she was going to be with 1 friend, not 3.

    • A rather adult joke appears during the first obstacle in the episode "Karate Island." The French fish who fights Sandy calls himself the "The Tickler". If you add the obvious French stereotype with the word tickler you get: French Tickler, which is a condom. A very subtle and explicit joke probably put in by the creators or it was just mere coincidence.

    • When Sandy is throwing jelly donuts in one of the guard's mouth, that plate starts out full, and then it starts to get empty. But then when it shows the plate again, it's full.

    • On the second floor of the karate tower, Sandy uses a hairdryer with a clearly apparent power cord; however, the walls are padded, there are no outlets.

    • If Pearl is turning 16 in this episode, how did Pearl and all her friends go to the prom in the first season? She'd have to be 18 or 19 in this episode. Plus, she already has her driver's license.

  • Quotes

    • Squidward: (rides on a boat after SpongeBob and Sandy left) I'm here! The king of clarinets has arrived!
      (Master Udon stands still on the rocks and he looks at Squidward)

    • Sandy: (to Lip Service) That's enough lip outta you!

    • Udon: He is forbidden to leave until he signs this contract.

    • Pearl: Morning, daddy!
      Mr. Krabs: Are you sure you wouldn't prefer a room on the ground floor?
      Pearl: Oh, daddy. I'm just excited because tomorrow's a very special day.
      Mr. Krabs: It is? Oh, I meant it is! Very special. Very, very special, indeed.
      Pearl: You have no idea what day tomorrow is, do you?
      Mr. Krabs: None at all.
      Pearl: It's my 16th birthday!
      Mr. Krabs: I knew that. How could you think I wouldn't know that? What are you gonna be, 12?
      Pearl: I'm going to be 16! It's only the most important birthday in my entire life. If I don't have a completely awesome party, my whole high school reputation will collapse. I'll have to drop out, I won't go off to college, I'll never leave home. You'll have to support me for the rest of my life.

    • Boys Who Cry: (singing) It's all about you, girl
      On your 16th birthday
      Pay attention to you, girl
      Everyone has to do just what you say
      You get your very own spotlight tonight
      'Cause it's all about you
      Yeah it's all about Pearl
      You're the birthday girl
      Pearl: Yeah! It's all about me
      On my 16th birthday
      I want music, clothes, and shiny things
      So give it up right away
      Everybody in the whole wide world
      They have to pay attention to me
      It's all about me, me...and guess who? Me!

    • Squidward: Boys who cry? I love boys who cry!

    • Register Guy: Krabs, huh? QUICK! How do you spell Krabs?
      SpongeBob: Erm, I'm pretty sure it has a "B" in it.
      Register Guy: Close enough.
      (the credit card is scanned)
      SpongeBob: That's it?!

    • Pearl: (after hearing Squidward) Daddy, how could you?

    • (Pearl holds a pink lip gloss up triumphantly)
      Pearl: Wow, this is the greatest thing I have ever seen in the whole world; glitter gloss!

    • Mailman: Special delivery for SpongeBob SquarePants.
      SpongeBob: Special delivery? You think I'm special? (cries and hugs mailman)
      Mailman: Do we have to go through this every time I give you your mail? Geesh!

    • Pearl: You bought me a boat?
      Mr. Krabs: I did? I mean, I did??

    • Girl: Look, it's Billy Fishkin!
      Billy Fishkin: Beep. (all the girls sigh with love)
      SpongeBob: (as a girl) Yeah, isn't he dreamy?

    • Pearl: Yay! It's Boys who Cry!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Whenever the Tickler spoke, his mouth animation did not match his dialogue. This is a reference to all dubbed live-action Japanese films, where the voices often did not match up with the actors.

    • Ed, Edd and Eddy
      When it's shown that Karate Island was a scam to buy a condo, it's similar to the Ed's scams in Ed, Edd and Eddy.

    • The name of Mr. Krabs' credit card is called Master Carp. This is a parody of Master Card.

    • Filthy Phil
      Oodon's minion "Filthy Phil" appears to be a parody of the fighter named Bacterian from Dragonball.

    • Karate Island could be a reference to Bruce Lee's movie "Enter the Dragon". In which, he travels to an island to compete in a karate tournament.

    • Brad/Angelina
      When SpongeBob says, "Brad likes Angela," he is talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

    • This is Pearl's sixteenth birthday and she acts just as ungrateful and spoiled as those girls on the show "My Super Sweet 16". She even reserves her love and kisses for her rich parent until after he gives her all the ultra-expensive gifts at the end.

    • Boys Who Cry
      The boy band in Pearl's dream "Boys Who Cry" is a spoof of ballad singers "Boys To Men".

    • Tower
      The tower filled with obstacles that Sandy goes through is somewhat identical to the anime series, Yu Yu Hakusho, where Yusuke Urameshi and his team had to pass a series of trials to get to the top.

    • Pearl: Oh, my gosh, it's Billy Fishkin!
      Billy Fishkin might be a spoof of famous actor Billy Crystal.

    • Udon: Name
      When Sandy defeats Master Udon, she says something like, "You're in the soup, Udon!" Udon is a type of wheat-based noodle eaten in Japan and often used to make soup.

    • In Karate Island, Sandy battles the karate champions in a yellow suit with a black stripe. This is the exact suit used by the Bride in Kill Bill: Volume 1.

    • Naruto
      Sandy getting out of the cage with a series of hand signals is a reference to Naruto, where ninjas perform amazing feats with similar movements.

    • Some of the fights in "Karate Island" are awkward and unusual. This is a lot like the fights in the anime series, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.

    • Karate Island is a parody of Bruce Lee's Game of Death. Sandy's even wearing the same jumpsuit.