SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 5 Episode 18

Whatever Happened to SpongeBob? (WhoBob WhatPants)

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Oct 13, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

SpongeBob loses his memory and ends up as the mayor of Kelp City. Now, he must decide if he wants to go home with strangers, or stay as a mayor where he's a hero.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Poor Spongebob

    Why did they have to abuse Spongebob, WHY?????!!!!
  • Terrible special

    There was a major reason why I gave this episode a 2.5. It was the plot, the fact that the writers rushed this episode too much, and it's mostly Squidward (I wanted to hit 1000 times so bad in this episode and I'll get to that in a little bit). I thought the idea of SpongeBob losing his memory was a brilliant idea but when I first saw the promo for this, I was expecting it to be a 1-hour TV movie or a 1 hour and 30 minute TV movie. First of all, I didn't like it that that Patrick, Squidward (especially), Mr. Krabs, and Sandy called SpongeBob "idiot boy" and I didn't think SpongeBob deserved that at all. I thought the story could have been better but that was not the reason why my score is so low. Squidward is the reason why my score is so low. I can't believe how mean Squidward was in this special because he was happy and laughing that SpongeBob ran away and I wanted to smack him 1000 times for that. SpongeBob has always been a good neighbor to Squidward even if he does annoy him. Squidward didn't show any emotion at all... he just kept on laughing and laughing and so on. I know Patrick, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs were crying because they want SpongeBob back but they should of paid attention to Squidward and told him to "shut his mouth". Squidward only helped Patrick and Sandy to look for SpongeBob just because for that jewel egg thing and Squidward is so selfish and I hated Squidward. If Squidward showed emotion that he misses SpongeBob then my score wouldn't be so low. Squidward was so cold in this episode and I just wanted to beat him up and smack him (that's how much I hated Squidward in this episode). I also didn't like it when SpongeBob asked that random person if there was something wrong with him and SpongeBob has a booger bubble coming out of his nose... that was disgusting and I never wanted a cartoon like SpongeBob to show boogers but this special showed it. The writers also rushed this episode WAY too much and they should have made it 1-hour because a 30-minute special really wasn't enough. The only thing I liked about this special was that Ray Liotta guest starred as one of the Bubble-Popping Boys, and it was hilarious when Patrick thought SpongeBob was in the newspaper and he thought that pink fish was SpongeBob and he said "buddy, you haven't changed a bit". Other than those parts, this was a bad special of SpongeBob and I never want to watch it again especially if Squidward is gonna make me get angrier and angrier everytime I watch this special. Overall, a bad SpongeBob special. 2.5/10moreless
  • Not the worst special, but it's not that good.

    When everyone starts calling SpongeBob "Idiot Boy" he leaves Bikini Bottom and loses his memory after hitting his head too many times. He then becomes the mayor of New Kelp City after running The Bubble Poppin' Boys away from town. Now there are way worse SpongeBob specials than this, but I just don't like this special. I found some of it mean-spirited and as much as the new version of SpongeBob gets on my nerves, I thought his friends we're being huge jerks to him. They also wasted Ray Liotta's cameo and that one face SpongeBob made in this episode was disturbing, uncalled for and makes me want to throw up on the writers. What keeps this episode from being horrible is some of the humor. This episode had some funny moments like Squidward throwing his brain in the garbage and that one scene with Mr. Krabs money in the deep fryer. Overall, it's just a mediocre special with a plot that isn't that original.moreless
  • this was terrible, even a 7 is to high of a rating for this

    this episode is boring, unfunny, and contains the most disgusting face that spongebob has ever made
  • It was alright

    In this episode after Spongebob annoys everyone and gets called "Idiot Boy" after ruining Patrick's cake for his mother, accidently grilling Mr. Krabs and his money, I can't think of the others since I haven't seen this episode in years. Spongebob starts crying and leaves bikini bottom, suddenly he falls off a cliff and loses his memory. Then he enters New Kelp City (A parody of New York City) While everyone is waiting for their meals at the Krusty Krab, everyone who called Spongebob "Idiot Boy" (Except Squidward) missed Spongebob. Together, they must all find Spongebob, bring him home, and give him his memory back. Alright there were some flaws, I hated when Squidward was laughing about Spongebob leaving! I wanted to smack him as much as I can because of that! And make him rot in hell! And Squidward only wanted to rescue Spongebob with the rest of his friends only because of some stupid egg! I hate Squidward so much! I also hated the face Spongebob made when he asked who he was to some man and it looked DISGUSTING! Especially when there was a booger coming out of his nose. The Bubble Poppin boys were hilarious! I laughed when Patrick thought Spongebob was in the newspaper, I also laughed when Patrick thought that pink woman fish was SpongeBob, especially that quote he said "buddy, you haven't changed a bit" Well that's pretty much all I can think of only since I haven't seen this special in a while.moreless
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