SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 2 Episode 5

Wormy / Patty Hype

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 17, 2001 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • When SpongeBob and Patrick were running from wormy the butterfly, when they ran to the door, bubbles came up but they are in air.

    • What is wrong with pretty patties making your tongue having a pattern or polka dots? Some foods do that.

    • How are there explosions and a fire if they are underwater?

    • Scooter is one of the customers in "Patty Hype," but he died in "Bubble Buddy."

    • When the three ladies say "they match our purses," the orange fish is with the girls, but she has hair. But in other episodes, she doesn't have hair.

    • How can Mr. Krabs use a flamethrower if they're underwater?

    • SpongeBob's restaraunt had 46,853 customers. But, in "WhoBob WhatPants," the population was 538, so it is impossible to have over 40,000 customers with a population of only a little over 500.

      Reply: Customers cold have come from all over the sea.

    • Look Hard: When the episode starts, the Krusty Krab is very dirty, then it is cleaned up, then dirty again, and then half-dirty half-clean.

    • The "pretty patties" didn't change colors on customers when SpongeBob was selling them, but when Mr. Krabs was selling them, they did change colors on the customers.

    • At the very end of "Wormy," when the crowd is carrying SpongeBob and Sandy, look hard. Patrick's face completely disappears right before your eyes.

    • What happened to Patrick in the middle of "Patty Hype"? He disappeared.

    • Even if Wormy was a caterpillar, he wouldn't turn into a butterfly overnight.

    • Why are SpongeBob and Patrick afraid of a butterfly?

      They never saw one before, so that's why they thought it's a monster.

    • In the end, Mr. Krabs traded SpongeBob's patty stand and gave him The Krusty Krab. Why didn't Mr. Krabs just paint his Krabby Patties too and not give SpongeBob The Krusty Krab?

    • Mr. Krabs and Squidward are also scared by the Monarch butterfly and run away. Then we don't see them among the crowd running (right before the last scene). But we don't see them among the crowd hailing Sandy either (the last scene).

    • According to the live-action footage in Wormy, we can see that Wormy is a Monarch butterfly. However, the warning poster that SpongeBob and Patrick put up warning about the "monster" depicts a Viceroy butterfly. Viceroy butterflies resemble small Monarch butterflies, but belong to a different butterfly family and aren't as common as the Monarchs.

    • In "Patty Hype," Tom (a background character just happens to be named in this episode) is lighter green than he usually is. In fact, within this very same episode, he turns back to his normal color again later.

    • In "Patty Hype," Mr. Krabs has his pants down, but in the next shot, when he is talking to Squidward, his pants are back up again.

    • When SpongeBob looks and sees Squidward and Mr. Krabs are gone, we see Squidward's hat and two pairs of underwear. How can this be? Squidward doesn't wear pants.

    • In "Patty Hype," before Mr. Krabs has a closeup of him saying "Bury myself alive," you see the green fish with brown overalls. But after Mr. Krabs says "No free refills," the green fish says that the talking dog from the other restaurant is singing. How can he go from one place to another?

    • In "Wormy", Spongebob gives Wormy a best friends ribbon, but when we see Wormy transforming into a butterfly the ribbon is not present. In the next scene though, the ribbon is shown at the bottom of the jar.

    • When they lift up Sandy and SpongeBob at the end of the episode, Patrick doesn't have any eyes.

    • Worms don't change into butterflies (or make a cocoon/chrysalis) and where it is seen transforming into a butterfly you can see a live-action Monarch caterpillar in the jar.

    • Mr.Krabs says he's never had a customer line, but in a preveous Mermaid Man and Barnicle Boy episode(think where SB shirinks Bikini Bottom)Mr.Krabs has a HUGE line.

      That episode is Mermaidman and Barnacle boy 5 when Barnacle boy goes to the dark side.

    • In Patty Hype at the refund take, the Scotchman said "Look what I've got under my kilt", he has on underpant, but everyone knows that normally, Scotchmen doesn't wear anything under the kilt. But it's not really maintained as a goof because it's an evident censorship for a cartoon.

    • How did they get a light switch under the sea that switches the whole light?

    • The people chasing Mr. Krabs at the end of Patty Hype, don't appear to be a group of 46,853.

    • In "Patty Hype," before Mr. Krabs takes overs the stand, SpongeBob asks "Who's number 46,853?" The person gets their patty, but the next day, the guy says "We want our money back. All 46,853 of us," that would mean Mr. Krabs hadn't sold any patties out of the whole day.

    • In Patty Hype, when Mr. Krabs bumped into the customer, the customer says he has to wait in line to get his pretty patty. Then, Mr. Krabs says he never had a line. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Mr. Krabs does own a restaurant. All restaurants have lines, and (except for this episode), the Krusty Krab was very popular. So obviously, he will have a line sometime.

    • Still Patty Hype: When Spongebob blasts into a success, he has a line with people more than 40,000, Why isn't he employing someone to have a multiplied service for avoiding the big line, where is his grill ,and where are the patties made? When we see the unbelievably big crowd around their houses after the question "Who's next?!?", we should see the patties (or at least the ingredients prepared to fry).

      Reply: Someone must have made them from his house.

    • Patty Hype: When Mr. Krabs buries himself and says "No Free Refills!", would he really serve the folks unguarded, like a self-service restaurant? All knows Krabs is fairly distrustful and greedy.

    • According to the live-action footage, the adult butterfly-stage of Wormy has thick black veins on its wings. And since male Monarch butterflies have very thin wing veins, Wormy is actually a FEMALE butterfly!

    • When the fish are ran from wormy and stopped at the the traffic sign you see the traffic sign from the back.It says "stop".The fish stop but that whould have meant that go would be in front.

    • In "Patty Hype", the guy who is starving in the beginning says he needs water but they live under water.

    • In one scene, when Mr.Krabs uses a flamethrower, how does it just appear on his back?

    • In "Wormy," Wormy makes a chrysalis and turns into a Monarch butterfly overnight. But, it takes an average Monarch caterpillar 10 to 15 days to turn into a butterfly when it's pupating.

    • The Scottish fish's legs were blue before he pulled up his kilt.

    • The closeups of the "monster" butterfly actually show a horsefly.

    • When SpongeBob showed Mr. Krabs the pretty patties, he's not wearing his Krusty Krab hat, but while Mr. Krabs was laughing, SpongeBob's hat appeared for no reason.

    • Tom is usually dark olive-green; however, in this episode, he is a light, flourescent turquoise.

    • They never had a secret entrance at the Krusty Krab before.

    • When wormy was just released as a butterfly, and Spongebob said "And now he's headed for the Krusty Krab!" How did wormy get the door open?

    • If they call him Wormy (even Sandy does), why would he be a catterpillar?

    • When Patrick was going in Spongebob's mind how could he have had his inflatable pants on if they just blew up?

    • In "Wormy" When Sponge and Pat come out of Sandy's treedome for the first time they're still wearing their water helmets!

    • In "Wormy", Patrick is used as bait. In one shot he has an apple in his mouth. When he says, "Please don't hurt me mister monster.", The apple comes out of his mouth and floats to the top of his helmet. In the next shot it is gone.

    • In "Patty Hype" Spongebob said (one of the reasons) he missed the Krusty Krab was that he missed the squeaky sound two pickles made when they yada yada yada. Wait. Weren't there pickles on the Pretty Patties?

    • When Mr. Krabs takes control of the Pretty Patties, he is the only person working there! Whatever happened to Patrick?

    • Mr. Krabs said "Now just because you've never seen a creature like this dosen't make it dangerous." But in "Bubble stand", Spongebob blows a butterfly bubble. Also, in "Tea at the Tree Dome" as soon as as Spongebob falls into the dome, you see a Butterfly fly by.

    • In "Patty Hype", how is SpongeBob making the Krabby Patties if he doesn't have a grill to cook them on?

    • When Spongebob is in Sandy's house, and the "Monster" comes up to him, he blows a bubble and traps him inside him. But wait a minute; He has a water helmet on, and he was blowing INSIDE the water helmet and outside of it the bubble grew, it's physically impossible!

    • In two scenes, Patrick's eyes are green.

  • Quotes

    • SpongeBob: Remember, it's still two against one, Patrick. Patrick, Patrick! (looks around for him; butterfly flies up to him) Ahhhhhh!

    • Sandy: Hey there, Wormy! You weren't supposed to change till I got back.

    • SpongeBob: Gee, Patrick. I didn't know you spoke bird.
      Patrick: No, SpongeBob. That's Italian.

    • Patrick: (crying) We will never forget you, Wormy!

    • Squidward: That's it; I'm getting off the Loonie Express.

    • Sandy: Aw, that's Wormy. He don't eat much.

    • SpongeBob: Don't be sad, little buddy. We'll be back first thing in the morning for frolic and fun.
      Patrick: Why must the sun set on this perfect day? Sleep well, Wormy.

    • Spongebob: Don't worry Mr. Krabs it's not tainted meat, it's painted meat! (holds out a pallet with colourful Krabby Patties on them) Pretty Patties! Available in six designer colors.
      Mr. Krabs: (laughing) Mr. Squidward, come look. Doesn't that look appetizing?
      Squidward: Mmm, Mmm, good, sir!
      Mr. Krabs: Wait, give me a pretty patty with extra purple!
      Mr. Krabs: What's next: Sequin milkshakes?
      Squidward: Bow-tie french fries?
      Spongebob: No.
      Squidward and Mr. Krabs: (laugh)

    • SpongeBob: (storms over to Patrick, who is standing in front of Squidward's house) Hey Patrick, are you angry too?
      Patrick: Yeah!
      SpongeBob: What's the matter?
      Patrick: I can't see my forehead. What's your problem?
      SpongeBob: I have a good idea and no one else thinks so!
      Patrick: Me too! (pulls string on pants, pants inflates and he floats) Inflatable pants!

    • Spongebob: Oh no Mr. Krabs, it doesn't want to eat krabby patties. It wants to eat YOU!
      Patrick: Just like it ate Wormy!
      Squidward: Uh...Wormy?
      (Spongebob and Patrick start to bawl.)
      Patrick: We'll never forget you Wormy!!!
      Squidward: Well if moron theatre's over I think I'll take a look at this monster.

    • Fred: (comes to the street) Hey Tom!
      Tom: (comes up to Fred) Fred! Say, you wanna go eat at the Krusty Krab?
      Fred: Naw. Let's go to the Shell Shack. They have a talking dog!
      (Tom and Fred run away.)
      Tom: Great! Say, what's a dog?

    • Spongebob: That thing must have ate Wormy!
      Patrick: Why do these things keep happening to me?

    • Spongebob: Well, first we didn't know what to do with all the money. We tried shreading it...(Mr. Krabs gasps)...buring it...(gasps deeper)...and burning it.
      Mr. Krabs: (his eyes fly around like balloons) AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

    • Customer #1: Your dumb Pretty Patties turned my face purple!
      Customer #2: Look what I got under me kilt!
      Customers #3,4, and 5: And look at our tounges! (Stick them out, one is normal)
      Mr. Krabs: What's wrong with you?
      Customer #5: (Turns dark, tounge glows green) We want our money back, all 46,853 of us!

    • SpongeBob: Maybe Mr.Krabs is right. My idea is stupid! (starts to cry)
      Patrick: SpongeBob, we have to deep inside ourselves to solve our problems.
      SpongeBob: I'm scared.
      Patrick: Then I'm going in for you!
      (Patrick climbs into SpongeBob; SpongeBob poofs up)
      Patrick: (sticking head out) Sorry. (in SpongeBob) Stupid inflatable pants! (climbs out)
      SpongeBob: Did you find anything?
      Patrick: Huh?

    • Mr. Krabs: How could you make so much money on such a stupid idea?
      Fish: And how could you make so much money on such a brilliant idea?

    • Patrick: (talking about the butterfly) What is that thing?
      SpongeBob: I don't know, Patrick. But whatever it is, IT MUST HAVE EATEN WORMY!

    • Mr. Krabs: I've got to find an idea!!!
      SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs, I have an idea.
      Mr. Krabs: Where will I ever find an Idea!
      SpongeBob: (as an angel with a harp) Mr. Krabs, I have an ideeeaaaa!

    • Mr. Krabs: I'm ready, I'm ready, for me money.
      (crowd forms around the Pretty Patties stand)
      Mr. Krabs: Welcome to Pretty Patties, may I take your money?
      Customer: We want a refund, Krabs!

    • SpongeBob: Patrick, what time is it?
      Patrick: (looks at the watch he drew on his hand) I don't know. I'll have to draw a new battery.

    • Patrick: Hahaha. Greeeeen.

    • SpongeBob: I'm ready. (a couple of years later when he's an adult) I'm ready. (a couple of years later when he's an old sponge) I'm ready.

    • SpongeBob: Patrick! You're alive?!
      Patrick: I am ever?

    • Sandy: I didn't know I'd be missed so much. Golly, I gotta leave town more often!

    • SpongeBob: First Wormy, then Squidward, then Mr. Krabs!

    • Patrick: Pet-sitting? Won't that hurt them?
      Narrator: Perhaps you should have asked someone else?

    • Patrick: Why does this keep happening to me?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • N/A: N/A
      The last scene where Sandy returns to Bikini Bottom deserted is a reference to 28 Days Later, where in the beginning scene of 28 Days Later Jim wakes up in a hospital and finds London deserted an its survivors hiding.

    • SpongeBob: Pretty Patties
      It would seem like the Pretty Patties are a refernce to the iMac