SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 7 Episode 33

You Don't Know Sponge / Hide and Then What Happens?

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Aug 09, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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You Don't Know Sponge: SpongeBob and Patrick take a quiz about each other. SpongeBob knows everything about Patrick, but Patrick doesn't know anything about SpongeBob. Then, Patrick starts to forget about SpongeBob, and SpongeBob tries to take some time away from Patrick. Hide and Then What Happens?: SpongeBob and Patrick play Hide N' Seek and SpongeBob searches the world for Patrick.moreless

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  • "You Don't Know Sponge" wasn't terrible, but I can't stand "Hide and Then What Happens?"

    You Don't Know Sponge: This episode wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible at the same time. There were a couple parts that made me giggle, like about 8 minutes into the episode, where Spongebob drilled a hole into the ground, Patrick walking past Spongebob, smiling and singing nonsense whilst disappearing over the horizon. That made me laugh, so I guess it's only fair to not give this episode a negative score. I guess it also made me laugh with Patrick's pathetic answers to Spongebob's questions in the quiz. "What is your favourite colour?" "14!" " What shape is your best friend: "Spongebob SQUAREpants" "Triangle!" But that's the main problem of the episode. Just how stupid Patrick is. Patrick's stupidity is probably peaking in these 2 episodes. I think that the writers took the stupidness of patrick way too far in this episode. Patrick doesn't know anything about his best friend? The other major problem with this episode is that it took 6 MINUTES for the best friends quiz to finish. 6 minutes of them probably asking only a few questions about each other, whilst filler is used for Patrick. That's majority of the episode, all because of Patrick. Overall, not a great episode, but not terrible. I will give it a score of 6/10.

    Hide and Then What Happens: Patrick is equally as stupid in this episode. Thankfully, he disappears for majority of this episode. That does not excuse it for how intolerable this episode is, however. Patrick has forgotten how to play hide and seek, so they waste the first three minutes with Spongebob trying to remind Patrick of how to play. When things start going, the idiotic starfish decides to go back home, leaving Spongebob to look for him. Spongebob, instead of looking in Patrick's house goes everywhere else first. Spongebob decides to go to Squidwards house, when - OH NO! They reused a seen from "Boating Buddies!" Instead of Squidward trying to find the key for his car, while being chased by Spongebob, Squidward is trying to find the key to his door. Spongebob shouts "Squidward!" as loudly and as annoying as he can, I find it like I cannot stand it, and just want to walk out of the room, and that's in the middle of a Spongebob episode? Spongebob is then taking down the letters off the Krusty Krab sign, when you can see Mr, Krabs painting the sign in "The Krusty Krab Training Video" showing a good level of continuity throughout the series (sarcasm) We then see Spongebob searching in Mrs. Puff's Boating School, where Spongebob keeps saying "Are you sure you're sure you're sure?" (You know, just to waste time) When Mrs. Puff snaps, and throws a boat, instead of just driving it out the way. At Sandy's, Sandy allows Spongebob to use her submarine to search for Patrick. Now this scene was interesting. I liked the music that played and this was probably the highlight of the episode. Spongebob then reaches "The end of the world: Cafe and Gift shop" where he meets Patrick-NOT-Star, who tells him that it doesn't matter if he didn't win as long as he had fun playing. Spongebob then arrives at Patrick's house to tell him that he is the best hide and seek player ever, when he asks: "What's hide and seek?" Again, Patrick's stupidity has gone too far, and also just how annoying Spongebob was. Particularly in the Squidward and Mrs. Puff scenes. This is why I hate this episode and I am going to give it a score of 2/10.moreless
  • Hide and Then What Happens now airs with Shellback Shenanigans

    That's about all I can add. If you've read the other reviews, then there's really nothing left to add.


    You Don't Know Sponge: 4

    Hide and Then What Happens?: 3.5

    Shellback Shenanigans: 8.5

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2 (originally posted last year on July 19): Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here at and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.moreless
  • Mmm...not very good

    "You Don't Know Sponge" basically took the obsessive feelings SpongeBob normally has for the Krusty Krab, and shifts them onto Patrick for one episode. Basically, SpongeBob and Patrick take a "best friends" quiz out of a magazine...which SpongeBob passes with flying colors, but Patrick fails miserably. SpongeBob takes this as meaning Patrick doesn't want to be his best friend anymore, and spends the rest of the episode disgustingly passive-aggressive. One minute he's declaring that he doesn't need Patrick, the next he's bawling because he suddenly can't do anything without Patrick, the next he's seething with jealousy when he sees Patrick hanging out with other people. Meanwhile, Patrick is simply going about his business, unaware that there's even a conflict; and really, there isn't. In the grand scheme of things, SpongeBob's bringing all his behavior onto himself. Then, at the end of the episode, Patrick gives SpongeBob a present, and SpongeBob immediately "forgives" him. Uh huh. Not really a good episode; thumbs down.

    "Hide and Then What Happens?" was just as moronic. First of all, Patrick and SpongeBob have played Hide-and-Seek before; Patrick should know what it is. But apparently, his IQ has dropped so dramatically in this episode that he needs SpongeBob to explain the game in a complicated, drawn-out matter. Then, Patrick just leaves and goes home as SpongeBob is counting, leaving SpongeBob to look for him virtually every place in the world...except for Patrick's house. Overall, just another pointless episode; also thumbs down.moreless
  • Both of these episode were great but i enjoyed You don't know the Sponge a little bit more.

    You Don't know the Sponge: This episode is about Sponge bob and Patrick taking a friend questionaire and when Spongebob finds out that Patrick dosen't know anything about Spongebob, they break up. I thought this episode could've been better. Now the parts i didn't like in this episode was Patrick not knowing anything about Spongebob. I mean gosh, they've been friends forever he should know at least one thing about Spongebob. Well that's it. Everything else i liked.

    Hide then what happens: This episode is about Spongebob and Patrick playing hide and seek. and Spongebob searches all the world for Patrick. I don't have that much to say about this epiosde but it wasn't that good.

    Overall both of these episodes are 8.5/10moreless
  • great

    You Don't Know Sponge: SpongeBob and Patrick take a quiz about each other. SpongeBob knows everything about Patrick, but Patrick doesn't know anything about SpongeBob. Then, Patrick starts to forget about SpongeBob, and SpongeBob tries to take some time away from Patrick. Hide and Then What Happens?: SpongeBob and Patrick play Hide N' Seek and SpongeBob searches the world for Patrick.

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