SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 7 Episode 6

Yours, Mine and Mine / Kracked Krabs

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Sep 11, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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Yours, Mine and Mine: SpongeBob buys a meal for himself and Patrick to share, and get a special toy made by Mr. Krabs along with it. Kracked Krabs: Mr. Krabs has been nominated for the "Cheapest Krab Alive" award!

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  • A deplorable episode with a bad moral

    This review is going to be a rant towards the episode "Yours, Mine and Mine" only because it was very infuriating. While this might not be the worst Spongebob episode in the series, it is the worst Patrick related episode and it's basically Patrick at his worse.

    Let me put it like this: the episode starts at the Krusty Krab where Spongebob decided to buy a Krabby Meal that he would SHARE with Patrick, and already the episode is getting bad. Rather than sharing the meal, Patrick eats the whole meal himself not saving anything for Spongebob. Really selfish Patrick. But that's only the beginning, for after Patrick complained about not getting a toy, Mr. Krabs then decides to give them a toy he made himself. After Spongebob paid money for the toy, it seemed like Spongebob was absolutely happy. But guess what? Patrick ends that happiness by demanding for that toy, claiming that they are "sharing" it.

    Yeah Patrick, if you claim you want to SHARE it, you have to actually SHARE it! But did Patrick actually shared the toy with Spongebob? Nope, instead he takes it for the whole day and for the rest of the night, not letting Spongebob get a turn at all. This was where it got annoying, since Spongebob paid for the Krabby Meal and the toy with HIS OWN money and Patrick didn't share at all.

    Anyway, the next morning, Spongebob was hoping he'd get a turn with the toy, hoping Patrick would share with him, but does he give him the toy? Nope, he promised he'd give it to him by tomorrow, but instead, he lied to him, stabbing his best friend in the back claiming that 'it's not fair'.

    Wanna know what's not fair Patrick? The fact that you haven't let Spongebob have a single turn with the toy at all you stubborn selfish jerk. A fight breaks between them and it lasts all the way up to the Krusty Krab. Being angry with the episode, Patrick decides to eat the toy himself since he didn't want to share. Asshole. Mr. Krabs then decided to give each of them a toy for a certain amount of money. The worst part of this whole episode was the ending where Patrick's last quote in the episode was "Have you learned nothing about sharing?" WHAT, THE , *BLEEP!!!*

    Patrick, if there's someone who hasn't learned anything about sharing, it's you, you selfish hypocritial bastard! I'm surprised no one decked him for saying that. I would have decked him for saying something so revolting and hypocritial.

    As for the moral, well the message being made in this episode was basically something like this:

    "You're sharing whenever you decided to take and steal someone's money and hog a toy all to yourself and not get punished for not sharing" Yeah, what a good lesson to teach to our children about sharing. (That was sarcasm).

    As with this episode, I'm beginning to think that Patrick isn't really Spongebob's best friend at all. All he did to his best friend was hog the toy they were suppose to be sharing all to himself. That's not what friends do. At this rate, I feel like Spongebob should get some new real friends since he's obviously stuck with some jerk who doesn't care about his feelings and isn't being considerate.

    Patrick was absolutely horrible here. Back in the original series, for the most part, even though Patrick was stupid, he at least was considerate for Spongebob's feelings and treated him like a best friend. But now, I don't even know Patrick anymore. This is NOT the Patrick that I remember.

    Absolutely a disgraceful episode, a bad moral and a really terrible flanderization of the character that was once funny and enjoyable in the show.

    That's about it for my rant, and I'm only being honest about this episode. That's all there is to it.moreless
  • These episodes, They Suck!

    Yours, Mine and Mine: What can I say about this episode that hasn't already been said? First of all, This has to be Patrick's worst episode ever! He was a jerk and a *** at the same time. Why the f*** Couldn't patrick just, oh, I don't know, SHARE THE TOY? Halfway through, this episode already made my worst ever list, but the ending is what drags it from the 20's to the dreaded 10's. Not only does Patrick eat the toy, he says the most dumbest thing ever, "Have you learned nothing about sharing"? YOU ***! you learned nothing! all you did was hog Patty Pal and was a prick to SpongeBob. Alright, I've gone on long enough, HORRIBLE!

    Kracked Krabs: Not much to say. Just another jerk Krabs episode with unfunny gags. Terrible, although not as bad as the last one.moreless
  • The first episode was okay and the second was great

    Yours, Mine and Mine: 6.5/10 Kracked Krabs: 8.5/10
  • A note to the new writers: NOBODY GIVES A S*** ABOUT SHARING.

    Many people summarized how Terrible "Yours,Mine, and Mine" was, so I'll do my best to tell from my perspective...

    If you couldn't tell, this episode's premise is about sharing, and do we care about it? No. And because we don't care about this very dull conflict, we also have a ruining of Patrick's character and a failed attempt at a message. Because of this, this makes it one of the worst episodes of Season 7.moreless
  • This review is going to be about "Yours Mine and Mine," only, because that episode had an actual effect on me.

    This was, by far, the worst Spongebob episode that I've ever seen. It starts off with Spongebob paying for a Krabby Meal for him and Patrick to share. The plan backfires when Patrick eats the entire meal himself. After Patrick complains that there is no toy in the kid's meal, Mr. Krabs hurriedly invents one. Spongebob immediately falls in love with it, but, unfortunately, Patrick grabs it from him and reminds him that they're "sharing." Sharing. Right. Sharing the meal that Spongebob paid for and Patrick ate. Awesome logic, Patrick.

    Patrick hogs the toy for the rest of the day, and all night, not letting Spongebob touch or play with it. The next day, Spongebob goes over to Patrick's house for his turn with the toy. Patrick refuses to give it to him, insisting that it "isn't fair." How is it not fair? If it's not fair to anyone, it's not fair to Spongebob.

    Naturally, they fight over the toy for a large part of the episode, ending up at the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs reveals to have made more toys, and Patrick tells Spongebob that he'll buy them. He then proceeds to reach grab Spongebob's wallet to do so. When Spongebob complains about this - with good reason! - Patrick replies nastily, "Have you learned nothing about sharing?"

    I was appalled the first time I saw the episode, and have learned to turn off my TV every time it comes on. It's that bad. The message is horrible: Guess what, kids? Sharing is the same thing as taking money and toys from your friends! It's that easy! No. I would have liked this episode had it ended with Patrick actually learning a lesson about the true meaning of sharing. Think of how differently the educational value of this SB episode could have been had it ended with Patrick pulling money out of his OWN wallet, not Spongebob's. Instead, the writers decided to ruin it and give the viewers another reason to hate the character that Patrick has become.

    This is not an episode that I would ever let my little cousin watch. It teachers a bad message and continually wrecks Patrick's character, and turns him into someone I would never be friends with, along with showing how much of a doormat Spongebob is. Terrible episode.moreless
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Tom Kenny

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When SpongeBob pulled back on the string with the quarter the big man was carrying, he pushed back the man. SpongeBob isn't strong enough to do that.

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    • This is the second time an episode is focused on Mr. Krabs while also going off to a trip with SpongeBob, the first was "Shell of a Man". Since both deal with Mr. Krabs being nominated and/or winning something, in the end, having a good ending winning and/or doing great being in the reunion because of a plot twist, and more, it has a similar plot to "Shell of a Man" as well. Also, in both, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob laugh for the rest of the very ending while the episodes blacks and/or fades out.

    • This is the second time Mr. Krabs used his quarter on a string. First being in "The Krusty Krab Training Video".

    • All the crabs in The League of Cheapskate Krabs look, walk, laugh and talk similar to Mr. Krabs.

    • The music that Patrick and Patty Pal dance to is the same music that SpongeBob and Patrick dance to in "Squidtastic Voyage".

    • This is the second time that Patrick stole SpongeBob's money. The first time was "Sing a Song of Patrick".

    • This is the tenth time SpongeBob and Patrick have a fight.

    • This is the third time SpongeBob dries up in Sandy's house, and this is the second time for Patrick.

    • This is the fourth time for SpongeBob and third time for Patrick where they were dehydrated. SpongeBob and Patrick in "Tea at the Treedome" and "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie" and just SpongeBob in "Squirrel Jokes".