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Welcome to the Sponk! guide at TV Tome.

Sponk! aired on Noggin (and on The-N briefly after the network split.) The show was a version of "Whose Line is it Anyway" for tweens. The show was named for the computer who selected random topics on which competitors made up short skits. The topics were submitted by viewers. The audience had paddles to vote for the winner- the blue team or the red team.Originally on: Noggin (30 min.) Status: Ended Premiered: September 1, 2001 Last Aired: January 1, 2002 Show Categories: Game Shows, Comedy Sponk! aired on Noggin (and on The-N briefly after the network split.) The show was a version of "Whose Line is it Anyway" for preteens. The show was named for the computer who selected random topics on which competitors made up short skits. The topics were submitted by viewers. The audience had paddles to vote for the winner- the blue team or the red...

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Sponk! was a television show on Noggin, and stayed on The N for sometime. The premise of Sponk! was that two teams had to somehow depict suggestions from kids in a variety of ways. The kids suggested their ideas by logging on to the Noggin website. "Sponk" was the name of the "computer" that picked the ideas randomly.

Cast included Tim Dorsch, Scott Irby-Rainnar, Lori Wells, Miles Thompson, Allie Berdebes, Karen Fowles, Vanessa Lengies, Johnathan McClain, and Louie Torrellas.

In Germany, Sponk is a colloquial word for fool. Games

Action Figure Theater [Voting] - Each team has one person move his/her teammates in action figure form wearing plastic headpieces. In 60 seconds, each of the teams perform a heroic situation.

Armpit Chef/Drama [Voting] - One member of each team becomes the arms while another member becomes the legs. They both perform at the same time something like the olympics and yoga for 60 seconds. In the Chef version one member of each team becomes the arms while one person takes the role as the rest of the body. Each of the teams have to make an abnormal recipe for 60 seconds.

Dr. Allspeak [Voting] - For 60 seconds each team is asked questions about some topic by the host. After the host asks each question, all teammates answer by speaking as one person while wearing a giant suit to hold all 3 members.

Ballet [Voting] - Two members of each team perform a ballet while in tutus for 60 seconds while the other member gives the viewers a synopsis about the ballet.

Buy This [Audience Participation] - One member of each team takes the roles of crack salespersons telling an audience member about a new imaginative product. For 60 seconds the players take turns telling him/her about that product while adding in extra features. The team who gets the points for that game is determined by the decision of that audience member.

Conducted Whatever/Story Survivor [Elimination] - When the host points the stick at a contestant, s/he has to make up a story on a suggested topic. When the host moves the stick at another player, s/he has to pick up that story where the previous player stops at. At any moment a contestant tells something not related to the story, stutters/stammers, or talk out of turn, then that player is eliminated while being accompanied by the audience yelling the show's title. The player left standing wins the points to the team s/he represents.

Identity Crisis [Other] - For one minute, a member of each team is shown the same card by the host of an identity of a famous person living or dead. If their teammates figure out that identity, then they earn 50 points, then the next teammates in line are given a new identity. Turns alternate when the honk of the horn is sounded.

Letter Rip [Elimination] - All members of each team play. The players in turn have to come up with lines that fit into some sort of situation with the first letter of each in alphabetical order. The host picks a letter to begin the game. If a player goofs up on a line, the s/he's eliminated. The moment a team wins the points is when all members of their opposing team are eliminated.

SponkMart/Workaholic [Audience Participation] - In Sponk Mart, players alternate turns giving an audience member an item found in any kind of store. Players who get the audience member to guess that object correcly earna 50 points based on the team they represent. The time limit as always is 60 seconds. In Workaholic, the players wear wax lips preventing them from speaking while they perform charades to describe the different jobs the audience member has to identify. The same scoring rules apply.

Where's Your Homework? [Other] - One member of each team stands back to back while wearing hats. Then the host places each one with a list of five possible locations. Their teammates give clues to the location and if s/he guesses it correctly, 50 points is given to the team s/he represents. Turns alternate when the horn honks and this game lasts one minute.

The team with the most points at the end of the show are declared the winners. Nearing the end of each show, a screen name of somebody who just logged on to noggin.com won a grand prize. As for the winning on-stage team, they win the golden Sponk! trophy. It's a rubber chicken that was spray painted. Two challenges are done during each show. The Sponk! Challenge has a member of the team who won the second game set up a challenge for the losing team. The Mondo Sponk! Challenge has the host set up a challenge for the team who lost the match.

Host Johnathan McClain


The Players (Incomplete List) Tim Dorsch Julia Kay Vanessa Lengies Scott Irby-Rannier Miles Thompson Louie Torrellas Lori Wells


Announcer/Voice of SID Karen Fowler

Sponk! (2001-2003) Airdates: Noggin (digital cable) September 10, 2001-January 2003 Packagers: Insight Productions, Sesame Workshop


Noggin is a network from Nickelodeon and Sesame Workshop (formerly Childrens Television Workshop) and is received through digital cable and satellite providers. On April 1, 2002, the Noggin network changed programming to have shows that used to be on Nick Jr. like Maisy, Allegra's Window, and Franklin on during the daytime while they added a nighttime block of young adult shows called The N with Sponk still on the schedule until January 2003.moreless