Spooks: Code 9

BBC Three (ended 2008)





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  • Wow how could they let this on television!

    Just finished watching the first 2 episodes of this new programme (could quite honestly have given up after the first episode, but thought id be fair and give a second chance). And so In my opinion the show is complete waste, the actors are far too young to be playing as spys (you feel like you are watching a spy kids movie) and none of them show the kind of authority that you would expect a 'spy' to show. Secondly is the dialogue the sheer amount of crap you go through before actually hearing some relevant info is unbelievable not to mention some ridiculous one liners which the actors get (the women especially). The only thing i will give the show credit for is that the chasing and fighting scenes are very fast paced and interesting to watch (wake you up after the boredom you have already endured) but again whilst watching it you feel in no way that these people are actually officers or spys. The show is just clearly geared to a younger audience and will go unappreciated by even them in my opinion. I may have been to harsh and am willing to watch the 3rd episode but if ther is no improvement then i give up! Stick the original spooks people you'll enjoy it far more!