Season 5 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2006 on BBC
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The government introduces draconian emergency measures in response to a series of terrorist attacks. MI5 fear that influential establishment figures are behind the attacks and may be planning a coup.

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  • Lone voice of dissent here

    Sorry but I found this episode, and indeed the double header, dull.

    I am SICK of conspiracy theories and huge plots to overthrow democracy. To quote Ruth: God is in the detail. I would prefer much smaller plots, more intricate, that don't involve everyone from the PM down to the cleaner for Liverpool street station to be involved in some kind of revolution.

    And there is always a plot to GET Harry. Ridiculous.

    I repeat my dislike of Jo. Since when is she such a superstar that she could be undercover and protecting the PM's son.

    Can we have some real women please.

    And (this is my final moan). You do not recover from surgery which involves cracking your chest open in four weeks. Adam Carter does not have super human powers of recovery.

    Is Spooks being written by a team of teenage boys who's real ambition is to create video games?moreless
  • Great beginning of the season: new characters, plot twists, sudden death...

    I am sure that this is the best season opener so far. The episode had everything it needed to be so - cliffhanger from the previous season, new character (Ros) of unambiguous nature, sudden and painful to watch death of an excellent and so likable MI-5 officer, gripping plot and very scary ending. Of course the script was wonderfully written so we sit on the edge the entire episode, trying to grasp what's going on and what will happen next. Especially as writers of "Spooks" taught us never to be positive, expect the worse and do not get too attached to characters on the show. And the last makes Colin's death even more painful - he was one of the only three characters that we got used to since season 1 (Malcolm and Harry being the other two) and it didn't seem like Colin or Malcolm would ever get hurt - after all they are supposed to work in the office, not in the field... Cannot wait for the next episode - trying not to read to many spoilers ;)moreless
  • Back on form

    Following the disappointment of series 4, the show returns with an action packed, if sometimes a little predictable episode. Picking up from the cliffhanger of last season which is dealt with very quickly, almost as if the writers had planned more but decided against it after filming series four, leaving them to force the conclusion into about five minutes. The enemy for this episode is much more scary however.

    It truly is great to see the team moving against opponents who are at least as well equipped as themselves and where you are never really sure who will survive. One of the shows longest running characters bows out here, again somewhat predictably but you are always left wondering if someone else will go. The episode ends in a real cliffhanger with things looking very bad for the team.moreless
  • WOW! What a bloody fantastic start to the new season!

    This show is a gripping and fast-paced drama that is just plausible enough to be really terrifying. If you consider events such as the death (or murder?) of Lady Di and the NY World Trade Center/911 catastrophe (terrorist bombing or something must more domestic and sinister?), the plotting for this show isn\'t as far-fetched as we would like to believe. Excellent show. They continue to outdo themselves even when it looks like they\'ll never be able to maintain the intrigue and the pace. I\'m really looking forward to the next episode.moreless
  • I have followed Spooks from the start & after every series, as characters come and go, I never expect the next one to be as good, again I was proved wrong, as this season got off to another excellent start, with another shocking departure. Spoilers.moreless

    Spoliers (but not explicit) below.

    I enjoy this show. It\'s one of the few UK shows that reminds me of the fast-pace I normally associate with American shows like CSI and The West Wing.

    It doesn\'t linger over personal lives, but involves them enough to make you care about these people. I was shocked about what happened to Colin, I didnt\' see that coming, and good for him for running, so many characters get led to the inevitable without putting up any kind of resistance.

    And there are characters that I know care about, that when they were first introduced I didn\'t like at all - like Juliet. Now I\'m bothered about what might have happened to her.

    I will add that I don\'t believe for a minute that this is what it is really like in MI5 - but like The West Wing, I would like to think this is how it should be.

    And Adam has grown enough now that I don\'t miss Tom anymore.

    Can\'t wait for part 2.moreless
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    • Juliet: Who's that?
      Harry: That is Michael Collingwood from MI6.
      Juliet: Ah, yes, your counter-part. I'll say one thing for him: he can wear a suit!

    • Colin: I'm not strong enough to fight you, I was never any good at this running and jumping thing, I was… To be honest, I'm not really meant to be out in the field, it's just that we're very very stretched, so… Just get on with whatever it is you're gonna do to me, because I might be smaller and weaker than you, but… You can hurt me… but you won't humiliate me.

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