Season 5 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2006 on BBC

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  • One of those stories that Spooks does so well - takes you first in one direction and then twists you so hard round to the other. Good character development. A good, solid episode. Spoilers below.

    This episode started like other Spooks before it - the setup was a reasonably topical event hosted in the UK to aid countries in Africa, and our heroes was providing security for the event. Bit of a procedural, quite solid. What I like was the twist upon twist - maybe you saw them coming, but I think they still led the story well.

    It started out straightforward, and then it twisted once to needing to persuade the US not to scupper the whole signing. Looked intriguing enough to fill the episode, plenty of underhand skullduggery by the Americans, selling arms and putting a behind-the-scenes kibosh on something that wasn't in their best interests. Fairly typical fair now for Spooks' handling of the the US' influence in the world. And we got to see Roz doing her job.

    It twisted again to reveal the presence of a possible assassin. Someone trying to derail the event by killing a key African player. Well handled once more, got to her in the nick of time.

    And then the twist within a twist. The man she was planning on assassinating was planning genocide, using weapons purchased from the Americans. This would happen, particularly now they had all signed in a blaze of publicity. He would be regarded as a hero. What to do. A conumdrum. This is the same question that was raised in the previous episode but a little less shades of grey - to kill one person to save many. Last week's was coloured by the possibility of killing the wrong person, this week's was about state-sponsored assassination. Should they do it? And, more importantly, coulld they do it with plausible deniability? Could there have been another way?

    Just as I was resigned to how this episode playing out - and yes, cheering when the 'bad guy' got his commuppance, I was not expecting to feel quite so upset with the assassin was shot - what a b*****d that UK bloke turned out to be! I didn't even need Adam's Fiona flashbacks to be upset, though really that just showed us how deeply affected he still is.

    I was pleased Harry had something on the UK bloke. Harry must have something on so many people now ;)
    Who has something on Harry?

    And usually I don't watch the 'in next week's episodes' for any show, but come on! Do not do anything to Ruth!!

    (My apologies for terrible memory of character names, I'm still not 100% on the central characters, nevermind supporting ones).