Season 8 Episode 8

Episode 8

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 23, 2009 on BBC
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Episode 8
India and Pakistan stand on the brink of nuclear war following the capture of an Indian submarine. Section D is tasked with providing security for an emergency peace summit brokered by the British and U.S. governments, but Nightingale plans to frustrate negotiations by any means.

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  • Good Finale, but not as good as the majority of others. (Spoiler Free)

    "Spooks" series Finale's have always been something really quite spectacular. While this episode was definitely no exception I would say that it isn't as strong as most of the others and particularly last Series's. So, this episode was well-written and well-constructed with the build up from previous episodes finally reaching a head. "Nightingale"'s end game was finally revealed after the secrecy throughout the season. Which was rather interesting in the way it related to the real world.

    Now, as to the actual final scene. Was it as interesting a cliff-hanger as a lot of the other seasons? (In particular: Series's 1, 2, 4 & 7) Other than that, a great episode.

    P.S: For those interested it's been confirmed Spooks will return in 2010 by Peter Firthmoreless
  • one of the best Spooks ever!

    From the first minute of this program to the last, I was glued to the screen. The MI5 team has to prevent the Nightingale group from causing nuclear war between India and Pakistan. With Nightingale operatives at the highest levels of governments and intelligence services worldwide, this war seems inevitable. The tension is unbelievable. Can MI5 trust the new Home Secretary? Is the CIA chief for Europe involved with Nightingale? How deep are Lucas' feelings for CIA turncoat Sarah (and hers for him)? I really didn't know where this was going from minute to minute, or how it would turn out. And the cliffhanger at the end made me furious. But that's how Spooks does it, so.... I'm on the edge of my seat until next October!moreless
  • The usual cracking good tell, but the 'just in time' idea didn't happen which further adds to the plausability...take note AMERIKAH..not all 'heroes' are bullet proof!

    OK, I must admit I've become addicted to this whole series, BUT! Oh horror of horrors, the cut scene continuity is utter crap! Case in point the jumbo shot down at the US airbase, the cut scene goes to a two engined Cessna! And THEN there's all these Yanks tooling around in WWII and Korea vintage jeeps as though it's a scene from MASH, yet in a later show when forced down at a Turkish airbase Johny Turk has Hummers!! Surely if those Bolshies at the 'Beeb" can CGI a Russki sub prowling about in Brit waters then why not Hummers or whatever our care-bear allies top gear around in.That episode too has bad continuity..what I assume to be a 767 then cuts to an undercarriage of a 747..FOUR engines!!! Other various cock ups are evident throughout the series as well..the bomb detonated in Tehran;the cut-scene shows a post nationalized Northern Region LMS (that's British don't ya know?!)railway carriage! One for the gricers! Ironic given it's supposed to have accuracy as one of it's premises.

    Harry's comment about 'there's no such thing as a Celt!' Wot's all that bollocks then mother?moreless
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