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  • Love the show. Hate the slo-mo.

    I love that show, from beginning to end. It's a kind of espionage series I can't get enough of: realistic, well developed, packed with suspense and believable twists, with interesting characters.

    But goddam it! What is it with the orgy of slo-mo? The amount of scenes shown in slo-mo is just ridiculous. It adds nothing, absolutely nothing to the drama. In fact, it's so overused that it defeats the purpose of generating intensity.

    Nevertheless, an excellent British production that I recommend watching.
  • Pure fantasy, but brilliant anyway.

    Short review this one -- not much needs to be said. Just watch it for yourself and you'll agree. Thoroughly enjoyable nonsense.
  • Better Late than Never - Fabulous Show

    It was wonderful to see, too bad it's gone but MI-1 (Spooks) was a great show. The nice part of seeing a series like this on Netflix is there are no commercials which allows you to breeze right through episodes quickly. Of course, the downside is you wind up watching until 3:00am and get up at 6:00 the next morning. But talk about a drama show with a lot of realism. Great. Storylines were wonderful and acting was first rate. Did not like how they killed agents off so quickly, Harry being the only exception. It kind of made you not identify with a character because you know he or she won't be around for more than two seasons. Kind of funny as well, since we kept hearing from Harry's old associates all the time. If the lifecycle for agents were as short as portrayed, you'd expect Harry be a lot younger and have younger associates.

    I wish they could move this to the big screen. A two hour episode gives enough time to develop and resolve a crises, aka. James Bond, but without the silliness of a James Bond movie. It would also give the show another life to live.
  • watch it all on netflix.

    Watch all 10 seasons on netflix.
  • This is how a TV series should be made!!

    This is such a good show. I don't know how it has taken me so long to find it! In Japan they are currently airing Series 6, and this is my first. I have been completely enthralled by the storyline so far. The charachters and the relationships are totally believable. In this dark and murky world the spies don't trust anyone friend or foe. Against this the MI-5 group featured, tries to work as a team. The pacing of the series is excellent, I could probably sit and watch the program for 4 hours straight and not notice where the time has gone. Before this series I hadn't really rated any British action series on par with the US product but this series, is up there with the best American products. It really is top class stuff, if you are into Action/Thriller type series give this series a look-in you won't regret it.
  • What Happened to the Episode Guide and where are all the MI-5 (Spooks) Episodes

    What happened to the episode guide?

    I like the old format much better. I could find information on an episode much quicker.

    Your missing most of the MI-5 (Spooks) Episodes. They used to be there - Where did they go?

  • What Happened TV.com

    You are missing many of the regulars on the show plus what happened to the section titled TOP EPISODES?

    This was a great series. Kept you on your toes constantly. I wish they had not killed off so much of the cast.
  • Interesting story with an intriguing villain

    Well-known Turkish thespian and former Eastenders veteran Haluk Bilginer guest stars in an interesting episode of Spooks as the winner of the latest in-fighting among the Turkish mafia bosses. He portrays a highly educated, brilliant and sophisticated mafia boss with financial ties to global terrorist networks. The three-part story tells us the MI-5 operation code named Persephone, resulting in the assassination of Bilginer's character and eventually leading to the ostracism of Zoey for her responsibility in the derailment of the ops. It is an intriguing episode with an intriguing villain, however it leaves the audience wanting to see more about him. I believe it would have been better if the series employed Bilginer for several episodes, giving him the chance the develop this particular character further.
  • It has me at the edge of my seat every episode.

    Confession: I only started watching spooks at the end of season 5.. so i haven't seen much of the episodes before. But i love it... This show keeps getting better and better. The emotions and acting is amazing as well as realistic story lines. The way the team work together to save the country is amazing and the population dont even know about it. I was so gutted when Adam died, being the hopeless romantic i am, i was hoping for a happy ending with him and Ros. I wait every week to see this show. Congrats to the cast and crew for making such an excellent show. !
  • gripping tv at its best

    it would not have lasted so long on tv if it was not consistently quality telvision..the cast is good the scripts intense and is an assett to the bbc and uk television i strongly recomend watching this if you are new to it as you will soon be hooked and there will be no turning back as there is loads of seasons to catch up on and diffrent cast changes which bring a completly new dynamic everytime a major cast change happens..there reason why spooks has lasted so long is down to the old saying "dont fix whats not broke!
  • Literally edge of you seat TV.

    This show packs an adrenaline rush in every episode which is what makes it so amazing. The storylines are not only believable but very possible and the usage of the Hand-Held camera really adds to the tension (Which can sometimes come from the simplest conversation between two characters)
    Another thing worth noting is the acting. Each actor over the course of the (So far) 7 seasons and 2 episodes has portrayed their roles very well. However, the fact that Spooks has only had 1 remaining character since its first episode just shows how nerve racking the show can be, with there always being a sense of fear over whether a character will die or not.
    An amazing show that matches (if not betters) the quality and action of a certain stateside spy show that uses real time.
  • Intense, intelligent and brilliant!

    I have watched Spooks from the very first episode, and it has always been a favorite of mine. However, these last few series have been superb! Spooks constantly renews and reinvents itself. There have been particular episodes in the past that totally gripped me and left me in awe. However, I've felt that way about every episode of series 8. With the unfortunate exception of the CIA agent Sarah, whose bizarre accent and inability to act are inexplicable to me, the cast is absolutely top notch. From Harry (the key to the series and the rock grounding all the other characters)to Ros (who I hated when she started and now absolutely adore)to Ruth (the heart of MI-5, warm and human and lovely)to Lucas (damaged and unpredictable and brilliant), they are all riveting to watch. I just wish that Spooks would have more episodes per series, and hope that the program will continue forever.
  • Brilliant start to the new series but with token upset!

    We all knew it was going to happen eventually! Although Adam was arguably the best head of Section-D to date, the law of Spooks decrees that popular characters get killed-off regardless! So farewell Adam, but welcome (back) Lucas and Ros!

    I've been looking forward to the new series since Peter & Rupert appeared on Top Gear in the summer and credit to them for giving nothing away! There we all were thinking that Adam was sticking around!

    I'm glad that Ros is going to play an integral part in this series again, as she got better and better in the last series and admittedly Adam was getting a bit wet!

    The only thing that was a shame about this episode was the exact copy of the film 'Wild Geese' in Harry communicating Adam's death to his son. But if you look at the flipside it was a nice homage!

    From this episode it looks like we're in for a pretty good series, so my only hope it that it can match or surpass the excellent previous one!!
  • They are your the postman, the sub teacher, the stock exchanger and most importantly, they are the only people who you can rely on to protect you and your country. They move in the shadows of political debate and they risk their lives for your comfort.

    Uncompromising dialogue, intelligent relationships, fast paced action and deliberate plot twists are just some of the words that spring to mind when I think of Spooks. First and foremost this is a drama, yet it has romance, action, thriller and certain aspects of science fiction. This is one of the few shows that I have ever seen that has all of the above and delivers on every single aspect. You are attracted instantly to the plot lines (which change almost as soon as you think you have it figured out) and the acting is top class, clever and moving. This show sets the standards for all other British dramas and can be classed as the ultimate modern cliff-hanger ending. If you have never bothered watching this show then I urge you to start doing so, if you "used" to watch it then gave up, I urge you to see sense, it is truly remarkable and deserves your undivided attention.
  • Awesome show! Fast paced action and twists and turns with every episode.

    Awesome show! Fast paced action and twists and turns with every episode. This is probably one of the best spy shows on right now. For those who are fans of the action and suspense genre, this show is for you. Character development is also great, and like any good action/drama, you never know who will be next to disappear. Spooks is a show that catches your attention from start to finish. The story moves at a fast pace and while some of the action and the way that things are solved are a little dramatic and unreal, it is still a great show to watch.
  • Best spooks series on TV.

    This is another example of the quality work that the BBC offers on TV.

    Once you start watching this show it catches on to you really fast. I started with the first seson and couldn't stop watching it. The story lines and acting are so real and actual it's kind of frightening.

    It's only kind of sad that almost all the characters that started out in the first season have left the show. But it has to be said, the implementation of every new character has been very smooth. It isn't disturbing at all to see a new face. The only disturbing is the way that some of the familiair faces have left. By watching it you could almost feel the pain of the characters.
  • Spooks the series-hope to see more in the very near future!

    Just wanted to drop by and say what a fantastic show, have loved all them, and would love to see more episodes.

    The charaters are hard and gritty, the suspence is killing sometimes, but every show is superb in it acting and direction.

    I usually will only watch a few series of some shows, as they get mundane and boring, but this isn't the case with Spooks......a very well thought out and sustaining drama, and one I hope goes on for many years, please keep up the great work that is being acheived.

    Peter hope to see you in Marlow High Street again soon.......The lady in pink!(13/05/08)
  • Rule Britannia

    They don't come much slicker than Spooks (MI-5) with only 10 episodes per season they really have to pack that punch and what a gritty punch. The pace is so quick every episode that by the time you stop to consider some of the events something else is already going on. If you have not watched Spooks then you have not lived. From the 1st season to now the 6th with almost the entire cast changed (some died some went underground)the pace just does not let up. With everything from US foreign policy and UK lapdog servitude, the show ticks all the right boxes
  • Good,but strictly for the James Bond brigade.

    I don't really watch Spooks all that much,but it has a good outlook.A group of MI5 operatives saving Britain from harm.
    Sometimes it's stories are realistic and involve issues that face us today,such as Islamic extremism,they can also be clever and really engaging.Yet other ideas they think up,are just silly.A Russian made Cold War-era lab virus sweeping through the streets of London?I'm not convinced.
    Any parts about the main character's personnel life are not all that interesting.You wish it would just get back to the part about bad guy busting,because these bits are kinda boring.
    Nonetheless,I still like Spooks a bit.Despite I don't really watch it much.I'd certainly recommend it to those that like this kind of thing.
  • great show - one of my favorites

    i absolutely love spooks! i missed the first couple of series but ever since then ive been hooked! The storylines are always quite different and most of the time, very entertaining. However lots of my favorite characters have been killed off - i loved danny and zoe and was upset when the were killed of - it made great episodes mind. Ive come to love Adam and am exited as to the relationship between him and Ros. I was devastated when they killed off colin - that was a really horrible episode but i liked the season finale last year - with adam going off the rails a bit. Spooks is just great!!!
  • This show never ceases to impress me.

    I love this show! I started watching it a few years ago and now i am hooked! It is a great piece of British Spy-drama. The stories are always really good and well-written. Last series was particularly impressive i thought. Spooks aim to protect Britain from Terrorism and each episode focuses on that theme. Although all the episodes are along the same theme they are all completely different stories. My favorite character is Adam Carter who is played by Rupert-Penry Jones, who is an excellent actor. I hope this show keeps running for a long time! This show is a great Action-Drama
  • Just a review on spooks

    Spooks is a very well organised and written show. It's keeping up with the worlds news by involving terriorism in the program. It's a very very very quick moving program which you can't miss a second of or you'll lose the story. You get the same rush of being in mission impossible 3 watching spooks. The casting of spooks is very good with the usual hero and the cocky sarcastic women and the big boss. Spooks is a show you can get addicted to and you have too watch every week. The storylines are getting better and better and i can't wait for the next series.
  • Nicely done.

    I read all the hype in advance of this program being shown on ABC-TV in Australia, and thought: yeah, yeah, show me something different. Maybe it's not too different, but it does deliver. I was a bit bored inititally by the straight delivery of MI-5 characters, and how terribly seriously they take their jobs. Matthew MacFadyen is a fine choice for Tom Quinn - he's big and tall, straight-faced, and very, very serious. Keeley Hawes is also very well cast, and eminently believable.

    However the last two episodes shown here - the one about the mock terrorist attack, and last night's episode about the visit of the American presidential `circus' were rivetting stuff. I found myself holding my breath for a lot longer than was healthy for me! I was fascinated by how the US presidential entourage insisted they take over MI-5 files for `security purposes'. A metaphor for the world at the moment?? The suspicion that George Bush Jnr was visiting London specifically for a secret meeting with Colonel Gadaffi to negotiate compensation for Locharbie losses was very pertinent, given that Libya came forth with compensation - in the `real' world - just this week.

    I look forward to more episodes of this straighter-than-straight, larger-than-life, but very entertaining series. I don't think it's very realistic, but then, who watches TV to indulge in more reality?
  • Brilliant British drama!

    Spooks is one of my favourite UK shows! I loved season 1 and 2, Tom Quinn is the ultimate spook! I wasn't sure that the show could survive when he left. I was disappointed with his exit, he didn't strike me as being the kind of character that would suddenly not be able to do the job any more!

    Although Adam will never be Tom he has proved to be an able replacment, his personal life does tend to get in the way abit too much though!

    I'm more than a little concerned as to what the next series will bring, they've killed too many of the original team, or writtent hem out. I hope it will continue to be an excellant programme, I guess we'll have to wait and see on that one!
  • Not only is this a great spy drama, it also adheres realistically to political climates and the behind-the-scenes deals that occur at the higher levels of government and corporate entities. And it's British as well.

    This show has proven that it excels in quite literally every area that you'd look for in a cutting-edge espionage drama.

    Shock factor - the producers really made a statement with Helen's brutal murder in only the second ever episode. Doesn't just dwell on the niceties and saving-of-the-day that characterise predictable television drama.

    Realistic storylines - perhaps I'm more able to appreciate this as a British resident with links with military and security bodies, as I'm acutely aware of some of the political inferences made in the show. (Still, it's a shame that they reduce the entire Security Service counter-terror operation to a staff of about 10 people...)

    Emotion - surprisingly, I reacted more to Zoe's departure than to Danny's execution; it really brought a tear to my eye. Still, the show does touch on personal storylines as well as the operations, such as Tom during series 1, Zoe and Danny during series 2-3 and Adam and Fiona in series 3-4. Adam's breakdowns in the fifth series are really well written into the screenplay.

    Building of suspense - the fact that Spooks airs on the BBC means no advertisement time, and so these episodes are an true hour long each. That means you get a lot of storyline in one episode, and you really build a feeling of suspense after about half an hour!!

    Also, I like the way that the show deals with different events each week rather than series such as 24 which deal with one incident over many episodes. Still, that just makes the cliffhangers even greater.

    If you want to see some proper spy drama, or some proper British drama (or just some really great television) then pick it up. It is time-consuming due to the length of the episodes, but it's worth it.
  • Clearly one of the best spy/drama shows that has been created.Makes the show " 24 " seem passive. Heart stopping can't blink or you will miss an important element action. Not couch potato viewing.

    This is one of the best fast moving dramas on TV. More twists and turns than a Kentucky Highway. If you want passive viewing to do your crafts or fold laundry, go to another show. If you want to be challenged in both ear and eye, this is your ticket to adventure. From the British culture and accents, to the mind twisting kill offs of major characters, this show will have you on the edge of your sofa and waiting with baited breath for the next installment. You never know from one week to the next which cast members will survive. On a scale of 1 to 10,
    a definite 11.
  • Wow, what can I say? I wasn't expecting this. Normally I can't get into British television, but this show hits you hard and keeps on running. If you want something that breaks all the rules, you've found it.

    I normally can't get into British shows as I've said, but I recently stumbled across this one. I ended up watching all five seasons that are available pretty much straight through.

    I have never seen a show that so regularily kills off (or gets rid of) it's main characters. The first time they did it, I was pretty shocked...but then they did it again, and again. It kind of annoyed me at first, because I had grown attached to the main characters as we would normally do in U.S. or Canadian television but I quickly grew to appreciate it because it is just never done, and is therefore rather refreshing. Each time they kill off (or get rid of) someone, they always replace the old person with a new interesting character and manage to not kill the show, which is of course very nice of them. There is one character that they put into the show late in the fourth season who irritates me to no end, but the show was still excelent even with her stupid ugly blond head ruining scenes...not to mention any names. :)

    The plot lines are always excellent, and they pull no punches. This show will keep you interested all the way through and I recommend it to anyone who still has not seen it.

    Give it a try.

    (By the way, I still much prefered it with the original group captain, than with the one who replaces him.)
  • really great

    this show is the best from english tv. it is just great and it is the first action / drama series that i watched on the tv. it has a very good cast ( especially harry and adam) and it is more realistic than many other action shows because unlike them the characters are not all saint and immortal they are more real they have problems they face difficulties and they are not "vandame" copies. also it is good that they get the plot from ungoing issues wich make it alot more intresting to watch than many other tv series.
  • So it’s the end of season five of Spooks so the dreaded wait for season six begins.

    This season has show interesting developments with in the team, from Adam Carter (played by Rupert Penry-Jones) dealing with the rather dramatic death of his wife Fiona Carter (played by Olga Sosnovska) in the previous season, which you could just see coming a mile away. However it did help to pad out some of the storylines giving him a mental breakdown and just turning into a big ball of crazy from time to time. And how could I forget about the romance between colleagues that everybody has been waiting for, of course I am referring to Harry Pearce (played by Peter Firth) and Ruth Evershead (played by Nicola Walker) finally getting together in that special way that only they can portray on screen. But, alas it would appear that the creative team (by that of course I mean the writers) had other ideas and decided to conceive a diabolical storyline of writing her out of the series, but thankfully not death as this way there is the slight glimmer of hope that Ruth Evershead (Nicola Walker) may one day return to the cast of Spooks to be reunited with Harry Pearce (Peter Firth) unless of course he has not been written out himself. Anyway, enough of this talking, I suppose that I will just have to wait eight months or so until Spooks returns to our screens some time in spring/summer, when we can see the team flying back into action with an entire new series that looks promising at the current time.
  • Been watching it since the start and still love it and season five has in my opinion been the best since one the first season.

    I think this fifth season has been its strongest since it debuted in 2001 i think i prefer Adam over Tom he settled in on the show almost immedietely and he is a much more do whatever it takes to win kinda guy and i\'ve liked the way they\'ve shown the efects his wife\'s death and his own near death in season 4 are having on him i like the rest of the team Zaff and Jo are kinda the ones newer to the game and still learning while Roz is very much the equal of Adam in terms of strength and determination to beat the bad guys and it was great the brutal way they killed off Colin and then had Ruth have to run away just as she hand Harry were beginning to get close overal Harry is my favourite character managing to be funny and hard loyal and to his team i\'ve liked all the main charcaters there have been so far but i think the main strength of the show i feel is the scripts that manage to create scenarios that can be far fetched and entertaining but with sometimes just enough realism to leave wondering could this really happen.
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