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  • Better Late than Never - Fabulous Show

    It was wonderful to see, too bad it's gone but MI-1 (Spooks) was a great show. The nice part of seeing a series like this on Netflix is there are no commercials which allows you to breeze right through episodes quickly. Of course, the downside is you wind up watching until 3:00am and get up at 6:00 the next morning. But talk about a drama show with a lot of realism. Great. Storylines were wonderful and acting was first rate. Did not like how they killed agents off so quickly, Harry being the only exception. It kind of made you not identify with a character because you know he or she won't be around for more than two seasons. Kind of funny as well, since we kept hearing from Harry's old associates all the time. If the lifecycle for agents were as short as portrayed, you'd expect Harry be a lot younger and have younger associates.

    I wish they could move this to the big screen. A two hour episode gives enough time to develop and resolve a crises, aka. James Bond, but without the silliness of a James Bond movie. It would also give the show another life to live.