Spooks - Season 8

BBC (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Episode 8
    Episode 8
    India and Pakistan stand on the brink of nuclear war following the capture of an Indian submarine. Section D is tasked with providing security for an emergency peace summit brokered by the British and U.S. governments, but Nightingale plans to frustrate negotiations by any means.
  • Episode 7
    Episode 7
    Section D must prevent the escalation of hostilities between Muslim and Hindu communities following the murder of a Pakistani intelligence officer.
  • Episode 6
    Episode 6
    With the UK government struggling to honour its national debt payments, MI5 is tasked with retrieving over a billion pounds worth of funds from an investment bank, but their asset within the bank has gone rogue. Ruth discovers that "Nightingale" are behind the clandestine meeting at Basel.
  • Episode 5
    Episode 5
    Jack Coleville, the man who recruited Ros Myers into MI6, is threatening to publish his memoirs. Harry is sceptical about the apparent suicide of Samual Walker, the CIA's London chief. Meanwhile, someone is asassinating British and U.S. agents.
  • Episode 4
    Episode 4
    Oleg Darshavin, the man responsible for torturing Lucas North when he was detained by the FSB, arrives in London claiming to have intelligence about a possible Sudanese terrorist attack. Harry, concerned about a covert intelligence meeting in Basel, suspects that there is a traitor operating within MI5.
  • Episode 3
    Episode 3
    It's bad enough when terrorists burst into a secret meeting and kidnap eight of the world's richest men, but an undercover Ros is also one of the hostages.
  • Episode 2
    Episode 2
    An explosion at a gas processing plant threatens the country's energy supplies. With low reserves and on the verge of running out, the country turns to Tazbekstan for help. Urazov, the Tazbek Trade and Industry Secretary, wants a free hand to wipe out his enemies on British soil in return for energy. Section D must decide if the price is too high.moreless
  • Episode 1
    Episode 1
    The team is shocked after Viktor Sarkisiian kidnapped Harry. A video of Harry's apparent execution by the Sacred Army of Righteous Vengeance is posted online and when Sarkisiian is found dead hopes of finding Harry alive start running short. While Lucas works with the CIA, Ruth comes back to the grid with secrets about a clandestine weapons operation. Ruth is kidnapped too as the team engages in a life or death mission to save her and Harry.moreless