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NBC (ended 1982)


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  • ... yet nostalgia hits when I think of Billy and his magic bag that fits everything in it ;) (some info on cast and production in here)

    The mascot of an interplanetary sports team comes to Earth to teach people how to play fair in sports. His name is Billy, and he came from the planet Olympus (whose god-like populace was largely given, naturally, to good sportsmanship and fair play). Together with his pals Lilly and Willy, Billy travelled the globe in their time ship in sports-focused stories, which emphasized values and fair play. Billy has a small small bag that has everything in it. Billy can get a boat, a car, even a helicopter out of that tiny tiny bag. He has an enemy of course, Vanda, an evil alien “goth” - Cruela Devil look-alike. That always fails to destroy him!

    Ok ok ok!!!! Not the best cartoon ever in history of cartoons! But it had some original ideas and it was entertaining when I was a kid :) Kids LOVE Sport Billy :) So I’m voting as I would when I was a kid! ;) 10

    Filmation Associates

    Lane Scheimer (Sport Billy
    Joyce Bulifant (Sport Lilly, Queen Vanda)
    Frank Welker (Willy, Sporticus XI).

    Produced By : Lou Scheimer, Norm Prescott.

    Twenty-six episodes were produced for this series.

    In 1979, with Filmation prominent and prolific, and its animated fare being broadcast and syndicated throughout the world, the studio was given a unique opportunity: a West German sports combine commissioned Filmation to create and produce an animated series centered around their company mascot, Sport Billy. The character was as famous in Germany as Mickey was in the U.S.

    Sixteen half-hours were produced and were originally supposed to be broadcast only in Europe. NBC, in need of some rapid mid-season replacement programming for their Saturday morning schedule, made a deal with Lou to bring the show to the U.S. This was thanks to the fact that even though Sport Billy was produced for German audiences... it was an English-language show.

    Lane Scheimer, who provided Sport Billy's voice, was the son of producer Lou Scheimer.