Sport Science

FOX Sports (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 6/21/09
      We compare NFL superstar Ray Lewis monsterous tackle to the force generated by a home plate collision. World Record holder Scott Mendlson can bench press 1,015 lbs. but how can he stack up against nature's heavy lifters. Gina Carano is a master of Muay Thai , we break down the power Gina can create with the art of the eight limbs. We attempt to recreate Dave Winfield's infamous bird-strike.moreless
    • Ultimate Nut Jobs
      Episode 10
      NFL offensive linemen Marvel Smith and Joe Staley try to push 15,000 pounds into an end zone. A former MLB pitcher tests his invention: a new cup. Can someone kick hard enough to shatter a baseball bat? The Sport Science team travels to Switzerland to test an innovative new sporting apparel called X-Bionic.moreless
    • Female Sex Test
      Episode 9
      We revisit a classic experiement from Season 1, and try to see if science can debunk one of the oldest sports myths about sex before a game-now it's time to test the women. NBA star Sasha Vujacic tries to out shoot Shaq-blind folded.
    • 5/31/09
      Sport Science host John Brenkus tries to single handedly stop NFL tight end Vernon Davis fron running 20 yards. Poker champion Daniel Negreanu bluffs his way past a lie detector. Kobe's infamous car jump video gets put to the test.
    • Busted Guts
      Episode 7
      NBA Superstar Amare Stoudemire tries to shatter the glass, NFL WR Dennis Northcutt races the fastest animal on two legs - an ostrich, and competitive eater Pete "Furious" Czerwinski tries to eat an amazing 50 meatballs in only 7 minutes.
    • 4/26/09
      We throw everything at NFL Superstar Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald to watch him catch it all - ONE HANDED, Mario Andretti Jr will test his lightning fast reaction time, we'll test what happens to an athlete when they drink alcohol, and we'll break down every minute detail that happens in a NASCAR pit stop with Kyle Busch's pit team.moreless
    • 4/19/09
      NFL QB Trent Edwards takes on a real life gunslinger to see who really is the quick draw and a NASA "Master Sniffer" puts his extremely sensitive nose right into the middle of things to determine which sport creates the worst stink.
    • 4/12/09
      NFL Superstar QB Drew Brees tries to throw the perfect spiral, Kevin Love attempts to break the NBA record for the longest shot and our host John Brenkus puts his head in harm's way as we test which hits harder - a blocked punt or a soccer ball to the head.moreless
    • Hit and Run
      Episode 3
      PGA 2008 Player of the Year Padraig Harrington takes on "Happy Gilmore's" outrageous swing, NFL all-star running back Rudi Johnson tries to hold onto the ball while a gauntlet of MMA fighters try to strip it from his hands, Competitive Eater "Furious" Pete Czerwinski shows just what it took for Mike Tyson to bite off a part of Evander Holyfield's ear and which is the more dangerous sport, cheerleading or football - the results are astounding!!moreless
    • 3/29/09
      NFL Superstar Ray Lewis takes on a real life SWAT team battering ram to determine which hits harder, Stephon Marbury tries to actually break ankles with his killer crossover, a Stunt Man attempts to recreate the Fan Man flying stunt at the Holyfield-Riddick fight and in the most extreme experiment we've ever done, we shoot an MMA fighter up with natural adrenaline and see if it makes him punch harder.moreless
    • 3/22/09
      MMA Superstar Fedor Emelianenko takes on a deadly python in choking power, NY Jets Defensive Tackle Kris Jenkins launches host John Brenkus way into the air and PGA golfer Brad Faxon takes on water, jello and even spaghetti to determine what the worst lie really is.
  • Season 1