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  • stinkiest sport

    just like every other episode,,,, what a load of crap. this is not science, you come up with any results you want. 4 different nationalities, 4 different body types, all doing the same thing to sweat...

    do it right and use the same person over 4 days doing the actual sport. i cant believe americans fall for this crap. are they all that gulible. this show is not sport it is a comedy, and a bad one at that.
  • baseball vs cricket

    This episode was completely false. You got a professional baseball player vs an average cricket bowler. If it was a professional bowler the baseballer would of had to wear a helmet and pads. Professional bowlers have speeds of 150km plus with swing on the ball. I dare say your so called called professional bowler was no were near that. Its just another example of murica having there head up there arse. MURICA
  • female vs male boxer power

    i just watched the same episode as speedracer61 the female through a hook both male boxer and mma fighter through a jab although i do belive it comes down to technique there should have maybe been a jab from both and a hook from both
  • Science needs to be controlled

    Love the idea of using science in sports but anytime science is introduced there has to be strict controls. Just watched the episode that compared the punching power of a man to a woman. You used a control by using 2 people of the same size but when you compared power they used 2 totally different punches. The man used a short jab, the woman stepped into a round house. No kidding the round house showed more power. The round house uses much more kintetic power of the body. Both fighters should have been placed in a controlled stance and distance and istructed to throw the same punch then the results would have been much more legitimate.
  • Kobe Jumps Car

    Recently I was watching some episodes of the show online and came across the episode where you guys put kobe's car jumping ad to the test. Your point was that he would have used some of device to lift him. In your case, a 40" crane with a pulley system. In this case, the test subject, at best, only had 40' of vertical and everyone is different. I think that the problem was not that kobe used a pulley system, but that you had the wrong man. therefore I would like to rest my case with this video showing that there were better people to choose from than what you gave us
  • Would love to review it but I need to buy them 1st!

    No review just begging for help! I cannot get these shows in Aus. I'd love to purchase them so I can show my Senior Physical Education classes!!! I can't even buy them on Aussie iTunes!

    Is it possible to get them on DVD anywhere?

  • Think of this, your favorite activity is watching sports. Now put science with it and you get a good show.

    Do you know the how hard a human skull is, how much force it can take. Well, watch this show and you'll find some interesting facts, some of which I didn't know. For instance a shot between the legs can put you in to shock, a baseball player has a harder time hitting a softball, and the helmet in baseball really does help you.The show takes random things in sports and puts the science behind it, showing us more behind it then the sport itself. The show is new and refreshing to watch. A must see for all people who are fascinated with sports and science.