Sports Action Team - Season 1

NBC Premiered Sep 17, 2006 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • 12/31/06
    The team is hit hard by news of their mascot's unexpected death, but Steven shows little remorse. Nicole gathers the team together to cope with this most recent tragedy. After a little bit of reminiscing, everything returns back to normal...only to spin wildly out of control in the strangest, most unexpected season finale you've ever seen.moreless
  • Scandals
    Episode 16
    The team sets out to investigate some of the many sports-related scandals in America, but they become enveloped by the scandals present in their own lives. A confused Nicole dwells on her feelings for Steven, Kevin and Al's friendship enters hard times, and a distant Katie obsesses over her getting pregnant.moreless
  • 12/17/06
    Three near-dead reporters, one intern in a coma, and Katie found cowering away in some corner. Nicole has a dire situation in her hands, and Katie's the only one able to provide any information on these unusual circumstances. Is this just some practical joke gone awry or is there someone out there targeting the team?moreless
  • Telethon
    Episode 14
    You would think that after violating so many FCC rules of conduct, the team's public image would still be squeaky clean. Well, that couldn't be any further from the truth so that's why they're putting on a telethon for "Getting Kids Involved." Tune in, call in, donate what you can, and become a part of "Getting Kids Involved."moreless
  • 15 Minute Rice
    Episode 13
    After an awful report with Adrian Jones, Al, Kevin, and Steven get demoted, leaving Katie and Anthony to reap the benefits. Not accepting defeat, the three screw-ups organize the interview of a lifetime with Jerry Rice. So what if it involves a little breaking and entering? Looks like the second season is airing from San Quentin.moreless
  • Thanksgiving
    Episode 12
    It's a very special Thanksgiving when Coach Ditka joins the team. Nobody's sure why a vegetarian Katie was put in charge. There's not much work being done out in the field, either, what with Kevin, Al, and Steven helping Stuart Schweigert wreak havoc on his annoying neighbor. As always, though, the prank's ultimately on Al.moreless
  • No Mo' Money
    Episode 11
    The team's numerous FCC fine payments have caught up with them, and they're out of money. Steven is unexpectedly fired but is taken under the wing of super-agent Leigh Steinberg. Desperate for cash, the team endorses sponsorship spots within interviews, an ill-advised decision that ends with some very stubborn, disgruntled athletes.moreless
  • Rudy
    Episode 10
    Kevin's lifelong dream to report on Notre Dame is crushed when he's refused a press pass. Resolve turns into desperation after several, fruitless attempts to get access to the university fail. Unwilling to see his brother's dreams get spoiled, Steven solicits some inspiration from Mr. Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger himself.
  • 11/5/06
    It's the much anticipated softball finals, and the team is up against an intimidating group of podcasters. Kevin believes they have a fighting chance, that is if Al can get over his up-and-down relationship with a new internet girlfriend. Nobody expects the team's fate to rest in the unlikely hands of a wheelchair-bound accountant.moreless
  • Uneven Steven
    Episode 8
    What little power Steven has goes straight to his head when he becomes selfish for more authority. Nicole literally tackles the problem before it gets worse, but not before taking care of the team's rampant lack of fashion sense. The unusual fashion advice of "Markus" turns the team into the hippest reporters on the block.moreless
  • Don't "Mak" Me
    Episode 7
    A nostalgic fantasy turns into a downward spiral for Anthony when he obsesses over his USFL days. On top of that, Nicole has a new, very "affectionate" boyfriend who likes to hang around the studio. Despite Anthony losing his grip on reality and Nicole's public, sexual escapades, the team saves what little dignity they started out with.moreless
  • Under Construction
    Episode 6
    Asbestos is found in the studio walls, but a thrifty Nicole won't pay extra to have it removed over the weekend. Outside of the studio proves to be no better of an environment when Al steals all of Kevin's questions in the Mark Sweeney interview. An intervention with Stuart Schweigert of the Raiders mends the strained friendship.moreless
  • Breakdown
    Episode 5
    The show is on the verge of collapsing after the van breaks down, and the team misses a gameday shoot. An old producer makes a visit, and after a little too much lip from a stubborn Anthony, the usually stable-minded Nicole loses it. San Francisco 49er Chris Hetherington is there to help, though, that is help Nicole into the hotel pool.moreless
  • Heal Me
    Episode 4
    Anthony is the victim of a terrible hit-and-run accident, although that doesn't stop Nicole from trying to get him back out in the field. Katie gets Alex Brown and Alfonso Boone more in touch with their softer sides, but not before upstaging Kevin in an interview with QB Carson Palmer, who turns out to be a friend of Steven's.moreless
  • Little League
    Episode 3
    The FCC has Sports Action Team's number, and they're making them coach a little league game to produce a PSA. At the Chargers Golf Tournament, Anthony gets tanked and Steven receives some advice from Akbar on how to deal with overbearing older brothers. Don't tell Kevin...or the FCC for that matter.moreless
  • Steinbach
    Episode 2
    The team is treated to a studio visit from Bengals' lineman Eric Steinbach, who enjoys his stay so much that he decides to stick around...for the entirety of the show. Kevin and Al team up to interview star player Randy Moss, although they can't get him to talk about anything else other than his delicious fruit smoothies.moreless
  • Meet the Team
    Episode 1
    Meet the sports reporting phenoms, Sports Action Team. Kevin Kelly's the face, Katie the feminine mystique, Anthony the athlete, Al the humor, Nicole the puppeteer, and Steven...well, he's the intern. They're your insider on the goings-on in the sports world. Just don't hold it against them if they screw up from time to time.moreless