Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search

Season 1 Episode 3

Bump, Set, Cut

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2005 on NBC

Episode Recap

As the show begins, the girls are once again at the house discussing the elimination and what was said about them by the judges. Jenna is saddened by the fact that judges think she is a little too "pinup."

The girls receive information about their next challenge and discuss what it might be. The challenge is to play volleyball with U.S. Olympians Walsh and Youngs. The winning team will have a further chance to compete for the SuperModel Pass. Alicia, Stacy, and Jenna's team wins. Now the three of them have to hold a volleyball over their head for as long as they can. After about a half-hour, they are told they must now squat while doing it. After about an hour Stacy falls out. Jenna eventually gets disqualified because she rests her wrist on her head. So Alicia (the girls and the judges said she was the most out of shape) wins the physical competition. She selects Krisi to share it with her, upsetting Jenna.

Back at the house they are told the next competition will be called "Freeze Frame." They assume it will have something to do with being cold. They are correct. They must endure a photo shoot in a refrigerated room with snow and ice. Alicia and Krisi with the SuperModel Pass are allowed to be in a comfortable tent while waiting for the other teams to do their shoot. They also are allowed to pick which scenario each team of girls must do. Jenna and Betti have to shoot with Alaskan Husky dogs. Shannon and Stacy have to pose on a block of ice. The judges seem to really like Stacy. She is familiar with being around ice and cold because she is from the god-forsaken land where this is all there is six months of the year.

Alicia and Krisi get to pose with male models. Krisi goes first and seems to really enjoy the shoot with a bunch of guys around her. But Alicia thinks that she will get lost in the shuffle with all these guys, so when she begins her shoot she tries to get rid of three of them. Then eventually dismisses all of them. This is not a popular move with the judges or the cameraman, who think she is being a hard to work with diva.

After the shoot its back to the house for dinner. The girls basically sit around quietly, not talking to each other. Eventually, after dinner, Stacy brags about how good she thought she did. Meanwhile, the judges are reviewing the girl's photos. They did like Stacy. But they argue some over the stunt that Alicia pulled. Former model Roshumba defends Alicia, saying she respected her for standing up for herself.

The elimination takes place on a soccer field. The girls are allowed to speak to the judges and they air their displeasure with Alicia and her not playing by the rules at the shoot.

Then the reviews begin. Stacy is told she did well at the shoot, but she needed to learn how to not smile so big and show her teeth. She is also told to keep working out. Shannon is told she is a little too mechanical. Jenna is instructed to learn how to work angles because her face is a little too round. Krisi is dropped. I didn't really hear a solid reason why. Betti is dropped. Alicia is told to keep her attitude in check, but her stunt doesn't cost her. And so we are down to just four remaining girls.