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  • This show was really good...

    it showed us how some parents seems to go a bit overboard about their children... oh my god... how the parents push... let children be children and let them have a life.I have two sons... a 14 year old and a 9 year old.. my 14 year old plays all the sports he can... he is excellent in all... i do not push or go to many of his games(his choice)...and he has gone far... he is the best in trampoline in all age groups in his high school and has been on the football and rugby A(1st ) team for the last 3 years... but i think that as long as he is enjoying it... then you get my 9 year old... he does no sport... he loves being 9 year old and loves the dirt and worms and marbles.... let him be him...
  • As the slogan says, winning is everything. This show follows parents who push their children in the sports they're in. There are of course preview hooks that make these parents look crazy but that's not what it's all about.

    This eight episode series chronicles a small section in the life of five families who have children involved in sports. Everyone has heard of the kids parent in the stand who is unbearable and this show is based off that rumor. We have a dad pushing his son into football, a mom pushing her dad to be a cheerleader, another mom funding her son in figure skating, a single mother funding her daughter’s horse and equestrian career, and a mother supporting her daughter through basketball. The show does a fair job in depicting these families and of all I think the basketball coach mom is the sanest of them all. The really nice thing about this series was the forum available where some of the parents kept up conversation with everyone.
  • This show has got to be the best programme I've seen in a long time. I'm a competative horse rider myself, and even though I have hardly any free time (aside from dossing in college obviously!) this show has me glued to the screen every week! I love it!

    Sports Kids Moms and Dads is a raw documentary that follows the lives of 5 kids all with dreams of becoming champs in their chosen sports, which include horse riding, figure skating, cheerleading, basketball and American football. Even though I know nothing about any of the sports involved (apart from the horse riding) I still really enjoy watching these kids coping with their often rigorous schedules and their equally rigorous parents. Although you may expect these parents to be the sort who are living through their kids to fulfill their own dreams, these parents actually appear to be out for their child's enjoyment of the sport as well as the triumph of victory. Being a competitive horse rider, and under 18 (technically still a kid) I can totally empathize with these kids and know exactly what they're going through at all stages of the program. Some kids in particular are really memorable, not necessarily for their abilities, but also for their great personalities and determination, which is frankly awe inspiring. I gave this show 10/10 and in my opinion it certainly deserves it! I can't wait for another series! Even if you don't think you'll enjoy it I strongly suggest that you watch one episode and tell me that you're not hooked!
    Happy TV watching!
  • This show is great! A good solid reality show. And all of us have heard about THOSE parents that put so much pressure on their kids.

    I really have enjoyed the few episodes I've seen of "Sports Kids Moms & Dads." To me, the most interesting story line is Trenton, the wannabe football player and his Pop. He's quite determined. I really hope he goes far! The equestrian kids I really just feel sorry for, since they're too broke to enter competitions. The ice skater boy, I feel like his mom really pushes him too much. Reminded me of that Disney movie, Ice Princess. That little dancer girl is fun to watch too. I can't believe she's only 8 (?) and can dance that well! Crazy... All in all, a cool show about some really talented (even though they're small!) athletic children. Sorta makes you feel better knowing there are still some kids who go outside and don't just sit in front of the TV or play video games all day.
  • This is a REAL "reality show." These parents are crazy and this is so real.

    Who ever you are, wherever you are you probably have met parents like these!! These are the average sports parents, But taken to the extreme. Sharon pushes her daughter sarah to limit to be the best dancer and cheerleader. Craig lives his NFL dreams through his eight year old son Trenton. Lindsey leads her highschool basketball team as a freshman with her overly agressive mom as the coach. Bryce leads the Junior National Ice Skating Division while his mom forces him to compete and then leaves the arena while he is skating. Devoted Equestrian Karli is forced to sell her horse disco, because of her mom, Karen's divorce.