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Sports Night

Season 1 Episode 15

Dana and the Deep Blue Sea

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 09, 1999 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Having been rebuffed by Rebecca, Dan turns to Casey for help in dating her. Casey, still wrestling with his feelings for Dana, refuses. Next Dan turns to Jeremy in his efforts to be "more than friends" with Rebecca. Meanwhile, Dana agrees to go snorkeling with Gordon even though she is terrified of fish. Casey: "Sometimes you just stand there -- hip-deep in pie." Rebecca [to Jeremy]: "Is everyone who works on your show deranged?"moreless

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    Josephine Barnsdale

    Josephine Barnsdale


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    Kayla Blake

    Kayla Blake


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    Greg Baker

    Greg Baker


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    Teri Polo

    Teri Polo


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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • This episode carried directly over from the episode of SPIN CITY that aired before it. Sports Night (the fictional Sports news program the SPORTS NIGHT takes place at) is on a TV screen at the end of the Spin City Episode "INTERNAL AFFAIRS", with Casey doing a story, that scene continued without interruption. The camera pulled into a closeup of the TV screen and then when Sports Night began, it panned off the screen (which had become a studio monitor) to reveal Casey and Dan in the studio.

      • Dana's fear of fish is a subject of comment. The technical term for this is ichthyophobia.

    • QUOTES (3)

      • Dan: The sophomore sensation credits her agility and quick first step to her father, who used to take her to a neighborhood park all covered with cheese. We'll be bringing you part 2 of that story tomorrow night. Casey?
        Casey: The San Diego Padres... (continues behind conversation)
        Jeremy: (In control room) Did he just say "cheese"?
        Elliot: He did just say "cheese".
        Dana: What was it supposed to be?
        Jeremy: What was it supposed to be?
        Natalie: Let me find it.
        Jeremy: A park all covered with cheese?
        Dana: I had three people talking in my ear.
        Natalie: I can't find it. What block?
        Kim: We just did it.
        Elliot: The fifties.
        Chris: Fifty-Five.
        Jeremy: How about "a park all covered with trees"?
        Natalie: He said "cheese"?
        Jeremy: Welcome to the show.
        Casey: (finishing report) ... with 86 strikeouts. You're watching Sports Night on CSC, so come on back.
        Dave: We're out.
        Will: Two minutes back.
        Casey: (To Dan) "A neighborhood park all covered with cheese"?
        Dan: I said "cheese"?
        Casey: You said "cheese".
        Dan: Dana, did I say "park all covered with cheese"?
        Dana: There's a consensus yes.
        Dan: (to Casey) What are you looking at?
        Casey: I'm here for you man.
        Dan: (To Dana) Let me fix it when we come back.
        Dana: Fix it when we come back.
        Casey: Are we sure its wrong? Are we sure the park isn't all covered with cheese?
        Dan: Its covered with trees, and shut up.
        Casey: I was just about to change my mind and recomend you.
        Dan: Really?
        Casey: No.
        Dan: Dana, Casey's being mean to me.
        Dana: Casey, be nice to Dan.
        Casey: (re-reading script) "The sophomore sensation credits her agility and quick first step to her father, who used to take her to a neighborhood park all covered with cheese." Dana, we got all kinds of sentence construction here. I think he's going to have to explain that its the park thats covered with cheese and not the father.
        Dan: This is an unforgiving room.
        Natalie: Plus its a little hard to figure how running through cheese helped the kid with her agility and quick first step.
        Dan: Thank you, everyone!

      • Casey: I gather it went well.
        Dan: Y'know, sometimes it's worth it, taking all the pies in the face, sometimes you come through it feeling good.
        Casey: Yessss.
        Dan: And how was your day?
        Casey: Sometimes you just stand there, hip deep in pie.

      • Dan: I will not be the subject of your mockery...
        Casey: Oh, I think you shall

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