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New DVD Set Coming!

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    [1]May 20, 2008
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    Check out the news here . I didn't realize the original DVD had gone out of print, so if you hadn't bought the series before, here's your chance. I may rent the last two discs to check out the bonus features - the original set is one of the prizes of my DVD collection (Other than the fact that it's bare bones). Shout Factory usually does a great job so this should be a great set. I'd love to hear the cast and Sorkin and Schlamme reminisce about the show, particularly since some of them (Huffman, Krause) went on to bigger things.

    Side note...where is Josh Charles and why does he not get more work?

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    [2]Jul 23, 2008
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    I have seen some of the bloopers that they are most likely going to out on the new disc set. They are definitely worth having! I can't wait.

    As for Josh Charles, he has done a few movies and had an arc on the now defunct Six Degrees on TV. He mostly does theater now, which is always where he preferred to be.
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    [3]Sep 25, 2008
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    Sweet! Thanks for this info, it's really exciting, especially because I somehow lost my copy of the last disk of the DVDs. I honestly think my DVD player ate it.
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    [4]Oct 4, 2008
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    Well, if you were a DVD player, wouldn't you eat a Sports Night disc? Yummy. I just finished watching the extras with a friend of mine who's also a fan. Awesome. The only letdown was the S2 blooper reel. One question I had for anyone who's gotten the next set though...what's the proper aspect ratio to be watching it in? It looked fine on my friend's HDTV in widescreen, but we couldn't really figure out whether it was *supposed* to be that way or not. Are the episodes supposed to be in widescreen now, or still fullscreen? If they're supposed to be in widescreen, the box set goes high on my list of things to buy because I also have an HDTV. But if it's not meant to be that way, I'll pass.

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    [5]Oct 4, 2008
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    NO the episodes are still full screen since the show takes place in the studio most of the time shooting in wide screen wouldn't make much sense in my opinion. This dvd set is better than the original in every way commentaries, gag reels and a very nice booklet with fun facts also this one actually divides season 1 and two into 2 seperate sets. the video transfer is not the best sad to say there is a few seens were dirt can be seen over Jermeys face and it can be distracting especially if you have a HDTV. I had the original set but traded it in thinking that it would be there later and becasue I was stupid but then it went out of print and Ifelt really bad but this new release does the show justice. It is also intresting that in the comentary for the final episode Sorkin states that Sports Night gained viewers in the second season and was in fact not a ratings falure
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