Sports Night

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 22, 1998 on ABC

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  • Gods, what a great show!

    Aaron Sorking did an awesome job of getting this show out of the box in a flash with intelligent writing, excellent humor, and a fantastic cast the meshed right from the getgo. One of the things I love about all his shows and movies is the character development and he once again does it here with just the first episode - you instantly seemed to know all of the characters! The show is fast pace and intelligent! It's just a pity that Sorkin decided to put this show aside when West Wing started taking off!

    If you like this one, watch the rest. If you don't like it, go back to the A-Team or the Dukes of Hazzard!
  • Running faster than any show ever has before!

    I sit here wondering exactly why I'm writing this review, the already existing review is by far better than any I could ever write and encourage you to read it.

    ...but, there was only one review, and I wanted to put my oar in. No television show this good should go unnoticed.

    I don't like sports. I loved this show. The pace the writing, the acting. Tremendous. The walk and talk method perfected here before The West Wing even aired was a superb addition to television.

    What strikes me the most about this show was it's ability to mix comedy and drama in a half hour format. It was evident in the first episode.

    The previous reviewer really got it right, this show hit the ground running and never let up. That is until the network tinkered too much, screwed it up and cancelled it.

    But thank goodness we have two seasons of this exceptional show!
  • Damn this series is good. Possibly the best, and certainly one of the best, ever on TV. This is only the pilot and it still manages to establish characters and make their love for sports understandable to you, even if you don't care about sports.

    This episode is a particularly good episode even though it is the pilot. Pilots are usually rough, uncertain about the characters, and yet this one has all the characters rather thoroughly fleshed out. Usually there are tweaks to be made after the pilot -- not so here. Sorkin knew what he wanted and made it flesh in the pilot itself.

    In addition to establishing the characters, it also establishes the heart of the show, which is their love for sports. The central plot of this ep is Casey's poor performance in recent times, partly due to personal issues but also due to a displeasure with the increasing thugism and poor sportsmanship of the athletes he sees, which is tearing at his love for sports. Not only is he close to getting fired, but he's even seriously considering quitting all togethe.

    A pivotal event in sports (fictional, of course) occurs, and it helps him recapture that love for the activity.

    In the process of this, the overall sense of family which is a great part of the show is established, a new member is introduced to the family (sports/techno geek 'Jeremy', a bit overplayed in this ep but smoothed out very quickly in subsequent episodes) and (thankfully) the laugh track is heard for the last time.

    This show is one of the few I've seen which didn't need time to get its legs -- it hits the ground running and never stopped until the idiots at ABC chopped its legs out from under it.

    For the new viewer, one thing to be aware of -- the comic timing of this show is very unusual, and takes some getting used to. The dialogue is snappy, almost Mametish, and it is faster paced than many shows are. It pays to give the show time, even if you don't like the first few you've seen.

    Also, don't let the underlying nature of the show dissuade you. Even those with no interest in sports will find this show particularly effective. I can say that because I pay only limited attention to sports myself, yet can easily see, as a result of this show, what people find interesting about them. Trust me, you don't need an interest in sports to enjoy Sports Night.
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