Sports Night

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 26, 1999 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • Dan: You understand?
      Casey: No.
      Dan: You don't?
      Casey: No.
      Dan: Really?
      Casey: Yes.
      Dan: Can I spread it out for you in a nutshell?
      Casey: No.
      Dan: I can't?
      Casey: No.
      Dan: Why not?
      Casey: Because I'm tired of you mixing your metaphors. "Spread it out for you in a nutshell." How you doin'? I'm a professional writer.

    • Casey: (about a meeting) Anyone know what this is about?
      Dana: Isaac called it.
      Casey: Is there any food?
      Dana: No... cause the caterer called in sick.
      Casey: What's with her?
      Natalie: Nothing.
      Casey: Is it nature's special time?
      Dana: Oh, you know what? Bite me so hard for that.

  • Notes

    • Sorkin Intersections: Teri Polo recurred on The West Wing.

    • Robert Guillaume suffered a stroke on January 14, 1999. He was 71 years old at the time. After taking his daughter to school, he had his regular breakfast with friends at a local deli. As he was leaving, he began showing symptoms by stumbling but insisted he was fine and drove himself to the studio. There, he fell in his dressing room and couldn't get back up. He was taken to UCLA Medical Center where he had a three-week hospital stay. During that time his wife Donna asked Aaron Sorkin to hold the role for him. Subsequently, Guillaume's stroke was written into the show, and he returned to shoot the first season's finale. He missed a total of six episodes in the first season. It would have been more, but the show's scheduled winter hiatus reduced the number missed.

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