Sports Night

ABC (ended 2000)





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  • The show that launched Aaron Sorkin...

    Sports Night was named the best show you aren't watching by TV Guide. That label was enough to save The Practice, but unfortunately not quite enough to save Sports Night. It like Studio 60 is a show about a show, specifically a sports show. However, it had characters you could really care about. Danny and Casey are Danny and Matt on Studio 60, but without the drugs. It was a show that set a record for dialogue per minute...if you think the Gilmore girls talk fast, you have obviously never heard Jeremy and Natalie have an argument or watched Dana and Casey talk about why they won't work. It was a show filled with sports references, but made accessible to the non-fan. It is hands down my favorite show of all time. And look at what the actors have done since Desperate Housewives (not my cup of tea, but a success), Six Feet Under (Casey all grown up and dark), West Wing, and Numbers. Not a bad resume. I like the fact that Sorkin recycles actors. Most are extremely talented and when I see Peter Krause, I think of Casey McCall...that's how memorable these characters were. It is really too bad, we never got to find out what happened. So many shows run longer than they should. This was one should have run longer than it did.