Sports Night

Season 1 Episode 10

Shoe Money Tonight

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 08, 1998 on ABC

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  • This show is without a doubt one of the best written shows on TV. Sorkin wrote this episode, so that is no surprise, but it's amazing that this show failed. Unbelievable, even.

    This show starts out with Dan and Casey planning to head off to Atlantic City after the 11pm show closes, to do some gambling. Suddenly, it is announced that the two main anchors for the West Coast feed are socked in in Philly, and so Dan and Casey will have to fill in, doing the 2am(ET) show as well after their regular 11pm show.

    They have money, they have cards, and so they invite people to play a friendly poker game after the 11pm show completes.

    Meanwhile, Natalie and Jeremy are having a spat, as Jeremy apparently took a tennis date with an old flame on the one day off they would have had together to share (for anyone who is clueless enough to not know: BAD JUJU! On two counts! Ex-girlfriend PLUS time together? EEEK! Jeremy's lucky she didn't go Bobbit on him).

    When invited to the game, Natalie threatens to clean Jeremy's clock in poker, claiming she used to play all the time with frat buddies (suggesting she was a little sister). Jeremy tells her she doesn't stand a chance.

    During the poker game, Jeremy pretty much cleans everyone out -- then explains to Natalie, on the final hand, why she should trust him, she doesn't stand a chance, and that he knows exactly what she has and that he isn't bluffing when he says he's got her beat. Not quite Matt Damon vs. the judges in Rounders, but that's not what the scene is about, anyway -- it's about Jeremy's relationship with Natalie, and the fact that he sees her getting histrionic about their relationship, trying to make a breakup happen before she gets hurt, whereas Jeremy points out that he isn't "that kind of guy".

    Another point of the show is Dana being protective about her anchors, as the 2am producer(Sally, played by Desperate Housewives' Brenda Strong) does things in a less than spectacular way, and she knows they won't be happy about it.

    She's somewhat short-circuited in her efforts to be protective, however, when she finds out that Casey, apparently too busy looking at Sally's long legs, signed off on her production notes without even looking at them closely.

    Dana pulls Casey aside, and there is a nice bit of back-and-forth about Dana being subconsciously challenged by Sally's looks. While this is almost certainly true (Strong looks particularly fine, and she's a good 6 inches taller than Huffman, and it's all leg), but irrelevant for the case in question -- Dana is right, as she proves when she reels off to Casey some of the things he signed off on so casually. Casey freaks when he hears the list (Puns?), and Casey then has to beg Dana to fix the problems for him so that people over on the Left Coast won't think he and Dan are total Dweebs.

    In the end, Jeremy tries to be strong, to not reward Natalie for not trusting him. She pulls out the sex card, however, by making him think about her wearing one of his dress shirts and nothing else, and it's quite clear:
    In this, she's the one with the winning hand...