Sports Night

Season 1 Episode 13

Small Town

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 12, 1999 on ABC



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    • Dan: What you were saying is you're a bug wuss who wants to get out of his date tomorrow night.
      Casey: I don't believe I was saying that.
      Dan: I believe you were.
      Casey: And it's not a date.
      Dan: I believe it is.
      Casey: I'm saying it's not an actual date.
      Dan: Right, and I'm saying you're a wuss.
      Casey: Can we be men for a second?
      Dan: OK, but just a second.
      Casey: I really don't wanna go.
      Dan: No kidding.

    • (After a back and forth about her name being spelled Leesa, but pronounced Leeza.)
      Leesa: Listen, I don't know you two very well, and maybe it's just because you're drunk, but I think you're unnecessarily intense about your show. (laughing uncomfortably) Gordon's right; it's just sports, for crying out loud, it's not the Paris Peace Talks.
      Dana: Ah, get yerself a real name.

    • Jeremy: I really thought they were gonna make the trade.
      Natalie: And I was pretty certain they weren't.
      Jeremy: I know.
      Natalie: In fact, I'm pretty sure I bet you five dollars they weren't gonna make the trade.
      Jeremy: Yes, I know.
      Natalie: You took the position that they were gonna make the trade, and [looking around at the others in the conference room, rubbing it in] I was an advocate for the notion that they were not.
      Jeremy: These are all things that I know.
      Natalie: Do you know you owe me five dollars?
      Jeremy: [holding out the forlorn hope] Trade deadline's midnight!
      Natalie: I'm gonna want a crisp five dollar bill, not some raggedy-assed thing from the newstand...

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