Sports Night

Season 2 Episode 1

Special Powers

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 05, 1999 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • (Natalie is POed with Jeremy over his reaction to a job she was offered)
      Natalie: ... So what do we do?
      Jeremy: How about we listen to what the other person is saying instead of trying to interpret...
      Natalie: Oh, Puh-leeese, men harbor this illusion that they can cover up their... y'know with this other thing, but women always know...
      Jeremy: (very emotional) No, they DON'T! You know why not? Because women don't have special powers. Let's dispense with that theory right now. Women don't have a "sixth sense". Women don't have intuition. They don't have special powers. You were being offered a job in Galveston. That meant I was going to have to, like... go there. I was going to have to go and live there... and get a job...In Galveston. And I wasn't going to get offered a job in broadcasting, it was going to be.. ranchwork for me, OK? ..or big-game fishing. Either way, my life has taken an abrupt and bizarre turn, 'cause one minute I'm paying my bills with money I'm earning at my dream job while dating the most beautiful woman on the planet, and the next minute I'm on a cattle drive and I'm dating the weather girl from Good Morning Galveston. And I'd have done it! I'd have moved to Galveston, with the heat and the cattle and the malaria, I'd have done it, because that's how much I love you. and that's how much I want what you want... but you can't expect me to be wild about the idea...(pause) What?
      Natalie: You are sooo cute.
      Jeremy: ...Natalie...
      Natalie: You are just sooo cute.
      Jeremy: Listen, we need to be serious, for just a second.
      Natalie: I'm totally serious.
      Jeremy: Listen...
      Natalie: What?
      Jeremy: Nothing...
      Natalie: What?
      Jeremy: The thing is, your instinct wasn't entirely wrong...
      Natalie: I know.
      Jeremy: I didn't behave like a man.
      Natalie: You're apologizing like one.
      Jeremy: Yeah?
      Natalie: You're so cute it freaks me out.