Sports Night

Season 1 Episode 21

Ten Wickets

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 13, 1999 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity Gaff: During the final scene, Casey, Dan, Jeremy and Natalie are talking and drinking. Casey is holding two different coffee mugs -- sometimes a Yahoo! branded mug, sometimes a plain white mug.

    • Editing Gaff: At the end you see Dan, Natalie, Jeremy and Casey talking. Casey is standing with the other three around him. Natalie says: "The thing is with you Casey I never heard it." Casey says "Heard what?" Natalie turns to Dan and asks if he heard it. The camera shot changes and you're looking at Casey, Dan, and Jeremy from Natalie's point of view. For some reason Jeremy starts to talk. Although you can't hear it, you can see his lips moving. In fact he looks exactly the same when he finally does talk a few seconds later.

  • Quotes

    • Jeremy: Dana, I was just talking to a guy in Trinidad.
      Dana: When were you in Trinidad?
      Jeremy: No, I wasn't in Trinidad, the guy was in Trinidad. He was talking to me about a cricket match in New Delhi.
      Dana: But...
      Jeremy: No, neither of us were in New Delhi, the cricket match was in New Delhi, the guy was in Trinidad, I was right here.
      Dana: Have you seen my shoes?
      Jeremy: What?
      Dana: I'm missing my shoes.
      Jeremy: Among other things, yes. Dana, seriously.
      Dana: The cricket player.
      Jeremy: It was incredible.
      Dana: What was incredible?
      Jeremy: I don't know.
      Dana: You don't know?
      Jeremy: I don't know anything about cricket.
      Dana: Brown suede heels, you really haven't seen them?
      Jeremy: No, I really haven't.
      Dana: You don't know anything about cricket?
      Jeremy: That's what I'm saying.
      Dana: Really?
      Jeremy: Yeah.
      Dana: Nothing?
      Jeremy: No.
      Dana: No information you can give me about my shoes?
      Jeremy: Dana, a very big sports story is happening.
      Dana: Jeremy, if a very big sports story was happening, we'd know it.
      Jeremy: We do know it, we just don't understand it.
      Dana: You don't understand it.
      Jeremy: You understand cricket?
      Dana: I know a little something.
      Jeremy: What?
      Dana: I know they drink tea.
      Jeremy: I think they do more than that.
      Dana: I didn't claim to be a student of the game. Natalie, do you know anything about cricket?
      Natalie: I know they drink tea.
      Dana: Ah. Elliot?
      Elliot: No.
      Dana: Kim, do you know anything about cricket?
      Kim: What's going on?
      Dana: Some guy in New Delhi just did something.
      Kim: What?
      Dana: Jeremy won't tell us.
      Jeremy: I honestly don't know, and I wouldn't have even brought it up except whatever this guy did it was huge.
      Natalie: What'd he do?
      Jeremy: He took all ten wickets in an inning.
      Natalie: What does that mean?
      Jeremy: I don't know.
      Dana: Elliot, get on the international wire and get the play-by-play for Jeremy of this cricket match in Tripoli.
      Jeremy: Trinidad! And the cricket match was in New Delhi.
      Dana: I don't think it matters if the cricket match was at the Carnegie Deli, we're not gonna know what the hell went on, but get it anyway.
      Jeremy: The guy's name is Chauncey St. John.
      Dana: What guy?
      Jeremy: The guy! The cricket player. His name is Chauncey St. John. Elliot, go.
      Elliot: Got it.
      Dana: Dan, do you know anything about cricket?
      Dan: Ah, cricket. The game of the civilized sportsman.
      Dana: Do you know anything about it?
      Dan: No.
      Dana: You like it, though?
      Dan: What's not to like? They wear white, they drink tea...
      Natalie: A guy in New Zealand got all ten rickets.
      Jeremy: Wickets! In New Delhi! This is an international news story, there are other countries other than ours.
      Dana: Yes, there is, for instance, Belgium, to name the one.
      Casey: Whats up?
      Jeremy: Please don't ask.
      Casey: Don't ask about what?
      Dana: Jeremy was on the phone with a man, who was in Trinidad at the time, who told him of a cricket player in New Delhi, who got all ten wickets in one inning. Thought I was gonna blow it, didn't you?
      Jeremy: Yes, I did.

    • Beginning a rundown meeting
      Dana: Folks, before we start, I'd like to say, I've been forgetting things lately. Losing things. I apologize in advance, you'll all know it when you see it. Anyway, that's all.
      Gets up and leaves room, then comes back
      Dana: We have a rundown meeting now?

    • Jeremy: (talking on phone) Yes. Yes. You're breaking up now, hello? You're breaking up! Now you're not there at all. There's nobody there at all, yet I'm still talking.

    • Dana: There's three things that I'm doing. I'm losing things, I'm forgetting things...and there's a third one.

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