Sports Show with Norm MacDonald

Tuesday 11:55 PM on Comedy Central Premiered Apr 12, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Norm MacDonald is a very funny comedian and his love for sports shines through the awkwardness in the first episode of the series.

    Overall, the first episode of the show was entertaining. He's obviously a sports fan and uses references well. The episode however was plagued with the normal awkwardness of a pilot, some missed lines and generally a less-than-comfortable Norm. I can see this show becoming exceptionally funny in the upcoming episodes once he gets used to the live audience stuff and starts writing some really funny segments. Im just wondering if theres enough material in the world of sports for him to talk about week after week. I mean, hes already exhausted tiger woods, roethlisberger, etc...but I can also see it doing fine and becoming a more true sports recap show with Norm's humorous observations.

    I urge sports fans and comedy fans alike to give this a shot. At least the next episode which I predict will be much better.