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Welcome to the SportsCenter guide on SportsCenter debuted September 7, 1979 to launch ESPN. It shows highlights of sporting events from around the United States everyday. "This is SportsCenter!" "Booyah!" "Back, Back, Back, Back, Gone!" "All The Way - Touchdown!" are some popular catch phrases from the cast at ESPN and SportsCenter. SportsCenter airs weeknights at 9AM, 12 PM, 6PM, 11 PM and 1 AM ET on ESPN. (Presented in HDTV on ESPNHD)

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AIRED ON 3/16/2014

Season 37 : Episode 750

Peter Gammons

Peter Gammons

Baseball Analyst

Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann

Anchor (1992-1997)

Sean Salisbury

Sean Salisbury

Himself (Analyst)

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts

Anchor (1990-2002)

Greg Gumbel

Greg Gumbel

Anchor (1979-1988)

Andrea Kremer

Andrea Kremer

Reporter (1990-2006)

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  • A note to announcers

    You're shows are great, no squabble there. However, I'd like to ask, why.. the announcers never talk about how Harbaugh of the 49'ers took his team to practice against his brothers' team in the NFL. I read how the old timers on the 49'ers were so humiliated by being forced to do that. How literally unnatural that was for them to have to play that team. So why don't the announcers ever speak of that as being one of the largest reasons for the disparity in the locker room between coaches and the team players? To my mind it's got to be a huge split causing event, talk about losing faith in your leader. Seems like after that they gave it a good haul for a couple games but then just gave up. The 49'ers look like a team that literally gave up. None of the parts of the team are playing together. They're all split up. And Kap throwing 2 interceptions to Sherman, seemingly porposefully, really. (throwing on the inside rather than the outside when Sherman is in a 1 foot boundary of the receiver? Idiocy). It all makes no sense.moreless
  • Literally thesports show.

    SportsCenter was literally the first hour-long television program completely devoted to athletics. Throughout it's rich history spanning over twenty-five years, it's been hosted by some of the most talented and most noteworthy news anchors in television history. If you have even just the slightest interest in sports, chances are you've probably watched this program at some point.
  • i like this show

    This is a great show. I like this show it is a mix of all the sports and there teams. I love this show it was so good the way they show all the aports and the good plays. This was a great show this is a nice was they show top ten plays at the end of the week that is great and i love all the good diving plays that they make in the fieldmoreless
  • Greatest sports show ever.

    Createst in 1979, SportsCenter changed ESPN from the start. Sure there's the simple ESPNEWS, but SportsCenter is different. It's just unique in a way that's so simple, that I can't explain. It beats shows like Pardon The Interruption and Around The Horn (maybe) with it's huge line of anchors including Stuart Scott-the one that just comes to mind immediately when thinking SportsCenter. I'm 110% positive that there are at least twenty other great sports anchors from SportsCenter, and hey, the commercials are so unique! The SportsCenter commercials are definately in my Top 3 fave commercials, with and eTrade. Unlike ESPNEWS, I can count on SportsCenter-an hour long on a daily basis-to get it pretty much every professional sports game besides soccer and hockey (thank goodness) and that's why I precisely like it over all of these other sports shows.moreless
  • Best dang sports show period

    "Sportscenter" is a news show that airs daily on ESPN. It covers sports scores, player trades, etc. It comes on late at night, in the evening, and in the mornings. During school, I usually watch it in my dorm before I go to class, to update myself on what's going on in the world of sports. They also have different sections like "Make A Wish" and "Titletown" that are somewhat enjoyable. They also have "The Sunday Conversation" and my personal favorite, the top ten plays of the day. This show is a great source of info and sports news and i'm proud to be editor of it.moreless

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