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  • A note to announcers

    You're shows are great, no squabble there. However, I'd like to ask, why.. the announcers never talk about how Harbaugh of the 49'ers took his team to practice against his brothers' team in the NFL. I read how the old timers on the 49'ers were so humiliated by being forced to do that. How literally unnatural that was for them to have to play that team. So why don't the announcers ever speak of that as being one of the largest reasons for the disparity in the locker room between coaches and the team players? To my mind it's got to be a huge split causing event, talk about losing faith in your leader. Seems like after that they gave it a good haul for a couple games but then just gave up. The 49'ers look like a team that literally gave up. None of the parts of the team are playing together. They're all split up. And Kap throwing 2 interceptions to Sherman, seemingly porposefully, really. (throwing on the inside rather than the outside when Sherman is in a 1 foot boundary of the receiver? Idiocy). It all makes no sense.
  • Literally thesports show.


    SportsCenter was literally the first hour-long television program completely devoted to athletics. Throughout it's rich history spanning over twenty-five years, it's been hosted by some of the most talented and most noteworthy news anchors in television history. If you have even just the slightest interest in sports, chances are you've probably watched this program at some point.

  • i like this show


    This is a great show. I like this show it is a mix of all the sports and there teams. I love this show it was so good the way they show all the aports and the good plays. This was a great show this is a nice was they show top ten plays at the end of the week that is great and i love all the good diving plays that they make in the field

  • Greatest sports show ever.

    Createst in 1979, SportsCenter changed ESPN from the start. Sure there's the simple ESPNEWS, but SportsCenter is different. It's just unique in a way that's so simple, that I can't explain. It beats shows like Pardon The Interruption and Around The Horn (maybe) with it's huge line of anchors including Stuart Scott-the one that just comes to mind immediately when thinking SportsCenter. I'm 110% positive that there are at least twenty other great sports anchors from SportsCenter, and hey, the commercials are so unique! The SportsCenter commercials are definately in my Top 3 fave commercials, with and eTrade. Unlike ESPNEWS, I can count on SportsCenter-an hour long on a daily basis-to get it pretty much every professional sports game besides soccer and hockey (thank goodness) and that's why I precisely like it over all of these other sports shows.
  • Best dang sports show period

    "Sportscenter" is a news show that airs daily on ESPN. It covers sports scores, player trades, etc. It comes on late at night, in the evening, and in the mornings. During school, I usually watch it in my dorm before I go to class, to update myself on what's going on in the world of sports. They also have different sections like "Make A Wish" and "Titletown" that are somewhat enjoyable. They also have "The Sunday Conversation" and my personal favorite, the top ten plays of the day. This show is a great source of info and sports news and i'm proud to be editor of it.
  • This show is wonderful.

    Febuary,3,Superbowl special. When the Giants were playing the Superbowl many people thought Giants would lose just because they weren't undefeated. Eli Manning converted the first 3 third down conversions, but in the red zone he didn't get the third down. Patriots drove the ball to the 3 yard line. Then Tom Brady threw a pass to Benjamin Watson, but it was a pass interference call, so the Pats got the touchdown. Halftime score is 7-3. Eli threw a touchdown to a wide reciever. Tom threw a TD to Randy Moss. Eli threw a TD to Plaxico Burress. Giants win Superbowl.
  • The Best Sports Show Period.

    SportsCenter, what self respecting sports fan can live without watching SportsCenter. It is a very informative show, and the top ten plays is always a must see. I do however have a few thing that I dislike about the show. The first thing I don't like is when the anchors try to be funny and the are not, I just want to hear scores and updates on sports not their crappy jokes. Plus the catch phrases they try to use just seem like they force something that they think sounds cool into the highlights, It makes them sound childish saying things like "BOOM, goes the dynamite" among other terrible catch phrases. So in closing, I believe SportsCenter is the best sports show on television but that isn't saying much. I would prefer my sports update crappy catch phrase free.
  • Who can live without it?

    SportsCenter is one of the best shows ever created. It keeps you up to date on all sporting events going on around not only the U.S. but around the world. Without sportscenter sports wouldn't be as popular as it is today. Sportscenter brings on analyst that talk about a certain area of sports. I watch this show at lease once a day, because it keeps me up to date on all the scores and highlights of the games that were played that day. Without sportscenter would we still get to see highlights of games that weren't televised? This show is vital in keeping sports as popular as it is today. Overall 10/10 there is no doubt about it.
  • Greatest sports show ever and......

    Greatest sports show ever and greatest sport show that has been on the air for so long. This is one of the greats of TV and the greats of sports TV. I love this show and I can always confide in it for the latest sports new going on. One of my favorites to watch, I love watching it. Stuart Scott is also a great Sports Center anchor. He is one of the most entertaining Sports Center anchor and is great to watch. Sports Center has one of the best coverage on sports and I'm proud to say I watch this show.
  • Best sports show around.

    Since 1979, ESPN's SportsCenter has been the best sports news show around. Sure, you've got ESPNEWS, The Pulse, The Hot List, 1st and 10, Pardon the Interruption, Around the Horn, ESPNEWS Gameday, College Gameday, Football Friday, and stuff like that, but guess what. SportsCenter beats all of it!! The only bad this about SportsCenter is those little sports scoreline on the bottom of the screen does not follow you to the commercial breaks, unlike ESPNEWS' does. But thats it! Why do you think they kept the show running after this long! Umm... I don't know - because, uhhhhhhh - no reason? Yeah thats i.. NO! Because SportsCenter is the best sports show out there. I used to hate sports. Now I am a sports fanatic, and my friends tell me I know practically everything about sports now. Where do I get most of the information that I show off to my friends? SportsCenter, and research. Yeah - research is good too - but SportsCenter is bettererer! lol
  • A show with a blend of everything and the diversity to roll and keep up with the best of them.

    For a show that began in and about the year I was born it seems like a match that was meant to be. In all honesty I became a big sports fan probably about the time I was finishing out elementary school. With a back ground in sports there was never really anything to hold your interest or keep you up-to-date before Sports Center came along. I love the blend of highlights, statistics, in-depth details and interviews. It's absolutely hard hitting and award winning and never fails to hold your imagination while passing along all the information. After a good 20 years on the years on the air I I hope there are many more celebrations and that I can pass on the tradition to my children.

    Thank you ESPN!!!
  • The best sports show ever. Well, duh.

    I love Sportscenter. Everything in the world of sports is on there. They are a little biased one some issues, but you can't blame them. I watch this nearly every morning especially for the Detroit Sports highlights. The bottomline feature is good and now they have this new thing on the right hand side of the screen where it has the list of highlights coming up so you know whats next. And if you missed it, they repeat it several times in the morning. I wonder what other improvements they can add to the show. Other than that, best sports show.
  • The absolute gold standerd of not only ESPN but all sports related t.v. journalism. Nothing will ever have an impact on sports like sports center.

    There are times when I'm watching SportsCenter that I think that I'm in sports heaven. The talent that has run through the anchor chair has been truly spectacular. Craig Kilborn, Kieth Olberman, Greg Gumble, are just a few of the people that hav ehelped make this show such an institution. The thing that has put this show on the map would have to be the catch- phrases but also the manor in which the show is run. As with the best ESPN has to offer, humor and satire are in full effect. This show will always be in high demand and will always be on the cutting edge of sports journalism.
  • this show is and always has been great they just need to tune a few things.

    I like the mix of comedy & sports, it's so good that TV shows even parody Sportcenter. It has been on for years and it is pretty much a classic show. I just don't like their bias towards certain teams and/or players. They ride the Yankees in baseball anyone with a half a brain knows that. They do the same with Duke & NC in college basketball. In the NFL they ride Tom Brady, and some times the whole Patriot team. College football they don't ride anyone too much, if they did it would probably USC but I don't think they do. NBA who cares, I stopped caring about it years ago, and with every incident I care even less. Overall though Sportscenter is a good show you get highlights, some funny stuff, and they have had some great commercials over the years.
  • Your NBA analyst panel is weak. You can start by removing Greg Anthony. Your NFL panel with Ditka, Michael, TJ, Jaws and Steve are exceptional. Not so with your basketball show(s). Seeing Chris Broussard last night was the final straw.

    My mother was a high school coach of multiple sports,my dad
    a college quaterback. I began dribbling a basketball as soon as I could stand up and was a more accurate shooter than any of the high school boys. I know sports and especially basketball. I should have written this last season in the hopes that you would get rid of Greg. Noboby that I talk sports with likes him. There are a lot of us in the viewing audience that saw him play and know that he was a mediocre player at best, so he needs to get the crook out of his neck and unpurse his lips. Review the tapes from last year's championship series to see how off-the-mark his analysis was. The most ignorant thing he said was that "Shak has lost his confidence". Pa-leeze. Here are some things that they also don't understand:shooting is a matter of physics--the formula of the height of the jump + the arch on the ball + the distance from the goal. When a player's legs are tired, it changes the formula. (That's also why you don't change the ball.) That's what happened to Derk in the championship game, why he missed his free throw and why he will not be able to shoot as well if he has to play a seven-game series before the championship game. They did not lose because of inexperience like Chris Broussard said. It was fatigue and Dwayne Wade. TNT has Kenny, Charles and Magic. You have Tim, Greg and now Chris. Come on now! What about adding Steven A?
  • Watch it everyday!

    Sportscenter is a great show to catch up on sports from the day before and for previews of games to come. I watch it everyday to see what happened the day before and I especially watch it if the Redskins had one the day before. I can't wait until they show the highlights of their game. My favorite part of the show is when they show the top ten plays of the day. There are always so many great plays on it and I love to watch it. Whenever I need to know what happened the day before in sports, I always watch Sportscenter.
  • Keep up on top stories

    I love SportsCenter , It's a great way each day to keep up on the top stories.I watch the show before I go to work and before I go to bed each day.When there is breakin news SportsCenter seems to get right on it.I love watching the drafts for the different sports.The Repoters on the show all have great humor , they get you laughing all the time.I love March Madness Bracket Show.I think the new Monday Night football is going to be good for the show.I have seen a few of the Monday Night games. I think there doing a great job.
  • Great way to catch up on sports

    SportsCenter is my favorite sports show because the way its set up. Sports Center is also better than local news. Though the play it over and over but still it is a great show. It is not a series but its more just a good update show. Its also good that they don\'t always use the same sportcaster because some of them are better than others. SportCenter has a flaw and that is having heartbreaking stories on each show. But really its about sports its now a local news story so maybe if they focused more on highlight reels more people would watch it.
  • The local sports show that shows highlights from the games, top 10 plays(one of my favorite parts), and tells you latest info on players, teams and managers.

    Dun na na Dun na na. For all of you sports fans out there if you like baseball, football, hockey, soccer, or what ever sport you like to watch you will find all of the infomation here at SPORTSCENTER. Like last night if the cardinals beat the padreas(they better have) or who won the blues hocky game last night? If you are like me, who loves to know all of the latest info on sports this is the show you will love. At the very end of the show they show the top 10 plays witch is ALWAYS COOL or sometimes they show the top 10 worst plays witch is ALWAYS FUNNY. If you like all of that stuff this is the show for you!!!
  • The best and most informative sports news show period. One of the best and long running programs ever.

    Any fan of a sports team this is for you, It features daily highlights of everything going on the sports world and more. It can be very informative and it shows various sports topics many which often transcend the games. The new "My Wish" series is an example which allows young kids with disabilities or other health problems a chance to meet and spend a day with their favorite athletes. Espn has also provided many programs over the years like "Dream Job" where up and comers had a chance to live their dream and become sports anchors for espn.
  • If you're into sports, you're into SportsCenter

    Yes, ESPN's venerable nightly sports wrap-up tries too hard sometimes to be hip (witness Stewie Scott's gibberish about an athlete "laying the flapjack with the smack fizz"). But it's still the oft-imitated and never-duplicated standard of sports TV shows.

    Thankfully, they've reduced Chris Berman's airtime and now have more in-depth shows like NFL Live and Baseball Tonight, which are jewels in the channel's gaudy crown.

    I'm also biased toward Outside the Lines, ESPN's Emmy -award-winning expose show, hosted by Bob Ley - he once answered an e-mailed question of mine on the show.

    For all its drawbacks, it's still the best of the best.
  • Loved and still love the show!

    I have loved the show and still love it though
    But I look up only NFL highlights and they are
    Very informative. It is the one and original cable sports program dedicated to the known and little known sports but they cover it very good!
    Sportscasters have come and gone but still the show is witty and informative!
  • Still the Best Show on TV

    All these years, and Sportscenter remains the best produced show on television, bar none. It is perhaps as close to perfection as one might come. The commentators are superb, matching witty charm with hard core broadcasting. The production value just keeps getting better, with the graphics always up to date.
  • SportsCenter is Great!

    Great show. It reviews what is the latest in the sports world. And they add humor sometimes which is great.

    Scott Van Pelt is awesome. He is a very good SportsCenter spokesman. The others are good but he is the best.

    Anyway this show never lets you down, they have the most interesting sport's stories.

    They got stories on basketball, baseball, tennis, football, soccer/football.

    BUT! What tops the show off is definitely the top ten plays.

    I love it because they show plays that I would never be able to see. Let me explain. Since I live in Florida I won't be able to see the New Jersey Nets games or plays. But Sports Center shows me Vince and his insane dunks!

    Thank you so much ESPN and SportsCenter!
  • Everyday, sports anchors show highlights from games that day and stories on teams

    This is a good show. Not a great show, but a good show. I do love the side stories usually but sometimes it can be a very frustrating show. For example, say you're in New York and the Knicks are about to sign..... Ben Wallace (an NBA Free Agent). But then Detroit is about to resign him. Well your SOL if they don't have time to report the breaking news on who he signed with. Also, only liking basketball and football, I don't want my time wasted with baseball and hockey.

    But with that said, this is still a great show that I need my daily-fix of. It is one of the longest running shows on T.V. and for good reason. It's a good show
  • Sports, Sports, Sports!

    SportsCenter is a show on ESPN that has wall to wall coverage on sports. They have every highlight of almost every game played in sports that day. I love the creative things they do to make the show much more fun. They always interview the right/best people and ask the questions that seems most nessecary. The anchors are great especially Stuart Scott, Scott Van Pelt, John Anderson, Steve Levy, and others round out a top notch casrt. The one thing I don not like about this show is that, they do not show enough hockey highlights. I think they need to do more on it like they do in baseball, football, and basektball. However, this show is the place to be to get the low down on sports news, highlights, and scores.
  • When you want the best you get the best...

    SportsCenter has been the leading sports highlight/sporting news show for over 25 years now and gets better and better. You want to know anything about anything in sports, there's no place else to go then to SportsCenter. The highlights, stories, the top 10, from baseball to basketball, football, golf, tennis, horse racing, whatever sport, they got you covered. With the best in business anchors and news reporters, you will be ahead of what is happening in the day of sports. What makes SportsCenter great is that they get former sports athletes and sometimes coaches to join in so that you can get the story from their angle too. If your a sports fan, make time for SportsCenter to know how your favorite teams and players are doing.
  • What do I need to say. Its sports, and who doesn't love sports?

    Every morning that I can I watch sportscenter. Whats not to like. Its definitely one of the best sports shows ever. They cover everything, and when I mean everything, i mean everything. For all the scores and highlights I know sportsCenter is well....a sports center!!

    The only bad thing I can say is that sometimes the jokes they make can be dumb and redundent but besdides tht this show is great. I can watch for hours without getting bored!

    People who do not like sports will hate this show. Of course anyone who does like sports will probably love it.

    I happen to love sports and SportsCenter is a wonderful way for me to get entertained while catchin up on the days action!!

  • I can watch it as much as I want and never get bored!

    Sportscenter is the best tv sport show of all-time! It belongs in pop culture history for not just being the traditional sport tv show. With it's phrases "Ladies", "Pookie, Ray-Ray, and Nook-Nook", and "Enfugo!" it clearly states that Sportscenter really keeps it fun, young, and fresh for everyone to watch. But, besides all the fun, they really know how to get to the bottom of all the stories from National Championships, Super Bowls, NBA Finals, and more it clearly shows that Sportscenter stays on top of the hour.
  • This is a show with sports highlights, interviews and commentary.

    Sportscenter is a great show. When it first started in 1979 it was a godsend. Local newscasts would still be saying "and the Dodgers just getting underway on the west Coast." We all knew that the game was half over!! Until ESPN there was no way to get it since the Internet wasn't around yet.

    They cover all the "major" American sports. A rotating group of anchors show video highlights of games and interviews as well as "quippy" comments. To some people sportscenter is not that big of a deal in today's world of 2006. There are other sports networks and of course the Internet. It is still one of the best sources for sports score and highlights around.
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