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  • ESPN brought Sportscentury to tell the stories of the athletes who we admire so much like Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, John Elway, Wayne Gretzky. We get to see these athletes and more and what made them so gifted at their forte. Plus their ris

    Very well done. Sports athletes are gifted at what they do. However beyond the statistics we never really know who they are. This show explores how athletes became famous, how they lost this fame and what they do after retirement. The show is told by people who know these athletes well. I remember the Muhammad Ali story and almost cried because to see my hero suddenly not be able to speak anymore. I like how they tell these stories by making the athletes people and not Superstars. They tell information that makes these athletes sound bad. Like for Magic Johnson, I thought he was a hero but according to this he wasn't. He had sex with multiple women and cheated on his wife, and acted innocent and in Sportcentury someone who knew Magic said "I lost respect for him." It really gets you close to the athletes and I do admit after I watched this show I lost a little bit of respect for some atheletes and gained more respect for others.