Spy Game

ABC (ended 1997)


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  • Season 1
    • Well, Nothing to Fear But Death Itself
      An agent is killed while investigating possible computer leaks. Someone has stolen $20 million from ECHO accounts and captured Max and Lorne.
    • How Diplomatic of You
      A super secret weapon is stolen from a US military base. Max gets to lead her first mission, to retrieve it from the Kurganistan embassy.
    • Necessity is the Mother of Infection
      The deadly Q virus is stolen and released over a small town called Willow Edge. Lorne and Cash have to investigate and save the towns people.
    • Go, Girl
      Go, Girl
      Episode 10
      Lorne's former partner gathers a group of female operatives together so she can get revenge for something that happened years before.
    • Lorne and Max Drop the Ball
      A Militia group gets hold of the activation codes for America's nukes and plans to use them to destroy all the major cities.
    • And That About Concludes Our Session
      Lorne's old psychiatrist is broken out of a mental hospital. What can he reveal about the inner feelings of Lorne?
    • What Family Doesn't Have It's Ups and Downs
      Lorne's younger brother James, a traitor and Russian Mafia member, comes back to the USA to steal half a billion dollars intended for earthquake victims in Russia.
    • What, Micah Worry?
      Micah is framed for treason and kicked out of ECHO. Max is promoted and becomes the new leader. Her first orders are to find out who set up Micah and clear him.
    • You Just Can't Trust Anyone These Days
      General Welish leads a coup against the president. A hypnotized Max is lined up to assassinate the president. Meanwhile Welish also plans to set E.C.H.O and I.F.U. (Investigator Federal Unit) up against each other to keep them out of his way.
    • Dead And Gone Honey
      A dead agent's body is stolen and his tooth removed. Part of the plans for a top secret project, codenamed Project Tempest, were hidden inside and it is up to Lorne and Max to find out what is going on.
    • Nobody Ever Said Growing Up Was Easy
      A greedy defense contractor plans to use his android 'son' to cause a war, but the plans go awry when the android develops a conscience.
    • With Friends Like These
      An ex-Russian spy wants Lorne dead and Shank may be forced to make it happen.
    • Why Spy?
      Why Spy?
      Episode 1
      An old, ex-spy decides to use a new kind of bomb to kill the president for firing him. Lorne Cash is called back into E.C.H.O. (emergency Counter Hostilities Organization) to help stop him.