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  • Season 2
    • Episode #214
      Episode #214
      Episode 15
    • Episode #215
      Episode #215
      Episode 14
      At a supermarket, price checks are called but do not coincide with labeled prices to the chagrin of a regular customer. The 'Bikini Tow Truck Company' makes a return as they--attempt to--rescue a man with car trouble. Then, people are charged outrageous prices for having extremely overdue video rentals (most of which they don't even admit to renting). Coolio guest stars and tricks people in Tower Records into thinking that they're listening to new tracks, when he's actually watching them and rapping about the listeners. At the beach, a Spy TV agent disturbs people with a metal detector by asking them to move.moreless
    • Episode #213
      Episode #213
      Episode 13
      A pet store employee is thrown into a tizzy when a dangerous animal seems to have escaped from its cage. Then, a Spy TV agent (in a wheelchair) makes a temp in lawyer's office uncomfortable when he tries to become more comfortable by getting out of his wheelchair. In a twist, the lawyer wants to bring up charges on the temp for inflicting an accident.moreless
    • Episode #212
      Episode #212
      Episode 12
      Delivery boys bring food to a house with a seemingly dangerous security system. They are forced to wait in a box of laser beams until someone can turn it off. Then, Spy TV agents, acting as bodyguards, go around a suburban neighborhood asking if Pat Morita can use peoples' bathrooms. In a toy store, new toy 'Talkie Bot' is introduced and moves around the store. The only problem is, the robot has an affinity to grabbing groins. A man sets his friend up with a bag with unknown contents. When the police ask him if its his bag and what it contains...nervousness ensues.moreless
    • Episode #211
      Episode #211
      Episode 11
      First, Erik Estrada guest stars and is looking for an assistant. He takes out a stop watch and times applicants to 'impress him'. A news reporter interviews people and convinces them that subtitles appear on the bottom of 'the screen'. A Spy TV plastic surgeon gives free consults to people on how to correct their facial problems. A new secretary, who is instructed to take detailed messages, learns bad news about her boss and has to share it with him.moreless
    • Episode #210
      Episode #210
      Episode 10
      When valet parkers are asked to park a luxury SUV, the car alarms malfunction (or not) and the men cannot escape...even when the police are notified. Then, a man in a restaurant ask strangers to videotape his wedding proposal to his girlfriend. The girlfriend gives an answer that surprises everyone leaving the "film-makers" feeling awkward. Calm men are then brought to anger management sessions. In an intervention with family and peers his false anger is brought to the forefront and tears come with it.moreless
    • Episode #209
      Episode #209
      Episode 9
      A student volunteers to test a new medicine to cure the common cold. After viewing the side effects of other trials, he is not willing to continue the experiment. Then, delivery guys are surprised that when they make deliveries, the customer--is naked. Kids become the victims in the next prank when 'doctors' tell them that x-rays reveal swallowed forks. Job interviewees are not just interrogated for knowledge, but are given a polygraph.moreless
    • Episode #208
      Episode #208
      Episode 8
      In a liquor store, people are given lottery tokens in order to win a sportscar. However, when the people can't put the token into the slot machine and someone else does it, the car winner is questionable. People answer a pay phone and receive stuffed bunnies. As they become suspicious, the cops become even more suspicious. Then, as a woman's son goes into a porta-potty, the porta-potty is airlifted. Whether the son is in the restroom or not, is a different story. A new job doesn't work out when a the man given the new job is given responsibilities that he shouldn't have.moreless
    • Episode #207
      Episode #207
      Episode 7
      First, men bring their fiancees to lawyers to get them to sign prenuptiual agreements. When the agreements turn out to be to subordinance terms, the women aren't too happy. Then, when people try to buy something from a street cart, the vender informs them that they payed with counterfeit money. The third sketch finds several men become accessories to car theft as a woman asks them to help her open 'her car'. Men apply to be security guards but rather then keeping people out, they're keeping workers in.moreless
    • Episode #206
      Episode #206
      Episode 6
      A couple goes to the taping of a psychic talk show. A man is surprised that the psychic has made correct guesses, but he's even more surprised when he finds out that he's been cheating on his wife. In the next sketch, Muscle Beach in Venice is disturbed by a pesky trainer. A 'marketing company' then gives a survey of random questions to a bunch of senile people. A car salesman is taken on the test drive of his life, when the customer wants to really get the feel of the car before he buys it.moreless
    • Episode #205
      Episode #205
      Episode 5
      In a job interview, the CEO tells the interviewees that focusing in on what he's saying is extremely important. When they see a window washer fall off the building behind him, there is little that they can do. A reporter asks people to describe the weather--with profanities. When a girl is having an amazing blind date, it's all ruined by a little old lady and some wrestling. As a video for beginners in Yoga films, the average person cannot keep up with the Spy TV contortionists that can have difficult body positions.moreless
    • Episode #204
      Episode #204
      Episode 4
      A man invites his parents to dinner to inform them that they're going to be grandparents. At first, they're not happy, but eventually they have a different opinion. Then "The Bikini Tow Truck" company helps out men in towing their cars. People become frustrated when a parking officer issues tickets to them after they pulled into a metered spot. They argue with the officer and then they haggle to compromise. The next sketch consists of people trying out for a new reality show called "Operation Pain". Contestants are excited until they have to sit in an electric chair.moreless
    • Episode #202
      Episode #202
      Episode 3
      Nascar Racer-wannabes are taken on a ride of death by a loose-cannon of a limo driver. People are mocked by a mean-spirited Billy Bass. One woman removes her clothes in an effort to look good for a job interview.
    • Episode #203
      Episode #203
      Episode 2
      First a gardener is hired to a cemetery but when the sprinkler goes haywire mourners are angry and the soon-to-be buried body becomes "wrestless". Then a slew of plumbers are hired to relieve a woman's toilet trouble only to be scared by...reptiles. Men are embarrassed when photographer's take compromising photos and reveal them to other clients.moreless
    • Episode #201
      Episode #201
      Episode 1
      As a Celebrity Consultant hires 3 assistants they are put in an awkard situation when, while their boss is having a "meeting" with Fabio, her husband and children show up. Then, three men get into fights in a parking lot to the surprise of their girlfriends. A lingerie model is being photographed but becomes infuriated when the three separate assistants are glaring at her despite their claim of doing their jobs.moreless
  • Season 1
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