Spyder Games

MTV - Music Television (ended 2001)


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Spyder Games

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Spyder Games is a short lived half hour soap opera comedy that aired on MTV in 2001. The show is set in the town of Fort Kent and revolves around the wealthy Carlisle family's life, affairs, secrets, and business titled Spyder Games. Spyder Games was the family's video game company created by Boris Carlisle. Natalia, Boris' only daughter worked at the company and wanted to run it. Her brother, Ivan, also worked there. Dmitri, Boris' golden child, moved to L.A. and came back to the show for his brother wedding to Julie and stayed to solve his father's murder. The youngest Carlisle, Sasha, wanted nothing to do with the company. He wanted to become a rock star and the only one who supported him in that was Natalia. Spyder Games only lasted 65 episodes. It was a great little soap opera style show with a hip edge for teens to enjoy. It made fun of soap operas without disrespecting them. The show didn't last long but it gathered a cult fallowing. Part of the reason the show didn't last had to do with MTV delaying it and putting it off then not promoting it well and moving it around a bit.moreless