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MTV - Music Television (ended 2001)


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  • Being it back

    Loved this show, still think about it more than a decade later... U should bring it back with undressed!
  • This show was great, but I would hardly consider it a COMEDY. More of a soap opera/murder mystery.

    This was not just a typical soap opera. There was just something about it that made it special. It's hard to describe it exactly, but I think it had something to do with the mystery aspect of it. From the first episode onward, the show became a murder mystery, and each episode seemed to have a sinister feel to it. There was all the usual scheming and plotting of a normal soap, but with a cutting edge vibe. There was really nothing else like it on TV. Not to mention that an ex-Go-Go's member was cast as the owner of the local coffee shop and music venue. The show featured some great music, fantastic character development, and a baffling murder that was not solved until the end of the first (and only) season.
  • This show was so bad...it was great!!! Mtv sucks for canceling it

    "Spyder games\" was a half hour soap on Mtv that chronicled the lifes of the Carslile family and other townsfolk. Set in the city of Ft.Kent, the show managed to tackle an array of topics and entertain everyday. The Carslile family consisted of father Boris (played by Ray Laska), oldest son Dmitri (played by Joseph Cacia), daughter Natalie (played by Shawn Batten), middle son Ivan (played by Byron Field), and youngest son Sasha (played by Robert Hutchinson) The show begins with Ivan\'s wedding and Boris\' murder. Throughout its short run (65 episodes to be exact), Spyder games never disappointed.

    [And no, just be/c I\'m lazy today, here is the character descriptions and plot points for the main characters from the main page (with major edits). I love Spyder games, but I don\'t feel like writing some long drawn out thing today, so...enjoy]
    Boris: The controlling father of the Carlisle family and creator of Spyder Games. He had many affairs and a evil man with lots of enemies. Boris was killed in the first episode(or was he???).

    Dmitri: Boris\' golden child, he can do no wrong according to Boris. The rest of the Carlisle\'s hate him. He and Daphne date off and on throughout the show. He stays in Fort Kent to try and solve his father\'s murder and keep the Carlisle family together and be a father figure to Sasha.

    Natalia: The only Carlisle girl. She always wanted Boris\' love but he never gave it to her. She wants and deserves to be left in charge of Spyder Games, but when she doesn\'t get it from Boris she will stop at nothing to get it.

    Ivan: Ivan never was good enough for Boris, and Boris let him know it. Ivan married Julie to try and get his fathers love but his father was always making fun of him and made him feel awful. Has a crush on Fransisco.

    Sasha: Sasha wants to be a rock star. He hates Boris & Dmitri and how he felt about Ivan was never clear, however he did love Natalia. He is having an affair with Taylor, and towards the end starts to date Cherish. [near the end of the show\'s run, its revealed that Natalia is Sasha\'s mother]

    Daphne: Daph owns a clothing store named Come Ons with her best friend, Taylor. She also hated Boris, who owns her business\' building, because he didn\'t take care of her store. She and Dmitri date off and on.

    Taylor: Taylor is the biotch of the show. She is having an affair with a underage Sasha. She tries to break up Daphne and Dmitri, so that she can date him. Taylor has many secrets that are slowly exposed when her brother Lyle comes to town. Fransisco: Fransisco is Dmitri\'s best friend. He has always had a thing for Natalia and they start to date. He was blackmailed by Boris, who often made him do things he didn\'t want to do. Julie: Julie is Ivan\'s wife. After he tells her he\'s gay she becomes a drug addict and begins to have an affair with Lyle, Taylor\'s no good brother. Cherish: Cherish is Sasha\'s best friend and is his backup singer. Her father is the Police Commander and hates her hanging out with Sasha, who she is in love with.

    Lyle: Lyle is Taylor\'s no good brother who comes to Fort Kent to blackmail her. He ends up having an affair with Julie and helps Taylor try to break up Daph & Dmitri so he can date Daph.

    Jeff: Jeff is a hired Private Eye hired by Dmitri to find Boris\' killer. Starts a relationship with Natalia. He also pretends to be writing a book.
  • Please!!

    This show went hand in hand with MTV's other teen soap "Undressed." It was around for only one season and I miss it!! It started with the Patriarch of the family Boris is killed and this throws the whole town into a tailspin. It was great!!! Please, please, please bring it back or bring it to DVD!!
  • mtv has a tendency to cancel its shows. spyder games was no exception,but it should have been.what may be one of the best soaps of all time spyder games was edgy,fun,and had a lot to offer.im glad it had an ending but it should be released on dvd now

    mtv has a tendency to cancel its shows. spyder games was no exception,but it should have been.what may be one of the best soaps of all time spyder games was edgy,fun,and had a lot to offer.im glad it had an ending but it should be released on dvd now. us fans of spyder games really want our dose!
  • it would be great if this show still aired.

    i hate how this show was cancelled. it was one of my favorite soaps. i didnt like how the show was cancelled without any notice. well not that i know of. i really wish mtv would come out with the dvd. i would for sure purchase it. sasha who was played by robert hutchinson is really cute.