Square One TV

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 101

Aired Unknown Jan 26, 1987 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • A "bread" sandwich was an interesting solution to the sandwich dilemma, but there was actually several other solutions. They could have combined just meats, which would have made a ham and turkey sandwich. Or they could have combined just cheeses, giving them Swiss and provoloni, Swiss and American and finally provoloni and American. They could have also made a super sandwich consisting of ham, turkey, Swiss, Provolone, and American.
      Using ALL possible combinations, they could have easily made APPROXIMATELY three times as many sandwiches as their competition (32 to be exact), The Well-Bread Caterers.

  • Quotes

  • Notes

    • The following skits in this episode do not appear in the version of this episode shown on the cable/satellite channel Noggin:

      "News Interruption," "Mathman" "Oops - Subtraction" and two of the "And On..." segments, including one that followed the display of the PBS logo. Additionally the "Infinity" trick on the PBS logo was lost by Oct. 1989, when PBS changed its closing ID animation.

    • Includes a segment at the end showing what's coming up on the next episode. This continued throughout the first season of Square One TV, but was dropped afterwards.

    • This first Square One TV episode introduces several recurring skits including "Mathman" (very popular, appeared throughout all five seasons of Square One TV), the "Bureau of Missing Numbers" (an occasional skit that continued throughout the series) and the first ever episode of "Mathnet." It also featured two musical numbers, which were very common on the series.

  • Allusions

    • "Mathnet" is an obvious parody of the well-known TV series "Dragnet" (1951-1959 and 1967-1970). The theme music and opening narration to "Mathnet" are a close copy of "Dragnet"'s, and the name of Kate Monday (and later, Pat Tuesday) is a nod to Dragnet's Sgt. Friday. The mug shots shown at the conclusion of each week-long case, as well as the voice-over describing the criminal's fate, are also parodies of "Dragnet."

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