Square One TV

Season 1 Episode 10

Episode 110

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 1987 on PBS

Episode Recap

"Superguy" This superhero is supposed to aid those facing a leaking dam at the Water Works. He is instead distracted by finding the right color combination of cape and belt. "Combinatorics" Dweezil Zappa appears and shares an anecdote about combinatorics. After learning that you've already seen one-third of Square One TV "The Misteaks" In this flub-filled vaudeville act, Luisa enters in a ballet outfit bearing a sign misspelled "THE MISTEAKS." Beverly, Cris, Arthur and an oddly-dressed Luisa tell us that we all go through mistakes. "Don't be frightened of mistakes," they sing as they botch the act constantly. "Filmed Sketch - Building Sal" Arthur tries to sell a ten-story building for $100 to a bumpkin, before the building implodes. "Frozen Dessert Store Sketch" A sketch about frozen desserts explores the concept of counting calories. Dancing with the Shadow Debbie Allen guest stars and teaches her dissenting shadow about two-dimensional vs. three-dimensional shapes. Mathnet: "The Problem of the Missing Baseball, Part 5" The Mathnetters head to the spot where the complaints from the previous episode ended. They come across a house that's similar to Mrs. MacGregor's house, except it has white shutters-Mrs. MacGregor's house has green shutters. Still, Kate investigates the house. As it turns out, its porch has a missing plank, just like Mrs. MacGregor's house, so it has to be the place. Back at Mathnet HQ, the mathnetters examine a floor plan of Mrs. MacGregor's house, and determine that the ball would have landed in the fireplace. Howie is nervous that there might have been a fire in the fireplace. At the house, the owner hesitates when identifying himself, and claims that he doesn't know about the baseball. When he looks at a picture of the ball, he admits that he can't see it without his glasses. George hands him the glasses found at the site if Mrs. Macgregor's house and the owner identifies them as his, at which Kate and George realize that the man must be Clarence Sampson. Howie asks him if he had a fire in his fireplace and Clarence says it's a fake fireplace, at which Howie goes into the fireplace and recovers the ball, so now he can finally live a normal life! Howie adds that the fake fireplace had "fake gold bricks," and Clarence says, "So that's where he hid them," making it obvious that he stole the house. It was the house that Clarence wanted, not the baseball. When Clarence stole the gold, he had an accomplice who had was living in the house before being arrested, and had made a fake fireplace out of the stolen gold bricks. At the end, Clarence is arrested, and Kate and George high-five each other.