Square One TV

Season 1 Episode 15

Episode 115

Aired Unknown Feb 13, 1987 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Steve Stringbean has perfect pitch, but Rimshot Harris does not. In singing Touch-Tone notes, Rimshot is way off-key (and so is George's Touch-Tone telephone).

  • Quotes

    • Mathnet Announcer: Both John Phillips Lousa and Floyd Tyrone were convicted of stealing a rock musician and sentenced to an appropriate number of years away from society and the University of Michigan marching band.

    • Psychiatrist: (singing) I think I see the problem, but look at the clock!
      Johnathan: I've solved my problem, see you later, Doc!

  • Notes

    • Early in the Mathnet installment,George Frankly states, "There are three Area Codes in the Greater Los Angeles Area." This Square One TV episode is one of ten shows that were dropped from availability after the Los Angeles area adopted new Area Code 310 in the fourth quarter of 1991. The last known broadcast of this episode was June 10, 1992 on WVIZ in Cleveland.

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