Square One TV

Season 1 Episode 17

Episode 117

Aired Unknown Feb 17, 1987 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • The date on the bill from Crusty's Garage contradicts the computer display at the Next to the Last National Bank. And at the hearing, the date given by the prosecutor also doesn't coalesce.

  • Quotes

    • George: I don't have any witnesses. It's just my word against television. And you know when the jury of my peers sees the television tape, they'll believe it. People believe anything on television.

    • Mae East: It looks like only numbers / But it's a supersecret plan / If you don't know my personal code, you'll never understand / Write out the alphabet A to Z / Then underneath that you write 1 2 3 / Instead of writing S-P-Y, write 19-16-25 / Then when your friend sees the 19 - yes! / She'll check the code and translate "S" / The 16 is P, the 25 is Y, the secret word is S-P-Y...

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Mae East: "I am the neighborhood superspy..."
      Mae East is a parody of the name of the singer Mae West.