Square One TV

Season 1 Episode 22

Episode 122

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1987 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • George Frankly works out a percentage problem on his calculator. At the end, he adds 20 cents to three dollars and shows the calculator display: "3.20" That is not what a calculator would display. Traditionally, the end zero of a decimal is not used. What George gets is "3.2," so he types in "3.20" and shows it to the truck driver.

    • The first March of History installment makes a common mistake about Valley Forge and the Washington crossing of the Delaware in Christmas 1776. War diaries reveal that while it was bitterly cold in the Delaware Valley, there was no snow to speak of.

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  • Notes

    • Truck Driver Ernie is wearing a Seattle Mariners baseball cap of the early 1980s. This was before Major League Baseball Properties ordered royalties and crawl space for any TV show or movie that displays a team logo.

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