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  • Season 5
    • Episode 535
      Episode 535
      Episode 35
      Pauline's Perilous Pyramid Nobody's Inn: Combining Two Percentage Discounts Fax Headfull: Statistics About Cars Mathnet: The Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 5
    • Episode 534
      Episode 534
      Episode 34
      Zook & Alison: Spa Bravo (from 509) Mathcourt: 8 foot tall clock (from 509) Fax Headfull: "then I learned geometry..." Music Video: "Shape Up" Fax Headfull: "math is more than moving numbers around" Mathnet: The Case of the Smart Dummy, part 4
    • Episode 533
      Episode 533
      Episode 33
      David Numberman: Dog That Multiplies Commercial: Kong King - Director David Numberman: Irish Ski Team Sneaky Peeks: Pollyanna Jones and the Pyramid of Perplexity Mathman: Pentagons Mathnet: Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 3 See Episode 508. Noggin combined the first half of 508 with the second half of 533 during the time when they aired repeats of Square One TV.moreless
    • Episode 532
      Episode 532
      Episode 32
      General Mathpital: Double the Area of a Rectangle Fax Headfull: World Population Music Video - Rules of Thumb, Kid 'n Play Commercial: Mapping --- Brought to You by Geometry Mathnet: The Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 2
    • Episode 531
      Episode 531
      Episode 31
      Music Video: Tony and the Togas "The Mathematics of Love" Dirk Niblick: Beazley Witnesses Robbery w/ License Plate Numbers James Earl Jones: One Million Dirk, pt. 2 Person on the Street: Million, Billion, Trillion Seconds Pauline's Perilous Pyramid Mathnet: The Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 1
    • Episode 530
      Episode 530
      Episode 30
      Music Video: Patterns - "Weird Al" Yankovic Commercial: Parabolas, Brought to You by Geometry David Numberman: Trick to Find Age Mathnet: Case of the Mystery Weekend Pt. 5
    • Episode 529
      Episode 529
      Episode 29
      Mathcourt: Biased Survey Zook and Alison: Rock Concert Commercial: Time Zones (London Airlines) Dirk Quickie: Mathnet Coming Soon Mathnet: Case of the Mystery Weekend Pt. 4
    • Episode 528
      Episode 528
      Episode 28
      David Numberman: Wastepaper Basketball Careers PSA (You Gotta Know Math) David Numberman: Answer is Always 7 Fax Headfull: Food Statistics Mathnet: Case of the Mystery Weekend Pt. 3
    • Episode 527
      Episode 527
      Episode 27
      General Mathpital: Making a Triangle from a Line Fax Headfull: Math: It's All Around Us Nobody's Inn: Antoine Asks for a Raise Mathnet: Case of the Mystery Weekend pt. 2
    • Episode 526
      Episode 526
      Episode 26
      Pauline's Perilous Pyramid Music Video: Count the Ways - The Judds Mathman: Square Numbers Sneaky Peeks: Catman Beazley and Schneider Mathnet: Case of the Mystery Weekend pt. 1
    • Episode 525
      Episode 525
      Episode 25
      Zook & Alison: Spa Bravo General Mathpital: Dividing a Square Into Two Squares Fax Headfull: Left-handedness Mathnet: Case of the Piggy Banker pt 5
    • Episode 524
      Episode 524
      Episode 24
      Mathcourt: Embedded Squares Dirk Niblick: Coaching the Baseball Team Person on the Street: Rhombus Mathnet: Case of the Piggy Banker part 4
    • Episode 523
      Episode 523
      Episode 23
      Nobody's Inn: Survey Percentages Mathman: Multiples of 3 Beazley and Schneider's List Music Video: Nine Nine Nine - The House Band Mathnet: Case of the Piggy Banker part 3
    • Episode 522
      Episode 522
      Episode 22
      Music Video: Rules of Thumb, Kid 'n' Play David Numberman: Chimp with Prime Number Banana Child actor for math: Robin Leach David Numberman: Polumbo, Prime Investigator Pauline's Perilous Pyramid Mathnet: Case of the Piggy Banker pt. 2
    • Episode 521
      Episode 521
      Episode 21
      Sneaky Peeks: The Adding Family Commercial: Popover Chef The Further Adventures of Zook and Alison: Stonehenge Fax Headfull: Averages Mathnet: Case of the PIggy Banker Pt. 1
    • Episode 520
      Episode 520
      Episode 20
      "Mathnet: The Case of the Bermuda Triangle part 5" Following Trudy's Kidnapping, the Mathnetters search the evidenceprovided by the HMS Twain's logbook and figure out why there were two logbooks-there might have been a second HMS Twain, as judged by the poem. This is confirmed by investigating Revolutionary War history and finding that the first HMS Twain was headed for Hamilton Massachussetts to divert the colonists while the second HMS Twain, which actually had the supplies went to Hamilton North Carolina a few days later, as Cornwallis was stationed at Hamilton at the time of the Twain's voyage. "Blame Earl" appears on one of the maps, and after triangulating from Hamilton and Jackson in North Carolina Twice, the wreck seems to be traced to the Albemarle sound, of which Blame Earl was an anagram. At Albemarle sound, George searches for the sunken treasure, but as soon as he finds it, Queeg comes on board and cuts George's airhose despite threat of arrest. Geogre, however, was kept out of Harm's way, as he shows up on a Coast Guard ship with a treasure chest. Trudy, who had been with Queeg, notices the same smell the burglar left in her apartment, and "Queeg" is revealed to be Donnawhy, who wanted the treasure for himself, and planted a set of ball bearings in Trudy's apartment to implicate the real Queeg, who actually left to start another scam. Trudy recieves the fortune on the Twain, and recovers the secret plans, which were to use to fortune on the ship to bribe the colonists to surrender, but her great-great-great-great-grandfather scuttled his ship out of loyalty to the colonists.moreless
    • Episode 519
      Episode 519
      Episode 19
      Zook & Alison: Wheel of Destiny James Earl Jones: One Million James Earl Jones: One Billion Fax Headfull: Population Density Music Video: Wanna Be - Bobby McFerrin Mathnet: The Case of the Bermuda Triangle Pt. 4
    • Episode 518
      Episode 518
      Episode 18
      "Mathnet: The Case of the Bermuda Triangle Part 3" The Mathnetters and Trudi arrice at Bermuda, where they meet up with pirate Captain Long John Silverplate, and his parrot Howard. Silverplate informs them that Queeg agreed to provide the sonar, but Howard claims that Queeg is a coward. Queeg arrives and admits that he lied on the Donnawhy show, but claims that he only did so to look good on television. When the mathnetters set sail, the same thing that happened on Queeg's previous voyage happens again: loud moans are heard and the compass spins out of direction. They return empty-handed and Queeg warns the mathnetters not to go back there again. On the way back, the Mathnetters call Captain Greco, who informs them not to go back to Bermuda ever again. Back at Mathnet HQ, Benny Pill sets an electromagnet on a compass and it spins out of direction. The Mathnetters conclude that Queeg set up the electromagnet as he operated the sonar, and found a way to fake the screams. Trudi enters the office happily-she has won the boat race and has enough money to make another trip to Bermuda, but as she calls Silverplate, she gets some bad news that explains why Queeg wanted her out of Bermuda-he obtained salvage rights to the HMS Twain and is making a dive tomorrow, so now he owns the ship.moreless
    • Episode 517
      Episode 517
      Episode 17
      Mathcourt: Better Baseball Team Music Video: Less Than Zero Pauline's Perilous Pyramid Math commercial: Watermelon Fractions Dick & Vern Intro But Who's Counting: Largest Sum of Two Fractions Mathnet: Case of the Bermuda Triangle Pt. 2
    • Episode 516
      Episode 516
      Episode 16
      Skits in this Episode: "Sneaky Peeks: Gorillas In Our Midst" In the movie, a newsanchor (Reg E. Cathey) uses a chart to count the number of gorilla sightings in New York City, and addding up the numbers on each block he gets 132, so he assumes there are 132 gorillas. A gorilla expert proves that's not the case-there's only one gorilla, and all those people saw the same gorilla at different times. The newsanchor admits his error, saying, "You made a monkey out of me," which offends the gorilla. Critic Roz Sherbet gives the film an 8.5, and Sisboombah gives it a 9.1, for an average of 8.8 "You Call The Angle" Skateboarder Sean Miller does a skateboard trick-is is a 180, a 360, or a 540? It's a 180, because it's a half-turn. (Note: This segment first appeared in Episode 308.) "Nobody's Inn" A spoof of Fawlty Towers where hotel manager Cyril Nobody attempts to measure the stairs to purchase a new carpet. Distractions jeep popping up, and he keeps tripping on the carpet and only measures one step at a time. Mrs. Nobody, however, shows how to measure the entire length and depth together with two simple measurements. "Mathnet: The Case of the Bermuda Triangle Part 1" Pat and George appear on a talk show hosted by M. P. (Meat Puppet) Donnawhy to promote Math Awareness week and explain the importance of mathematics. Donnawhy ridicules their efforts, and brings out another guest, Captain Phillip Francis Bogie Queeg, who claims to have been to the Bermuda Triangle. George insists that it's a hoax, and that the disaster footage Quegg brought from the trip was doctored, but Donnawhy refites him, and makes the Mathnetters leave his show during the commercial break. They then get a call from Gertrude Ebbtide, who was with Queeg on his Bermuda Triangle voyage, and insists that Queeg is a liar.moreless
    • Episode 515
      Episode 515
      Episode 15
      General Mathpital: Double Area of Rectangle Fax Headfull: Left Handedness Mathnet: The Case of Off the Record Pt. 5
    • Episode 514
      Episode 514
      Episode 14
      Pauline's Perilous Pyramid David Numberman: Billionaire Waitress Child actor: Joan Rivers David Numberman: Trick to Find Age Music Video: Gregory Hines - That's Math Mathnet: The Case of Off the Record Pt. 4
    • Episode 513
      Episode 513
      Episode 13
      Zook & Alison: Rock Concert Mathcourt: Building a Fence Michigan Stadium - Ping Pong Balls Mathnet: The Case of Off the Record Pt. 3
    • Episode 512
      Episode 512
      Episode 12
      Sneaky Peeks: Codebusters Person on the Street: Combinatorics Nobody's Inn: Handshakes Mathman: Multiples of 6 Fax Headfull: Work together Mathnet: "Off the Record, Part 2"
    • Episode 511
      Episode 511
      Episode 11
      David Numberman: Stella's Compound Interest Music Video: Kid 'n' Play - Rules of Thumb Fax Headfull: Cars Mathnet: The Case of Off the Record Pt. 1
    • Episode 510
      Episode 510
      Episode 10
      Pauline's Perilous Pyramid General Mathpital: Making a Triangle from a Line Segment Fax Headfull: World Population Mathnet: Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 5
    • Episode 509
      Episode 509
      Episode 9
      Zook & Alison: Spa Bravo Mathman: Symmetry (Free Game) Fax Headfull: Then I Learned Geometry Mathcourt: 8 foot clock Patterns, Brought to You by Geometry Mathnet: Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 4
    • Episode 508
      Episode 508
      Episode 8
      Nobody's Inn: Five Course Meals Music Video: Infinity - The Jets David Numberman: Answer is 7 Mathnet: Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 3 See Episode 533. Noggin combined the first half of 508 with the second half of 533 during the time that they repeated episodes of Square One TV.moreless
    • Episode 507
      Episode 507
      Episode 7
      David Numberman: Dog Tha Multiplies Child actor: Lawrence Taylor David Numberman: Irish Ski Team Claymation Creatures: +5 + -3 = +2 Pauline's Perilous Pyramid James Earl Jones: One Million Mathnet: Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 2
    • Episode 506
      Episode 506
      Episode 6
      Zook & Alison: Stonehenge Fax Headfull: Election Statistics Sneaky Peeks: Ned & Ed Mathman: Hexagons Mathnet: Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 1
    • Episode 505
      Episode 505
      Episode 5
      Skits in this Episode: "Mathcourt: Ice Cream Flavors" At the top of this installment of Square One TV's parody court show, the judge notices two people kissing in the spectators' seats. She tells them to stop the kissing, saying that there will be "no courting in this courtroom." Then, the case proceeds: an ice cream lady is on trial for a math crime. The district attorney accuses her of false advertising. Her advertising claims that using ten different flavors, she can create 100 different two dip ice cream cones. The district attorney contends that with ten ice cream flavors, she can only create 90 different flavors. He demonstrates, using a model. He shows that you can put one dip of any particular flavor on for the first dip and then make the second dip any of the other 9, making for 90 different flavors. The ice cream lady doesn't deny this. However, she says that there's something that the district attorney is missing and goes over to show him. She demonstrates that what the district attorney has said is true, however, she can also create ten additional cones, by making cones that have two dips of the same flavor. The shamed district attorney admits his mistake and the judge dismisses the case. "David Numberman: Sum is Always 65" In this segment of Square One TV's parody of the The Late Show With David Letterman, a guest demonstrates a math trick in with the sum of the numbers always ends up being 65. "Mathnet: The Case of the Mystery Weekend Part 5" Detectives Pat Tuesday and George Frankly are seemingly the only people left in a mansion called "Wit's End" They had originally come believing that they were attending a mystery weekend, but eventually learned that they had made a wrong turn. At the top of this episode, they're trying to figure out what could have happened to the guests that have gone missing. As they ponder this, they consider a schematic of the rooms that the guests were in. George notices something: the sizes of the various rooms are different. Pat and George realize that there could very well be secret passages and staircases connecting the various rooms. The two also notice something else. Each time one of the guests went missing, a Statue of Blind Justice disappeared from a shelf where they were all kept. At the end of the last episode, there were zero remaining. But now, there are two. They both realize that they're in great danger. The two decide to reinvestigate the possiblity that Peeved the butler may be responsible for the disappearances. George goes to check out the situation himself. But when George doesn't return, Pat goes to check Peeved's room and finds it empty. She starts searching around when somebody approaches her from behind. She thinks at first that it's George, playing a joke. But it's actually Peeved. The butler really did do it. Peeved chases Pat around, trying to catch her, while Pat does anything to escape, such as running around tables and turning over chairs. While doing this, she engages Peeved in conversation. She learns that he hates math and was the court stenographer for each of the trials in which they were all found innocent. He, however, believes that they were guilty, but were let go because they tricked their respective juries with mathematics. He's not actually the butler of the household, he's actually the owner. He named the mansion "Wit's End" because he's been at his wit's end ever since he left the courts. Eventually, while Pat is trying to escape, she's grabbed into a closet. It's by George. He's been in secret passageways, listening to her conversation with Peeved the whole time. The entire house is wired for sound. He shows Pat a sound system and explains that the screams they heard when guests disappeared were all tape recordings. Wondering where Peeved has gotten off to, they turn a knob on the sound system marked "Dungeon." They hear Peeved banging a gavel. He says that the "Court of Last Resort" is now in session and that justice will be done. He then proceeds to tell the imprisoned guests that their claims of innocence are trickery and deceit and that as punishment they'll be spending time at Wit's End, doing "community service." However, the only person who'll be doing any "community service" (jailtime) is Peeved. Pat sneaks up and captures him from behind. The guests are all freed and the police are called to take care of Peeved.moreless
    • Episode 504
      Episode 504
      Episode 4
      "Nobody's Inn" A segment about applying for sales tax and discount. "Downtown Julie Brown" Julie Brown comes on and says that if you use math, you'll be cool. "Sneaky Peeks" In this first installment of Square One TV's parody ofSiskel & Ebert, critics Roz Sherbet and Gene Sisboombah take a look a clip of a movie called "Catman." (A parody of "Batman.") Sherbet doesn't think that there could possibly be much math in a movie about crimefighting, but Sisboombah thinks differently. They roll the clip. The plot is that a stinkbomb has been set up to go off in just a few minutes in a game show studio. Catman and his female assistant Kitty need to figure out a way to stop it before that happens. The villain who set up the bomb, The Rhymeseter, is present there. He's not about to tell our heroes the combinations to open the locks to the bomb, but will give them clues. He begins by calling them rubes and says that they can open the first lock by adding one to the largest two digit cube. So Kitty and Catman get to work on the problem. 1 X 1 X 1 doesn't work, as 1 multiplied by itself is always and infinitely 1. 2 X 2 X 2 doesn't even produce a two-digit number, so that's still too small. 3 X 3 X 3 gets a two-digit number, but is it the largest? 4 X 4 X 4 produces 64, which is pretty large. The next one, 5 X 5 X 5 is 125, which is three digits and therefore out of bounds. So 1 is added to 64 to make 65 and this number unlocks the first lock on the stinkbomb. The Rhymester gives the next clue: the second lock can be opened by finding the largest two digit square. Catman begins again by starting with 1. However, it's taking a long time and Kitty suggests an alternate strategy: working backwards. She starts at 10 X 10, which produces a three digit number: 100. However, the next one backwards, 9 X 9, produces 81, a two digit number. Therefore, the number for the second lock must be 81. 81 is entered and the lock opens. Then, Catman starts coughing. Kitty's not sure what's wrong and then the clip cuts away. Sherbet asks what's going on and Sisboombah says that she just wants to point out that she was right, there is a lot of math in this movie. Sherbet agrees, but wishes they could go back to the clip. The suspense is killing him. We return to the clip, where we learn that Catman is all right. It was just a hairball. The Rhymester gives the third clue: the third lock will open when they find the largest two digit number prime. Catman and Kitty deduce that "number prime" is just the Rhymester's way of saying "prime number" and making it rhyme. Kitty immediately suggests that they try working backwards again. After all, if they started at 10, it would take forever. So they begin with 99. But that has 3 as a factor, so it's out. 98 is even and the only even prime number is 2, so that's obviously not it. Then, they come to 97. They don't think that it has any factors other than 1 and itself, but it's a large number and it could take a while to test them all. Kitty suggests using a process called "trial and error." 97 could be the correct number, so they should just try it and see if they're right. If it's wrong, they can try something else. It is indeed the correct number and unlocks the third lock. They open the door and find... another lock! The Rhymester declares that he's got them now and also is now silent in terms of further clues. However, Catman notices a pattern. The difference between 81 and 65 is 16 and the difference between 97 and 81 is also 16. So perhaps the final number to unlock this last lock is 97 + 16, or 113. This number unlocks the final lock. The stink bomb's fuse is pulled. Catman calls the Rhymester a "worthless cur" and says that he'll spend his "final days in stir." Kitty complains that now Catman is rhyming too. Then, the Rhymester pulls out a mouse and starts teasing the heroes with it and the clip ends. Sherbert, impressed, gives the clip a perfect 10. Sisboombah gives it a 9.5, for an average score of 9.75. "Fax Headfull" Fax Headfull comes on the screen and says that math is like a power tool and that if you use it, you'll be cool. "Mathnet: The Case of the Mystery Weekend Part 4" Three guests have already disappeared from a mansion called "Wit's End," leaving only three remaining. Mathematicians Pat Tuesday and George Frankly are also at the mansion, having made a wrong turn while trying to get to another mansion to attend a mystery weekend game. Trying to solve the disappearances, the two mathematicians decide to look for patterns. In each of the previous disappearances, a newspaper clipping and a Statue of Blind Justice was left in the room of the disappeared guest. In each of the newspaper clippings, the guest was identified by a different name than that which going by now. Also, the invitation they received to come to the mansion beared their old name. Upon, questioning, the remaining guests admit that they all changed their names. Each of them had gone on trial for a crime, but had been found innocent. They also present the invitations they received to the mansions and they all bear their former names. Eventually, two of the guests, Sally and Miles, say that they're tired and that they'd like to go to bed. Pat and George think that they should all stick together, but they're overruled. Pat and George play a game of pool. However, it's different from normal pool. In this game, the balls all represent the colors of the rainbow. There's Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet, plus a Black ball and a White cue ball. Pat thinks that she might have found a pattern. Using a schematic of the rooms as a prop, she points out that the guests disappeared from their rooms following a color pattern. First the one in the Red room disappeared, then Orange and then Yellow. If the pattern holds true, then next guest to disappear will be Sally, who's in the Green room. George points out something else. Each of the newspaper articles found in the rooms mentions a time that the guest who was found innocent left the courtroom. The times match the times at which the guests disappeared. A scream is heard coming from upstairs. Pat and George check the Green room and find... Miles! He explains that he had noticed the color pattern, the colors were going from "hot to cool." He convinced Sally to switch rooms with him, thinking that he'd catch the kidnapper when he tried to nab him. But apparently the kidnapper knows what they're doing. He caught on and nabbed Sally from the blue room. They all enter the blue room and find another newspaper clipping and Statue of Blind Justice. The remaining two guests go back downstairs, but eventually, Miles decides that he'd like to go back to bed. George goes upstairs to watch over him, while Pat remains downstairs. Miles had said that he got out of court around 1:00, while the other guest remembers the time she got out exactly: 12:45 P.M. Pat is downstairs watching, when the clock chimes 12:45. Shortly after, Pat hears a man's scream coming from upstairs. Racing up, she runs into George, who says that he heard a scream coming from downstairs. Pat races back downstairs, while George races up. Downstairs, Pat finds another newspaper clipping and a Statue of Blind Justice. George returns from upstairs, with the same. Both guests were let out of court at the same time, 12:45 P.M. Now Pat and George are apparently the only people left in the mansion.moreless
    • Episode 503
      Episode 503
      Episode 3
      David Numberman: Wastepaper Basketball Savion for Math David Numberman: Always 7 Fax Headfull - Food Statistics Mathnet: Case of the Mystery Weekend Pt. 3
    • Episode 502
      Episode 502
      Episode 2
      General Mathpital: Two Squares from One Square Sneaky Peeks: The Adding Family Careers Song (You Gotta Know Math) Mathnet: Case of the Mystery Weekend Pt. 2
    • Episode 501
      Episode 501
      Episode 1
      Skits in This Episode: "Kid 'n Play - Rules of Thumb" Musicians Kid 'n Play sing about rules of thumb, a handy way to do estimations. In this song, Kid has bought a "tight party crib," but it's a handyman's special and so "it might need a little work." They use rules of thumb to estimate how much paint the would need to paint the floor for a party being hosted that night. The rule of thumb that the measurement from your fingertip on one hand to your fingertip on the other is about the same as your height turns out to be a good rule of thumb and with that, they're able to make a good estimate of how much paint they need. "The Further Adventures of Zook and Alison: Wheel of Destiny" A skit which may or may not be a parody of an old show called The Further Adventures of Spin and Marty. Zook and Alison are in their home on the Planet Neon when their Uncle Wilt takes off to go somewhere. He says he's going to go to be on the Wheel of Destiny. Soon after he leaves, the mother asks where he went. He has to talk about a book of his the next day. So Zook and Alison tell her: he went to be on the Wheel of Destiny. The Wheel of Destiny? What planet is that on? FIND! UNCLE! WILT! Zook and Alison head for Earth, identified as the planet that Uncle Wilt has gone to. There, they find a local store in Los Angeles that has a television to catch the live broadcast of the show. They see Uncle Wilt on the show. When asked what he does for a living, he says that he's a posthole digger. Then, when he has to solve a puzzle, he answers "SENSER OR LATER" when the correct answer is "SOONER OR LATER." He loses and at the end of the show, a blurb plays about a restaurant in which all contestants on the show receive a free complimentary dinner. So Zook and Alison head for the restaurant. But it turns out that there are many locations of this restaurant throughout Los Angeles. Using a process of elimination involving a Venn Diagram, Zook and Alison find Uncle Wilt. "Fax Headfull: Population Density" A character who's a parody of Max Headroom appears on screen and talks about how he gets kind of lonely being the guy behind the screen watching all the sports, news, weather, kids shows, on and on. He goes on to talk about population density, which he jokes is how "dense" or stupid a population is. He then explains that it's actually how many people are in a place per square mile. For example, 1,000 people per square mile. Another example is that of Alaska: just one person per square mile. In a hypothetical case, Fax Headfull considers what the population density would be like if the entire population of Rhode Island came for a party in Rhode Island. "Pauline's Perilous Pyramid" A skit about finding ranges. "Mathnet: The Case of the Mystery Weekend Part 1" George Frankly was going to go on a Mystery Weekend with his wife, Martha. However, she isn't able to make it, so he invites his partner, Pat Tuesday, to go instead. They don't realize it when they make a wrong turn and head for the wrong mansion. At the mansion, they assume their roles for the Mystery Weekend. At the end of the episode, after the guests go to check into their rooms, a scream is heard from upstairs.moreless
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