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    • Episode 101
      Episode 101
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Skits in this Episode: "Infinity" Members of the Square One TV cast sing a song about how no matter how high you count, you'll never reach infinity. "News Interruption" Square One TV is interrupted for a "news interruption." "Mathman" The first ever installment of Square One TV's parody of Pacman. Mathman is asked to eat all of the multiples of three on the board. He does so and wins a free game. "Mathematics Problem - Always Three" Cast member Arthur Howard takes a phone call. The person on the other end of the line tells him to write down any number and no matter what number he writes down, his result will always be three. He tries the number ten. He's told to add five, double what he has, subtract four, divide by two and subtract the first number. To his surprise, it works. He tries it again on his own wiht another number, seven. He then takes another call, supposedly from the Queen of England and asks her to try it. "And on..." The people from the infinity song are still singing. It just goes "on and on..." "Battle of the Bulge Caterers" This segment features the "Sandwich Squad." Their mission is take make eleven different sandwiches using only meats ham and turkey and the cheeses swiss, provoloni and American. They find that only combining cheeses and meats won't work. 2*3=6, but they need eleven sandwiches. So they decide to do "plain" sandwiches, ones with just meat or cheese. With five different meats and cheeses, this brings them up to eleven. There's still a problem though, the group they're competing against also made eleven sandwiches. One of the crew has an idea - how about a sandwich with just bread? Some at first think this is silly, but then they realize he's done it. A bread sandwich will put them over the top to twelve sandwiches. Unfortunately, the skit has a sad ending, as the entire order ends up being canceled. "Oops! - Subtraction" A skit showing how to avoid a common mistake involving subtraction. "Square Numbers" A music piece performed by the "Square Brothers." They sing about square numbers, for example, four is a square number as 2*2=4. 14 is not a square number, although somebody wants it to be. There aren't any two whole numbers that can be multiplied to make 14. However, if you put a 4 at the end of it, then it's a square number. 12*12=144. "Bureau of Missing Numbers: 14" A parody on the idea of a "Bureau of Missing Persons." It seems the number 14 is missing. The investigator at the bureau considers some facts about the number. It's not a square number. It is a multiple of 2. It's not a prime number as it has more factors than just 1 and itself. However, it is one more than a prime number, number 13. After some investigation, the number 14 is found on a football jersey. It's returned to its proper place, between 13 and 15. "Mathnet: Problem of the Missing Monkey Part 1" The first ever installment of "Mathnet," the parody crime-solving series featuring mathematicians George Frankly and Kate Monday (replaced by Pat Tuesday in Season Four.) At the beginning of this episode, their office gets a call about a Ten-Four store. It's been burgularized... by a monkey. They get there and find that only stuff like fruits and vegetables was stolen. Kate is suspicious of the whole situation. They get another call in their patrol car. There's been another robbery. They speak with store-owner who describes a similar incident. Returning to the office, they get yet another call about a robbery. Then another call, only this time it's not about a robbery. It's the local zoo. Their gorilla, Grunt, is missing. "And on..." The last hurrah of the "Infinity" singers.moreless
    • Episode 102
      Episode 102
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Skits in this Episode: "American Blandstand" A parody of Dick Clark's American Bandstand. The host needs three people to help with a segment called "Rate That Record." In another parody, this time of the classic Star Trek, two people, a parody Captain Kirk and Spock materialize on the stage. It seems they've materialized on 20th century Earth by accident, but the host doesn't care. He's going to have them play. Their names are "Sprock" and Captain "Curt" of the Starship "Interface." Since he needs three people, the host calls up one more contestant from the audience: Josie, from South Philadelphia, who's really excited to be on American Blandstand. He plays a music clip from a song called "Zoo Rumble" and takes everyone's scores for it: 50, 72 and 64. From these scores, he's able to find the average: 62. He then plays another clip from a song called "High Steel." It get scores of 80 and 98. However, Captain Curt really dislikes like and rates it a 20. The host computes the average... 99? Sprock finds this average to be illogical. After all the average can't be higher than any single one of their ratings. It turned out the host accidentally divided by two. The actual average was 66. So that piece wins, by four points. At the end, Josie is conflicted. She wants to go into space with Captain Curt adn Sprock, but she also wants to stay in South Philly. "That can be arranged" is heard and Josie's top half is beamed up, while the rest of her dances on Blandstand.

      "News Interruption" A Square One TV interruption for an important piece of news: an average score can never be higher than the highest score. Film at eleven.

      "Rappin' Judge" The Rappin' Judge presides over the case of an old lady who claims a skateboarding girl took her pie.

      "Backstage with Blackstone" Blackstone demonstrates a math trick using a dime and a penny. Using this trick, he's able to determine whether a particular coin is in the person's left hand or right hand. He then does the trick again, using a nickel and a penny. In the case of the second trick, there's no actual math involved, purely psychology. He's able to figure it out based on the amount of time the person takes to think before answering his question.

      "Nine, Nine, Nine" A country western number by "The House Band" about a special property of the number nine. It seems that nine is a special number when it comes to multiplication. You can multiply any number times nine, then add the digits of the number you get and they will always add up to nine. It even works with larger numbers. For example, sometimes the digits of the number you get may add up to something like 18. But it still works, as 1+8=9. "Warning" A warning that when solving a problem, it helps to know what type of solution you're looking for. "Your Map" A kid's going on a trip and he's pulling the old "Are we there yet?" routine. So the driver of the car (his brother?) shows him how to use the scale on a map to figure out what time they'll get to their destination. "Mathnet: Problem of the Missing Monkey Part 2" Kate and George head to the zoo, where they find that the combination lock to Grunt the gorilla's cage has been unlocked. They also speak with the zookeeper, who tells tem about Jane Rice Burroughs, a friend of Grunt's. They return to their office, where they try to figure out Grunt's path with the aid of a map and a compass. The office intercom sounds and Grunt's friend Jane is admitted into the office. They consider the combination with her. With 36 numbers, there are 36*36*36, or 46,656 combinations. Of course, you also have to go in the right direction. Kate and George suggest that although it's highly unprobable that Grunt could have unlocked it, it is possible. Jane doesn't think so. She thinks that someone gorilla-napped him. One reason for this: Grunt has a doll that's always with him. However, it's not with him now, it's still in his case. Then, they get another phone call. A pizzeria was knocked down. All of the money was taken and two "large pies" - to go. That's not good because as Jane explained, Grunt's favorite snack food is pizza.moreless

    • Episode 103
      Episode 103
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Skits in this Episode: "Spade Parade - The Yucca Puck Case" This is a parody of an old style detective movie, I.E. Sam Spade. Only the detective in this case is named "Spade Parade." His client explains the situation. She's trying to get some information from three men, the "Wisenheimers." The problem is that she can't figure them out. One of them always lies, one always tells the truth and one sometimes lies, but sometimes tells the truth. She doesn't know which is which. Can Spade solve the case? Stay tuned to find out. "Mathman" Mathman is asked to eat only numbers on the board that are less than .5. He does well for a little while, correctly eatin the numbers .31 and .499. However, he then eats .51, causing him to be eaten by Mr. Glitch. "Spade Parade Part 2" A return to the "Spade Parade" case. We learn that the Wisenheimers are named Tom, Dick, and Harry. Tom always tells the truth. Dick never tells the truth. And Harry only sometimes tells the truth. Using logic and questioning, Spade Parade is able to successfully figure out who Dick and Harry are. From this, he finds Tom, who is able to tell the truth to his client. Unfortunately, Tom is also a bit of a blabbermouth and starts babbling on about matters of truth that he really oughtn't be getting into. "Less Than Zero" A number featuring cast member Arthur Howard as "Stan," as a complete klutz when it comes to various sports and gymnastics. Discusses the concept of negative numbers. "Still Watching?" The viewer's asked if they're still watching. They're also asked to get out a pencil in paper so that they can play along with the next game. "But Who's Counting?" The first ever installment of Square One TV's parody game show, "But Who's Counting." Complete with cheesy host "Monte Carlo" and fake contestants. In this episode, the "Fitzgeralds" are competing against the "Doles" - Dosi and Robert Dole. (Get it? "Dosi Dole!") The objective is to place five numbers that come out on a number wheel to obtain the smallest possible five digit number. In the first round, the number wheel comes up with a first digit 2, then second digit , third digit 7, fourth digit 6 and fifth digit 5. The contestants reveal their numbers. The Fitzgeralds came up with 22,576 whereas the Doles came up with 56,272. So the Fitzgeralds win the first round. They play a second round and this time the numbers come up 7, then 7 again, then 4, the number 5 and finally a 2. The reveal shows that both the Fitzgeralds and the Doles came up with the same number: 25,477. Since the Fitzgeralds won the first round, they win the game. They receive first prize, a load of bricks. The Doles, the runners-up, receive second prize: two bricks short of a load. "Pie Chart" An advertisement for the pie chart - for solving a "data headache." "60% of Square One TV" Viewers are advised that they've already seen 60% of Square One TV and are asked to figure out how much of it there is left. "Count On It" An upbeat number about how math is "here to stay." Among other math concepts, it mentions fractions and graphs. "Warning!" A warning that when solving a problem, you should remain "cool, calm and collected." "Mathnet: Problem of the Missing Monkey Part 3" At the Mathnet office, Grunt's friend Jane is trying to argue that it simply isn't possible for Grunt to be committing the robberies that have been hitting the area. Gorillas require fourteen hours of sleep a day and Grunt simply doesn't have the type of energy it would take to pull this off. They decide to head over to Balboa's, the pizza place that was robbed in the previous episode. They examine the footprints left by the robber and determine that it wasn't the gorilla. They conclude that there must be another robber in a different place. Could there be two gorillas on the loose?moreless
    • Episode 148
      Episode 148
      Season 1 - Episode 48
      Skits in this episode included: "Mathman" Mathman must eat only the factors of 24. "But Who's Multiplying?" Another edition of the game with two kids quickly multiplying two factors to for the right products. "Oops!" This one is a real shocker. Because someone couldn't correctly multiply 603 by 7, a bridge collapsed. (Footage shown was of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge swaying and collapsing in 1941.) "Warning!" Repeat of a sketch first aired in Episode 114. "Executive at Meeting" It's an executive's birthday, and he's all excited. He figured out how many people can sit at each table using division. "Time Check" You've already seen 40% of SQ1TV, and the show asks how much remains. "Jenny Didn't Call" Repeat of a music video first aired in Episode 122. "Backstage with Blackstone" Blackstone has a trick involving a cyclical number: 142,857. Multiply that number by any digit from 1 to 6 and the digits of the cyclical number remain in sequence. "Animation: Cyclical Number" Adding on to the Blackstone segment, a voice-over accompanies the cyclical number 142,857 as it is multiplied by 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. "Mathnet: The Problem of the Passing Parade, Part 3" Repeat of a segment first used in Episode 113.moreless
    • Episode 132
      Episode 132
      Season 1 - Episode 32
      Skits in This Episode: "Eagle Express, Part 1" "9 Feet Exchanged" "Eagle Express, Part 2" "Exclusive Music Video: Metric Electric Lover by Dodo" "But Who's Adding: Samantha vs. Valerie" "Interruption" "Mathnet: The Problem of the Trojan Hamburger, Part 2"
    • Episode 114
      Episode 114
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      Skits in this Episode: Opening teaser: What would you do if your name was what? "Cabot and Marshmallow" Marshmallow knows that Cabot has set him up with a date, and Cabot tells him that her name is What, which leads to a "Who's on First" style routine. What is arriving from 50 miles away, but What is coming on horseback. The horse goes 10 miles per hour and stops every hour for a ten minute break. Amidst the comedy, Marshmallow figures out that What will take 5 hours and 50 minutes to arrive and since What left 5 hours and 40 minutes ago, What should arrive in ten minutes. Cabot and Marshmallow are surprised that What just arrived, but then realize that What actually took 5 hours and 40 minutes to arrive. What doesn't take a ten minute break after 50 miles because What has already arrived. Marshmalow answers the door, and What says, "Hi. What's the name!" and Marshmallow faints. "Newsbreak" "Watch out for averages that are much too small" "Whither Weather" A Weather report indicates that there is an average snowfall of 7.5 inches. The nerdy security guard Lester explains that he measured the snow in six different locations on the roof because the snow fell unevenly When the weatherman asks him how he made the measurement, Lester becomes a flamboyant show-biz style announcer and presents slides of his research. He measured 11 inches at point A, 7 inches at point C, 1 inch at point D, 3 inches at point E, and 11 inches at point F. Becoming his nerdy self, Lester explains that the total is 45 inches. He then divides by 6 and comes up with .75 inches but the weatherman explains that it isn't possible because the lowest depth was 1 inch. Lester admits he made a mistake and that the average is 7.5 inches. Lester then has to leave because someone stole all the typewriters, and he leaves, reminding the weatherman to...SIGN OUT! he means sign out. "WARNING" If you tie the laces of your right shoe to the laces of your left shoe, by the end of the show you will have forgotten about it and when you get up to go the other room, you will fall down and squish your nose. So don't do it. "Hyram Potenuse: Square Rap" A rap video about squares. It explains how Squares have four equal sides and four equal angles, and how squares occur all around. And six squares form a cube. Bumper Larry Cedar: "Square One TV-When you care enough to think the very best." "Person on the Street" What is a rhombus? Many answers are given, but the correct answer is that a Rhombus is a geometric figure with four equal sides and the opposite angles are equal. "Backstage with Blackstone" Blackstone pulls four aces from a deck of cards and gives one to Beverly. He then asks Arthur to rol a die and mmultiply the number on top by two. He does, and then adds two as Blackstone says. Blackstone then asks him to multiply the number by five and then subtract the original number, then add the digits. Arthur's answer is ten, and the ace in Beverly's hand changes to a ten! Blackstone explains that the answer is always ten if the steps are followed correctly. Reg enters and informs Blackstone that the tigers have all lost their stripes, so Arthur and Beverly leave with Blackstone to help paint them. "Animation" In a series of animations of thre dimensional shapes, a cube is highlighted and unfolded. "National Geometric: The Search For the Giant Squid" In a spoof of the National Geographic specials, Jaques Gustave searches for the giant squid. During his voyage, a rookie navigator informs the crew that they are 10 centimeters away from an iceberg. Panic endues, but Gustave doesn't even see an iceberg through the periscope. The navigator explains that he measured 10 centimeters on the map between the iceberg ans the ship, but Gustave explains that 1 centimeter on the map does not mean one centimeter in reality, and that on the map he's using, one centimeter represents 10 kilometers. Because of that, the iceberg is 100 kilometers away. Gustave is glad that the navigator has mastered the map and can also locate the giant squid, but he keeps making other measurements that bore Gustave. Mathnet: "The Problem of the Passing Parade Part 4" The Mathnetters attend a press conference and explain how they use mathematics to find Steve Stringbean. Back at the office, Rimshot and the Mathnetters attempt to decode the message, "Please do what these peo-ple say." Rimshot decodes the notes as F, F, F, E flat, G, F, and E flat, so they spell FFFEGFE, which doesn't work. The mathnetters get another call in which the kidnappers want the money frozen in a 350 pound block of ice which is to be dumped into the ocean. George doesn't know why, and Kate asks the forensics lab to work on the ice problem. Rimshot doesn't know why Stringbean is singing off key, but finds the answer in the end- Steve is singing the kidnappers' telephone number!moreless
    • Episode 304
      Episode 304
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      "Math-a-Thon Installment" The second pledge break of the season sees regular Cris Franco interviewing the late René Descartes, who discusses the Cartesian plane. Later in the pledge break, Reg and Larry estimate how close Square One TV is to its goal. The thermometer has no marks between 0% and 100%, but they estimate that 40% of people have called in pledging to mathematics. "Positives vs. Negatives War" Recycled from the first season (and now in a letter-box format), the war between the Positives and Negatives wages on. This time three of each are flushed (toilet sounds), because -3 plus +3 equals 0. "Lost at Sea" How easy is it for sailors who are lost at sea to divide zero sea biscuits? "Elvis for Math" Cris, impersonating Elvis, says that math is more than "pushing numbers around." "But Who's Counting?" After a year's absence, But Who's Counting? returns, but with Monte Carlo spinning the big wheel and no Amber. This year, competition is down to single-contestant showdowns. Whatsina Name plays against O. My Word to create the largest possible five-digit odd number. One new wrinkle: the Wild Spin – after the fifth spin, contestants may choose to replace one of their digits with the number that comes up on the Wild Spin. "Mathnet: The Case of the Ersatz Earthquake, Part 4" Back at Ma's Lockup late Tuesday afternoon, Kate and George talk with Officers Sam and Steve about the earthquake that struck City Hall and nowhere else. After they play "What Do We Know?", Steve and Sam scope City Hall. Kate and George meet Sybil Divine at her hotel room. Sybil refuses to reveal her identity. At Mathnet HQ, Debbie reveals that Sybil Divine is an alias for one Disappearing Wanda, a former magician's assistant on the Bungling Brothers' Circus. She had done time once for lifting circus receipts. In the years to follow, she had been arrested and charged on numerous other fraud counts, but never convicted on any of them. Kate and George go to the roof of City Hall, where they meet Fred C. Dobbs, the longtime maintenance chief. Dobbs says he has discovered a vibration exciter, a device used to test the stablility of buildings under earthquake conditions. The vibration exciter was not on the roof Monday, but it was there by the time of Sybil's press conference. Kate and George surmise Sybil's people planted the exciter on the roof Monday night and timed it to go off during the press conference. Now George is planning to expose Sybil as a faker. For that, she must make one more prediction.moreless
    • Episode 213
      Episode 213
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Skits in this Episode Included: "Dirk Niblick Tease" "Music Video: Angle Dance" "Triple Play" "Mathman-Parallelograms" "Your Head" "Mathnet: The Case of the Deceptive Data, Part 3"
    • Episode 173
      Episode 173
      Season 1 - Episode 73
      Pop-ups tell you how much of Square One TV has elapsed as the following sketches are played: "Spade Parade" Who tried to steal the Des Moines Duck? pt. 1 "Animation" Can seven cows form a rectangle? Not really, since seven is a prime number. "Spade Parade" The Case of the Des Moines Duck, Part 2 "Percentages Commercial" This commercial advertises percentages using the jingle "with discounts, it counts." "Exclusive Music Video" 8% of My Love - repeat of a video shown earlier in the first season. "Riddle of the Genie" What combination of nickels and dimes add up to $1.20? "News Interruption!" Square One TV is interrupted for a news interruption. "Mathnet: The Trial of George Frankly Part 3" Repeat of a Mathnet case first shown in Episode 118.moreless
    • Episode 505
      Episode 505
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      Skits in this Episode: "Mathcourt: Ice Cream Flavors" At the top of this installment of Square One TV's parody court show, the judge notices two people kissing in the spectators' seats. She tells them to stop the kissing, saying that there will be "no courting in this courtroom." Then, the case proceeds: an ice cream lady is on trial for a math crime. The district attorney accuses her of false advertising. Her advertising claims that using ten different flavors, she can create 100 different two dip ice cream cones. The district attorney contends that with ten ice cream flavors, she can only create 90 different flavors. He demonstrates, using a model. He shows that you can put one dip of any particular flavor on for the first dip and then make the second dip any of the other 9, making for 90 different flavors. The ice cream lady doesn't deny this. However, she says that there's something that the district attorney is missing and goes over to show him. She demonstrates that what the district attorney has said is true, however, she can also create ten additional cones, by making cones that have two dips of the same flavor. The shamed district attorney admits his mistake and the judge dismisses the case. "David Numberman: Sum is Always 65" In this segment of Square One TV's parody of the The Late Show With David Letterman, a guest demonstrates a math trick in with the sum of the numbers always ends up being 65. "Mathnet: The Case of the Mystery Weekend Part 5" Detectives Pat Tuesday and George Frankly are seemingly the only people left in a mansion called "Wit's End" They had originally come believing that they were attending a mystery weekend, but eventually learned that they had made a wrong turn. At the top of this episode, they're trying to figure out what could have happened to the guests that have gone missing. As they ponder this, they consider a schematic of the rooms that the guests were in. George notices something: the sizes of the various rooms are different. Pat and George realize that there could very well be secret passages and staircases connecting the various rooms. The two also notice something else. Each time one of the guests went missing, a Statue of Blind Justice disappeared from a shelf where they were all kept. At the end of the last episode, there were zero remaining. But now, there are two. They both realize that they're in great danger. The two decide to reinvestigate the possiblity that Peeved the butler may be responsible for the disappearances. George goes to check out the situation himself. But when George doesn't return, Pat goes to check Peeved's room and finds it empty. She starts searching around when somebody approaches her from behind. She thinks at first that it's George, playing a joke. But it's actually Peeved. The butler really did do it. Peeved chases Pat around, trying to catch her, while Pat does anything to escape, such as running around tables and turning over chairs. While doing this, she engages Peeved in conversation. She learns that he hates math and was the court stenographer for each of the trials in which they were all found innocent. He, however, believes that they were guilty, but were let go because they tricked their respective juries with mathematics. He's not actually the butler of the household, he's actually the owner. He named the mansion "Wit's End" because he's been at his wit's end ever since he left the courts. Eventually, while Pat is trying to escape, she's grabbed into a closet. It's by George. He's been in secret passageways, listening to her conversation with Peeved the whole time. The entire house is wired for sound. He shows Pat a sound system and explains that the screams they heard when guests disappeared were all tape recordings. Wondering where Peeved has gotten off to, they turn a knob on the sound system marked "Dungeon." They hear Peeved banging a gavel. He says that the "Court of Last Resort" is now in session and that justice will be done. He then proceeds to tell the imprisoned guests that their claims of innocence are trickery and deceit and that as punishment they'll be spending time at Wit's End, doing "community service." However, the only person who'll be doing any "community service" (jailtime) is Peeved. Pat sneaks up and captures him from behind. The guests are all freed and the police are called to take care of Peeved.moreless
    • Episode 161
      Episode 161
      Season 1 - Episode 61
      Sketches in this episode: "The Predictors" "Change Your P.O.V." "Multi-Gloves Commercial" "Animation: Pebble" "But Who's Adding?" "Animation: Number Nine" "Time Check" "Mathman" "Mathnet: The Mystery of the Maltese Pigeon, Part 1"
    • Episode 303
      Episode 303
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      "Close Call" The popular little game show takes on a new format. Arthur and Luisa ask the audience in advance to estimate the number of bottle caps on a bird feeder. The audience member whose estimate comes closest joins two other contestants (as in The Price is Right) for the main game. The next two estimation games are scored by a new estimate-o-meter. On it is a range of numbers; the better a contestant's estimate, the more points he/she gets. Lyle, Jessica, and audience member Thomas are asked to estimate the number of characters in a hieroglyphics panel, as well as the length of a column made from squares. "Math Pitch" George Washington kids us not: mathematics is more than arithmetic. "Exclusive Music Video: Tappin' The Rhythm" Guest Savion Glover tap-dances through a song about the different kinds of notes that fill up one bar on a music staff. "Animation: Beasley and Schneider" Mr. Beasley (Dirk Niblick's neighbor) answers the door to one of General Schneider's number puzzles. This is the first number puzzle: name the prime numbers between one and nine inclusive. "Savion Glover for Math" Savion Glover does a pitch for mathematics from the set of Tappin' The Rhythm. "Debbie Allen in Dancing to Health and Back" This was virtually the same piece on two-dimensional shapes Allen did in Episode 110, but with a different voice-over to start the sketch. "Elvis for Math" Cris Franco, impersonating Elvis, says that mathematics is a tool, just like a hammer. "Mathnet: The Case of the Ersatz Earthquake, Part 3" Everyone in L.A., especially the media, wants to pay Sybil Divine for that earthquake prediction. Kate and George meet with Los Angeles Mayor Quail [sic]. George shows a table of the Mayor's options. Back at the Mathnet offices, George checks his seismograph with alarm. he earthquake that hit City Hall during Sybil's press conference, did not register on his seismograph. He and Kate make a few quick phone calls. There were no detonations from bombs or construction companies. And Geological Society instruments can tell the difference between these and real earthquakes.moreless
    • Episode 113
      Episode 113
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      "The Groaning Wall"

      "Samurai Mathematician"

      "Diet Lite Wet" Comm. Shoot

      "Mathman" Fractions = 1/3

      Music Video: LCD

      "Good Sports: Fractional Baseball"

      New rules give a team ¼ of a run for each base a player reaches (sketch features actual footage of Mets-Cubs game at Wrigley Field)

      Time Check: 54/100 seen

      "Oops!" 4212 ÷ 6 = 702

      "Mathnet": "The Problem of the Passing Parade, Part 3"

      At the hideout, George encounters sheet music titles 75 Trombones. Back at Mathnet HQ, the kidnappers call, putting Steve Stringbean on the phone with a dull musical message: "Please do what these people say."moreless

    • Episode 137
      Episode 137
      Season 1 - Episode 37
      "Ratings Analysis" The centerpiece sketch is set at HBC, a Rival network trying to gain inroads on Square One TV's ratings. The bar graph demonstrates that SQ1TV has had great success with Mathnet, Callous, and March of History. Their duds include The Mike Merv Show Show (which we have not seen yet, but it's coming) and Ken & Barbie (which we will never see). In other words, Square One TV actually has no duds. "Commercial - Your Head" Karl Malden impersonator advertises the estimating and rounding skills of your head. Repeat of a segment that first aired earlier in the season. "Exclusive Music Video" Cristobal sings Sign of the Times "Time Check" An announcer tells us that we've seen 40% of the show so far. "Backstage with Blackstone" A magic trick with famous magician Harry Blackstone. "Mathman" Mathman is instructed to eat only Factors of 60. "Animation" An animation features quadrilaterals - shapes with four sides such as squares and rectangles. "Mathnet: Problem of the Missing Monkey, Part 2" Repeat of a Mathnet case that first aired in Episode 101.moreless
    • Episode 106
      Episode 106
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      "SQ1 Sports - Robin Hood -Archery - Highest Odd Score" An archery competition set in the "Robin Hood" story in which the objective is to get the highest odd-numbered score. The target has areas labeled 9, 7, 5, 3 and 1. Currently, Robin Hood has 34 points, while Sir Guy has a perfect score, 36. The commentator talks with the organizer of the competition, the Sheriff of Nottingham. He thinks he was the perfect scheme. The rules say that they have to shoot six times. However, with only odd numbers on the target, it's impossible for their score to be odd. Therefore, he gets to keep the gold and neither of them win. They return to the competition, where Sir Guy and Robin Hood both get perfect nines. It's a crucial moment. Sir Guy shoots and hits for another nine. It's no longer possible for him to get an odd number. Then, in a surprise move, Robin Hood, turns around, faces the opposite direction and shoots. Since he didn't hit the target, his score remains at 43, an odd number. He wins and gets the gold. The commentator asks if he's going to give it to the poor like he normally does. He says that he isn't, instead, he's keeping it all for himself. "Cabot and Marshmallow - Paying back $5" A skit about paying back $5. Cabot owes Marshmallow $5, so he tells him that he will not pay him one dollar every day for five days. To illustrate this, he puts five ones up on a markerboard and adds them up to five. Marshmallow thinks something is fishy. So he puts five zeros on the markerboard, which add up to zero. He doesn't like Cabot's offer, so Cabot makes him a new offer, he will not pay one dollar for seven days. Marshmallow takes the offer. "Person on the Street - Dodecahedron" In this segment, people on the street are asked what a dodecahedron is. Many strange answers are given, but only one person is correct - a dodecahedron is a twelve-sided, three-dimensional geometric figure. Other answers include that it's "something to eat" or "a cube with the angles cut off." "Dodecahedron Animation" A dodecahedron floats by, unfolds, and closes up. "But Who's Counting - Kirkendalls v. San Simeons" In this segment of "But Who's Counting," the objective is to get the highest number. "Angle Dance" A song by "Plane Geometry" from the album "No Record Deal Yet." Aired with a parody content warning immediately before it, saying that the following contains graphic descriptions of different types of angles and that viewer discretion is advised. Cast member Larry Cedar, the lead singer (dressed up in some sort of punk/gothic? look), backed up by the other cast members, sings about angles. "Mathematics in Basketball" A profile of female basketball player Nancy Lieberman, who discusses the use of mathematics in basketball. "Ball Bounce" An animation in which a ball bounces around inside a box. Eventually, it bounces and goes out the exit of the box, ending the bouncing. "Mathnet: The Case of the Missing Baseball Part 1" Kate and George get a call from a toy store clerk who claims that some kids were playing baseball and lost their baseball. They arrive at the scene where the ball was lost, and ask why the missing baseball was so important. Howie, one of the children, informs the Mathnetters that the ball was his father's, and it was signed by Babe Ruth. Howie makes it clear that if he doesn't get the baseball back before his dad comes home from his buisness trip, "he'll rip me to shreds!" Kate and George learn that the ball went over right field and ponder if the ball landed in a house there. The crabby old owner, Mrs. MacGregor, insists that the ball wouldn't be at her house, but Kate and George search around, and come up empty. They also spot a billboard in the area, and assume that the ball bounced off the billboard. Back at the office, Ginny, head of the computer lab, illustrates several possibilities where the ball bounces off the billboard. Knowing that the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection, the Mathnetters conclude that if the ball bounced off the sign, it would have landed near the house, and if Mrs. MacGregor's door was open, the ball would be in the house. George calls Mrs. MacGregor and asks her if her door was open, When she says it was, he realizes that the ball must be at the house, and asks if he may search the house. Mrs. MacGregor says that's easier said than done, because her house is missing!moreless
    • Episode 134
      Episode 134
      Season 1 - Episode 34
      "Commercial Shoot for Stephan's Stereo" This segment attempts to find out what works best: decimal, fraction or percent? "Animation - Conversion" An animation shows viewers that 75% = 75/100 = .75 = 3/4 "Welcome Back, Blotter" In this sendup ofWelcome Back, Kotter, Mr. Blotter's birthday presents are not finished; only a precentage is done each time. "Don't Despair" "8% of My Love" Repeat of a music video that first aired in Episode 107. "But Who's Counting?" For the only time, Monte Carlo has kid contestants in his parody game-show. It's their task to make the largest 5-digit number. "Commercial - Your Head" A commercial promotes your head, saying that it estimates. "Mathnet: The Problem of the Trojan Hamburger Part 4" George learns that the abandoned balloon was the one that was rented and that it was reshaped to fit in the hamburger. Debbie informs that Mathnetters that Hans Ballpeen returned home and Beulah is ecstatic to have him back. Hans tells the Mathnetters that the kidnappers forced him to cut a diamond, which makes the Mathnetters nervous about the disappearance of the Despair Diamond, especially since Hans says that the diamond weighed over 200 carats. When Kane hears that the diamond was cut into 7 pieces and can no longer be traced, he is furious. As Kate and George leave the mansion, George points out that as Hans works as a clown for children's birthday parties, his wife made many balloons for a party, all of which contain...helium.moreless
    • Episode 501
      Episode 501
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      Skits in This Episode: "Kid 'n Play - Rules of Thumb" Musicians Kid 'n Play sing about rules of thumb, a handy way to do estimations. In this song, Kid has bought a "tight party crib," but it's a handyman's special and so "it might need a little work." They use rules of thumb to estimate how much paint the would need to paint the floor for a party being hosted that night. The rule of thumb that the measurement from your fingertip on one hand to your fingertip on the other is about the same as your height turns out to be a good rule of thumb and with that, they're able to make a good estimate of how much paint they need. "The Further Adventures of Zook and Alison: Wheel of Destiny" A skit which may or may not be a parody of an old show called The Further Adventures of Spin and Marty. Zook and Alison are in their home on the Planet Neon when their Uncle Wilt takes off to go somewhere. He says he's going to go to be on the Wheel of Destiny. Soon after he leaves, the mother asks where he went. He has to talk about a book of his the next day. So Zook and Alison tell her: he went to be on the Wheel of Destiny. The Wheel of Destiny? What planet is that on? FIND! UNCLE! WILT! Zook and Alison head for Earth, identified as the planet that Uncle Wilt has gone to. There, they find a local store in Los Angeles that has a television to catch the live broadcast of the show. They see Uncle Wilt on the show. When asked what he does for a living, he says that he's a posthole digger. Then, when he has to solve a puzzle, he answers "SENSER OR LATER" when the correct answer is "SOONER OR LATER." He loses and at the end of the show, a blurb plays about a restaurant in which all contestants on the show receive a free complimentary dinner. So Zook and Alison head for the restaurant. But it turns out that there are many locations of this restaurant throughout Los Angeles. Using a process of elimination involving a Venn Diagram, Zook and Alison find Uncle Wilt. "Fax Headfull: Population Density" A character who's a parody of Max Headroom appears on screen and talks about how he gets kind of lonely being the guy behind the screen watching all the sports, news, weather, kids shows, on and on. He goes on to talk about population density, which he jokes is how "dense" or stupid a population is. He then explains that it's actually how many people are in a place per square mile. For example, 1,000 people per square mile. Another example is that of Alaska: just one person per square mile. In a hypothetical case, Fax Headfull considers what the population density would be like if the entire population of Rhode Island came for a party in Rhode Island. "Pauline's Perilous Pyramid" A skit about finding ranges. "Mathnet: The Case of the Mystery Weekend Part 1" George Frankly was going to go on a Mystery Weekend with his wife, Martha. However, she isn't able to make it, so he invites his partner, Pat Tuesday, to go instead. They don't realize it when they make a wrong turn and head for the wrong mansion. At the mansion, they assume their roles for the Mystery Weekend. At the end of the episode, after the guests go to check into their rooms, a scream is heard from upstairs.moreless
    • Episode 531
      Episode 531
      Season 5 - Episode 31
      Music Video: Tony and the Togas "The Mathematics of Love" Dirk Niblick: Beazley Witnesses Robbery w/ License Plate Numbers James Earl Jones: One Million Dirk, pt. 2 Person on the Street: Million, Billion, Trillion Seconds Pauline's Perilous Pyramid Mathnet: The Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 1
    • Episode 520
      Episode 520
      Season 5 - Episode 20
      "Mathnet: The Case of the Bermuda Triangle part 5" Following Trudy's Kidnapping, the Mathnetters search the evidenceprovided by the HMS Twain's logbook and figure out why there were two logbooks-there might have been a second HMS Twain, as judged by the poem. This is confirmed by investigating Revolutionary War history and finding that the first HMS Twain was headed for Hamilton Massachussetts to divert the colonists while the second HMS Twain, which actually had the supplies went to Hamilton North Carolina a few days later, as Cornwallis was stationed at Hamilton at the time of the Twain's voyage. "Blame Earl" appears on one of the maps, and after triangulating from Hamilton and Jackson in North Carolina Twice, the wreck seems to be traced to the Albemarle sound, of which Blame Earl was an anagram. At Albemarle sound, George searches for the sunken treasure, but as soon as he finds it, Queeg comes on board and cuts George's airhose despite threat of arrest. Geogre, however, was kept out of Harm's way, as he shows up on a Coast Guard ship with a treasure chest. Trudy, who had been with Queeg, notices the same smell the burglar left in her apartment, and "Queeg" is revealed to be Donnawhy, who wanted the treasure for himself, and planted a set of ball bearings in Trudy's apartment to implicate the real Queeg, who actually left to start another scam. Trudy recieves the fortune on the Twain, and recovers the secret plans, which were to use to fortune on the ship to bribe the colonists to surrender, but her great-great-great-great-grandfather scuttled his ship out of loyalty to the colonists.moreless
    • Episode 523
      Episode 523
      Season 5 - Episode 23
      Nobody's Inn: Survey Percentages Mathman: Multiples of 3 Beazley and Schneider's List Music Video: Nine Nine Nine - The House Band Mathnet: Case of the Piggy Banker part 3
    • Episode 519
      Episode 519
      Season 5 - Episode 19
      Zook & Alison: Wheel of Destiny James Earl Jones: One Million James Earl Jones: One Billion Fax Headfull: Population Density Music Video: Wanna Be - Bobby McFerrin Mathnet: The Case of the Bermuda Triangle Pt. 4
    • Episode 425
      Episode 425
      Season 4 - Episode 25
    • Episode 525
      Episode 525
      Season 5 - Episode 25
      Zook & Alison: Spa Bravo General Mathpital: Dividing a Square Into Two Squares Fax Headfull: Left-handedness Mathnet: Case of the Piggy Banker pt 5
    • Episode 526
      Episode 526
      Season 5 - Episode 26
      Pauline's Perilous Pyramid Music Video: Count the Ways - The Judds Mathman: Square Numbers Sneaky Peeks: Catman Beazley and Schneider Mathnet: Case of the Mystery Weekend pt. 1
    • Episode 527
      Episode 527
      Season 5 - Episode 27
      General Mathpital: Making a Triangle from a Line Fax Headfull: Math: It's All Around Us Nobody's Inn: Antoine Asks for a Raise Mathnet: Case of the Mystery Weekend pt. 2
    • Episode 506
      Episode 506
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      Zook & Alison: Stonehenge Fax Headfull: Election Statistics Sneaky Peeks: Ned & Ed Mathman: Hexagons Mathnet: Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 1
    • Episode 530
      Episode 530
      Season 5 - Episode 30
      Music Video: Patterns - "Weird Al" Yankovic Commercial: Parabolas, Brought to You by Geometry David Numberman: Trick to Find Age Mathnet: Case of the Mystery Weekend Pt. 5
    • Episode 509
      Episode 509
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      Zook & Alison: Spa Bravo Mathman: Symmetry (Free Game) Fax Headfull: Then I Learned Geometry Mathcourt: 8 foot clock Patterns, Brought to You by Geometry Mathnet: Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 4
    • Episode 534
      Episode 534
      Season 5 - Episode 34
      Zook & Alison: Spa Bravo (from 509) Mathcourt: 8 foot tall clock (from 509) Fax Headfull: "then I learned geometry..." Music Video: "Shape Up" Fax Headfull: "math is more than moving numbers around" Mathnet: The Case of the Smart Dummy, part 4
    • Episode 517
      Episode 517
      Season 5 - Episode 17
      Mathcourt: Better Baseball Team Music Video: Less Than Zero Pauline's Perilous Pyramid Math commercial: Watermelon Fractions Dick & Vern Intro But Who's Counting: Largest Sum of Two Fractions Mathnet: Case of the Bermuda Triangle Pt. 2
    • Episode 514
      Episode 514
      Season 5 - Episode 14
      Pauline's Perilous Pyramid David Numberman: Billionaire Waitress Child actor: Joan Rivers David Numberman: Trick to Find Age Music Video: Gregory Hines - That's Math Mathnet: The Case of Off the Record Pt. 4
    • Episode 515
      Episode 515
      Season 5 - Episode 15
      General Mathpital: Double Area of Rectangle Fax Headfull: Left Handedness Mathnet: The Case of Off the Record Pt. 5
    • Episode 508
      Episode 508
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      Nobody's Inn: Five Course Meals Music Video: Infinity - The Jets David Numberman: Answer is 7 Mathnet: Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 3 See Episode 533. Noggin combined the first half of 508 with the second half of 533 during the time that they repeated episodes of Square One TV.moreless
    • Episode 315
      Episode 315
      Season 3 - Episode 15
    • Episode 504
      Episode 504
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      "Nobody's Inn" A segment about applying for sales tax and discount. "Downtown Julie Brown" Julie Brown comes on and says that if you use math, you'll be cool. "Sneaky Peeks" In this first installment of Square One TV's parody ofSiskel & Ebert, critics Roz Sherbet and Gene Sisboombah take a look a clip of a movie called "Catman." (A parody of "Batman.") Sherbet doesn't think that there could possibly be much math in a movie about crimefighting, but Sisboombah thinks differently. They roll the clip. The plot is that a stinkbomb has been set up to go off in just a few minutes in a game show studio. Catman and his female assistant Kitty need to figure out a way to stop it before that happens. The villain who set up the bomb, The Rhymeseter, is present there. He's not about to tell our heroes the combinations to open the locks to the bomb, but will give them clues. He begins by calling them rubes and says that they can open the first lock by adding one to the largest two digit cube. So Kitty and Catman get to work on the problem. 1 X 1 X 1 doesn't work, as 1 multiplied by itself is always and infinitely 1. 2 X 2 X 2 doesn't even produce a two-digit number, so that's still too small. 3 X 3 X 3 gets a two-digit number, but is it the largest? 4 X 4 X 4 produces 64, which is pretty large. The next one, 5 X 5 X 5 is 125, which is three digits and therefore out of bounds. So 1 is added to 64 to make 65 and this number unlocks the first lock on the stinkbomb. The Rhymester gives the next clue: the second lock can be opened by finding the largest two digit square. Catman begins again by starting with 1. However, it's taking a long time and Kitty suggests an alternate strategy: working backwards. She starts at 10 X 10, which produces a three digit number: 100. However, the next one backwards, 9 X 9, produces 81, a two digit number. Therefore, the number for the second lock must be 81. 81 is entered and the lock opens. Then, Catman starts coughing. Kitty's not sure what's wrong and then the clip cuts away. Sherbet asks what's going on and Sisboombah says that she just wants to point out that she was right, there is a lot of math in this movie. Sherbet agrees, but wishes they could go back to the clip. The suspense is killing him. We return to the clip, where we learn that Catman is all right. It was just a hairball. The Rhymester gives the third clue: the third lock will open when they find the largest two digit number prime. Catman and Kitty deduce that "number prime" is just the Rhymester's way of saying "prime number" and making it rhyme. Kitty immediately suggests that they try working backwards again. After all, if they started at 10, it would take forever. So they begin with 99. But that has 3 as a factor, so it's out. 98 is even and the only even prime number is 2, so that's obviously not it. Then, they come to 97. They don't think that it has any factors other than 1 and itself, but it's a large number and it could take a while to test them all. Kitty suggests using a process called "trial and error." 97 could be the correct number, so they should just try it and see if they're right. If it's wrong, they can try something else. It is indeed the correct number and unlocks the third lock. They open the door and find... another lock! The Rhymester declares that he's got them now and also is now silent in terms of further clues. However, Catman notices a pattern. The difference between 81 and 65 is 16 and the difference between 97 and 81 is also 16. So perhaps the final number to unlock this last lock is 97 + 16, or 113. This number unlocks the final lock. The stink bomb's fuse is pulled. Catman calls the Rhymester a "worthless cur" and says that he'll spend his "final days in stir." Kitty complains that now Catman is rhyming too. Then, the Rhymester pulls out a mouse and starts teasing the heroes with it and the clip ends. Sherbert, impressed, gives the clip a perfect 10. Sisboombah gives it a 9.5, for an average score of 9.75. "Fax Headfull" Fax Headfull comes on the screen and says that math is like a power tool and that if you use it, you'll be cool. "Mathnet: The Case of the Mystery Weekend Part 4" Three guests have already disappeared from a mansion called "Wit's End," leaving only three remaining. Mathematicians Pat Tuesday and George Frankly are also at the mansion, having made a wrong turn while trying to get to another mansion to attend a mystery weekend game. Trying to solve the disappearances, the two mathematicians decide to look for patterns. In each of the previous disappearances, a newspaper clipping and a Statue of Blind Justice was left in the room of the disappeared guest. In each of the newspaper clippings, the guest was identified by a different name than that which going by now. Also, the invitation they received to come to the mansion beared their old name. Upon, questioning, the remaining guests admit that they all changed their names. Each of them had gone on trial for a crime, but had been found innocent. They also present the invitations they received to the mansions and they all bear their former names. Eventually, two of the guests, Sally and Miles, say that they're tired and that they'd like to go to bed. Pat and George think that they should all stick together, but they're overruled. Pat and George play a game of pool. However, it's different from normal pool. In this game, the balls all represent the colors of the rainbow. There's Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet, plus a Black ball and a White cue ball. Pat thinks that she might have found a pattern. Using a schematic of the rooms as a prop, she points out that the guests disappeared from their rooms following a color pattern. First the one in the Red room disappeared, then Orange and then Yellow. If the pattern holds true, then next guest to disappear will be Sally, who's in the Green room. George points out something else. Each of the newspaper articles found in the rooms mentions a time that the guest who was found innocent left the courtroom. The times match the times at which the guests disappeared. A scream is heard coming from upstairs. Pat and George check the Green room and find... Miles! He explains that he had noticed the color pattern, the colors were going from "hot to cool." He convinced Sally to switch rooms with him, thinking that he'd catch the kidnapper when he tried to nab him. But apparently the kidnapper knows what they're doing. He caught on and nabbed Sally from the blue room. They all enter the blue room and find another newspaper clipping and Statue of Blind Justice. The remaining two guests go back downstairs, but eventually, Miles decides that he'd like to go back to bed. George goes upstairs to watch over him, while Pat remains downstairs. Miles had said that he got out of court around 1:00, while the other guest remembers the time she got out exactly: 12:45 P.M. Pat is downstairs watching, when the clock chimes 12:45. Shortly after, Pat hears a man's scream coming from upstairs. Racing up, she runs into George, who says that he heard a scream coming from downstairs. Pat races back downstairs, while George races up. Downstairs, Pat finds another newspaper clipping and a Statue of Blind Justice. George returns from upstairs, with the same. Both guests were let out of court at the same time, 12:45 P.M. Now Pat and George are apparently the only people left in the mansion.moreless
    • Episode 503
      Episode 503
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      David Numberman: Wastepaper Basketball Savion for Math David Numberman: Always 7 Fax Headfull - Food Statistics Mathnet: Case of the Mystery Weekend Pt. 3
    • Episode 511
      Episode 511
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      David Numberman: Stella's Compound Interest Music Video: Kid 'n' Play - Rules of Thumb Fax Headfull: Cars Mathnet: The Case of Off the Record Pt. 1
    • Episode 502
      Episode 502
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      General Mathpital: Two Squares from One Square Sneaky Peeks: The Adding Family Careers Song (You Gotta Know Math) Mathnet: Case of the Mystery Weekend Pt. 2
    • Episode 521
      Episode 521
      Season 5 - Episode 21
      Sneaky Peeks: The Adding Family Commercial: Popover Chef The Further Adventures of Zook and Alison: Stonehenge Fax Headfull: Averages Mathnet: Case of the PIggy Banker Pt. 1
    • Episode 533
      Episode 533
      Season 5 - Episode 33
      David Numberman: Dog That Multiplies Commercial: Kong King - Director David Numberman: Irish Ski Team Sneaky Peeks: Pollyanna Jones and the Pyramid of Perplexity Mathman: Pentagons Mathnet: Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 3 See Episode 508. Noggin combined the first half of 508 with the second half of 533 during the time when they aired repeats of Square One TV.moreless
    • Episode 430
      Episode 430
      Season 4 - Episode 30
    • Episode 240
      Episode 240
      Season 2 - Episode 40
    • Episode 516
      Episode 516
      Season 5 - Episode 16
      Skits in this Episode: "Sneaky Peeks: Gorillas In Our Midst" In the movie, a newsanchor (Reg E. Cathey) uses a chart to count the number of gorilla sightings in New York City, and addding up the numbers on each block he gets 132, so he assumes there are 132 gorillas. A gorilla expert proves that's not the case-there's only one gorilla, and all those people saw the same gorilla at different times. The newsanchor admits his error, saying, "You made a monkey out of me," which offends the gorilla. Critic Roz Sherbet gives the film an 8.5, and Sisboombah gives it a 9.1, for an average of 8.8 "You Call The Angle" Skateboarder Sean Miller does a skateboard trick-is is a 180, a 360, or a 540? It's a 180, because it's a half-turn. (Note: This segment first appeared in Episode 308.) "Nobody's Inn" A spoof of Fawlty Towers where hotel manager Cyril Nobody attempts to measure the stairs to purchase a new carpet. Distractions jeep popping up, and he keeps tripping on the carpet and only measures one step at a time. Mrs. Nobody, however, shows how to measure the entire length and depth together with two simple measurements. "Mathnet: The Case of the Bermuda Triangle Part 1" Pat and George appear on a talk show hosted by M. P. (Meat Puppet) Donnawhy to promote Math Awareness week and explain the importance of mathematics. Donnawhy ridicules their efforts, and brings out another guest, Captain Phillip Francis Bogie Queeg, who claims to have been to the Bermuda Triangle. George insists that it's a hoax, and that the disaster footage Quegg brought from the trip was doctored, but Donnawhy refites him, and makes the Mathnetters leave his show during the commercial break. They then get a call from Gertrude Ebbtide, who was with Queeg on his Bermuda Triangle voyage, and insists that Queeg is a liar.moreless
    • Episode 518
      Episode 518
      Season 5 - Episode 18
      "Mathnet: The Case of the Bermuda Triangle Part 3" The Mathnetters and Trudi arrice at Bermuda, where they meet up with pirate Captain Long John Silverplate, and his parrot Howard. Silverplate informs them that Queeg agreed to provide the sonar, but Howard claims that Queeg is a coward. Queeg arrives and admits that he lied on the Donnawhy show, but claims that he only did so to look good on television. When the mathnetters set sail, the same thing that happened on Queeg's previous voyage happens again: loud moans are heard and the compass spins out of direction. They return empty-handed and Queeg warns the mathnetters not to go back there again. On the way back, the Mathnetters call Captain Greco, who informs them not to go back to Bermuda ever again. Back at Mathnet HQ, Benny Pill sets an electromagnet on a compass and it spins out of direction. The Mathnetters conclude that Queeg set up the electromagnet as he operated the sonar, and found a way to fake the screams. Trudi enters the office happily-she has won the boat race and has enough money to make another trip to Bermuda, but as she calls Silverplate, she gets some bad news that explains why Queeg wanted her out of Bermuda-he obtained salvage rights to the HMS Twain and is making a dive tomorrow, so now he owns the ship.moreless
    • Episode 513
      Episode 513
      Season 5 - Episode 13
      Zook & Alison: Rock Concert Mathcourt: Building a Fence Michigan Stadium - Ping Pong Balls Mathnet: The Case of Off the Record Pt. 3
    • Episode 529
      Episode 529
      Season 5 - Episode 29
      Mathcourt: Biased Survey Zook and Alison: Rock Concert Commercial: Time Zones (London Airlines) Dirk Quickie: Mathnet Coming Soon Mathnet: Case of the Mystery Weekend Pt. 4
    • Episode 535
      Episode 535
      Season 5 - Episode 35
      Pauline's Perilous Pyramid Nobody's Inn: Combining Two Percentage Discounts Fax Headfull: Statistics About Cars Mathnet: The Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 5
    • Episode 528
      Episode 528
      Season 5 - Episode 28
      David Numberman: Wastepaper Basketball Careers PSA (You Gotta Know Math) David Numberman: Answer is Always 7 Fax Headfull: Food Statistics Mathnet: Case of the Mystery Weekend Pt. 3
    • Episode 340
      Episode 340
      Season 3 - Episode 40
      One last reminder: One Million seconds=11 ½ days; The Mathathon does its final break with swordfighters, graphing pledges, and a bear; One last reminder: One Billion seconds=32 years; The final visit to Michigan Stadium: How many ping-pong balls would fill the Stadium to the top? followed by "Angle Dance" video as seen in Season One Mathnet: The Case of the Unkidnapping, Part 5moreless
    • Episode 337
      Episode 337
      Season 3 - Episode 37
    • Episode 510
      Episode 510
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      Pauline's Perilous Pyramid General Mathpital: Making a Triangle from a Line Segment Fax Headfull: World Population Mathnet: Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 5
    • Episode 522
      Episode 522
      Season 5 - Episode 22
      Music Video: Rules of Thumb, Kid 'n' Play David Numberman: Chimp with Prime Number Banana Child actor for math: Robin Leach David Numberman: Polumbo, Prime Investigator Pauline's Perilous Pyramid Mathnet: Case of the Piggy Banker pt. 2
    • Episode 507
      Episode 507
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      David Numberman: Dog Tha Multiplies Child actor: Lawrence Taylor David Numberman: Irish Ski Team Claymation Creatures: +5 + -3 = +2 Pauline's Perilous Pyramid James Earl Jones: One Million Mathnet: Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 2
    • Episode 524
      Episode 524
      Season 5 - Episode 24
      Mathcourt: Embedded Squares Dirk Niblick: Coaching the Baseball Team Person on the Street: Rhombus Mathnet: Case of the Piggy Banker part 4
    • Episode 532
      Episode 532
      Season 5 - Episode 32
      General Mathpital: Double the Area of a Rectangle Fax Headfull: World Population Music Video - Rules of Thumb, Kid 'n Play Commercial: Mapping --- Brought to You by Geometry Mathnet: The Case of the Smart Dummy Pt. 2
    • Episode 319
      Episode 319
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      "Math-a-Thon" Superguy visits Math-a-Thon to discuss combinatorics (as used in Episode 110) and pie chart predictions. "Exclusive Music Video" Wanna Be sung by Bobby McFerrin "Backstage with Blackstone" Blackstone figures out the mystery among four papers with numbers after one is turned over. "Beasley and Schneider's Binary Sieve" Beasley determines the secret number among triangular numbers. "Mathnet: The Case of the Unkidnapping, Part 4"moreless
    • Episode 335
      Episode 335
      Season 3 - Episode 35
    • Episode 334
      Episode 334
      Season 3 - Episode 34
    • Episode 333
      Episode 333
      Season 3 - Episode 33
    • Episode 314
      Episode 314
      Season 3 - Episode 14
    • Episode 332
      Episode 332
      Season 3 - Episode 32
    • Episode 336
      Episode 336
      Season 3 - Episode 36
    • Episode 313
      Episode 313
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      Skits in this Episode Included, But Were Not Limited To: "Person on the Street - Pizzas" If you eat one pizza a day, how long will it take you to eat one million pizzas? People give answers, but the correct answer is 2700 years. Similarly, it will take 2,700,000 years to eat one billion pizzas. National Geometric Repeat of a segment that first aired in Episode 114.moreless
    • Episode 338
      Episode 338
      Season 3 - Episode 38
    • Episode 402
      Episode 402
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      Sketches in this episode: "General Mathpital" "Music Video: That's Math" "Mathcourt" "If It's It Out There..." "Mathnet: The Case of the Unnatural, Part 2"
    • Episode 311
      Episode 311
      Season 3 - Episode 11
    • Episode 401
      Episode 401
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      "Mathcourt" The Honorable Sandra Day O'Crater presides over this session of this noble court. In this first case, the defendant is accused of paying less than the billed price for "Mega Fries." The trick is that both the Mega Fries container and the standard fries container have the same volume. Therefore, even though one appears much smaller, it really holds the same amount of fries. "Comedy & Home Improvement Hour" This lead-in bit serves as an intro to the next song routine. "Polka Patterns" Weird Al Yanovic sings about how he can see patterns everywhere. The bathroom is just one of the many places where you can find cool and attractive patterns. "Math Promo" Downtown Julie Brown promotes Mathematics as a mental tool. "Phone Call" A burglar demonstrates a number trick that allows you to come up with the current year. "New Detective" Vern of "Vern & Vern" fame learns from Dick of Dick & Vern fame that Kate Monday no longer appears on Mathnet. The current season will star Pat Tuesday. "Mathnet: The Case of the Unnatural, Part 1" George Frankly is fascinated with an ex-journeyman baseball player named Roy (Lefty) Cobbs, who is currently on a hot streak in the minors. In the excitement and confusion, Pat and George must speak with Babs, a young girl who has been keeping up a number-pattern game with a friend, who happens to be Roy (Lefty) Cobbs. The number patterns he has been sending, break the rules they had established for their game.moreless
    • Episode 312
      Episode 312
      Season 3 - Episode 12
    • Episode 339
      Episode 339
      Season 3 - Episode 39
    • Episode 331
      Episode 331
      Season 3 - Episode 31
    • Episode 330
      Episode 330
      Season 3 - Episode 30
    • Episode 317
      Episode 317
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      "But Who's Counting?" Wilma Wright and Orva Wright do battle, vying for the best possible product from a three-digit and a one-digit number. "Mathman" Mathman is supposed to eat only symmetrical polygons. "Math-A-Thon" Interview with René Descartes and lecture on estimation. "Mathnet: The Case of the Unkidnapping, Part 2"
    • Episode 322
      Episode 322
      Season 3 - Episode 22
    • Episode 321
      Episode 321
      Season 3 - Episode 21
    • Episode 320
      Episode 320
      Season 3 - Episode 20
    • Episode 318
      Episode 318
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      "Square One Challenge" A rare feat on this Square One TV game show, as Naomi and Kenny play the perfect game, ending in a tie! "You Call The Angle" Is Sean correct when he talks of 540 degrees? "Arthur on Phone" Arthur participates in a number-trick. Take any number, add 7, multiply by 2, subtract 4, divide by 2, and subtract the original number. The answer is always 5. Repeat of a segment first shown in Episode 218. "Ball Bouncing Inside Rectangle" An animation shows that the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection. "Michigan Stadium Quiz" How many frisbees would it take to cover the field? "Mathnet: The Case of the Unkidnapping, Part 3"moreless
    • Episode 323
      Episode 323
      Season 3 - Episode 23
    • Episode 316
      Episode 316
      Season 3 - Episode 16
    • Episode 324
      Episode 324
      Season 3 - Episode 24
    • Episode 329
      Episode 329
      Season 3 - Episode 29
    • Episode 328
      Episode 328
      Season 3 - Episode 28
    • Episode 327
      Episode 327
      Season 3 - Episode 27
    • Episode 326
      Episode 326
      Season 3 - Episode 26
    • Episode 325
      Episode 325
      Season 3 - Episode 25
    • Episode 403
      Episode 403
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      Mathnet : The Case Of The Unnatural Part 3
    • Episode 404
      Episode 404
      Season 4 - Episode 4
    • Episode 432
      Episode 432
      Season 4 - Episode 32
    • Episode 431
      Episode 431
      Season 4 - Episode 31
    • Episode 429
      Episode 429
      Season 4 - Episode 29
    • Episode 428
      Episode 428
      Season 4 - Episode 28
    • Episode 427
      Episode 427
      Season 4 - Episode 27
    • Episode 426
      Episode 426
      Season 4 - Episode 26
    • Episode 424
      Episode 424
      Season 4 - Episode 24
    • Episode 433
      Episode 433
      Season 4 - Episode 33
    • Episode 434
      Episode 434
      Season 4 - Episode 34
    • Episode 435
      Episode 435
      Season 4 - Episode 35
    • Square One Video Jukebox
      Square One Video Jukebox
      Season 3 - Episode 41
      MTV's "Downtown" Julie Brown presents 8 of Square One TV's music videos: "Wanna Be," "Square Brothers," "Combo Jombo," "Rappin' Judge," "One Billion is Big," "Nine, Nine, Nine," "Less Than Zero," and "Infinity." According to Julie, Square One TV made 48 music videos up until now and these are about 17% of them, all in stereo.moreless
    • Episode 512
      Episode 512
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      Sneaky Peeks: Codebusters Person on the Street: Combinatorics Nobody's Inn: Handshakes Mathman: Multiples of 6 Fax Headfull: Work together Mathnet: "Off the Record, Part 2"
    • Episode 440
      Episode 440
      Season 4 - Episode 40
    • Episode 439
      Episode 439
      Season 4 - Episode 39
    • Episode 438
      Episode 438
      Season 4 - Episode 38
    • Episode 437
      Episode 437
      Season 4 - Episode 37
      Skits in this Episode: "Infinity" A music video by the Jets about the concept of infinity. (Note: This segment first appeared in Episode 302.) "Mathman - Mr. Glitch Plays" Mathman is out walking his dog, Mathdog, so Glitch is in his place. Glitch has to determine the truth and falsehood of statements regarding who's better in math. Glitch correctly guesses false on the first two statements (that tall people are better in math than short people and that those who wear glasses are better in math than those who don't) but fails the last statement (Curly-haired people from Cleveland are better at math than anyone else) believing it's true. Mathman points out that it's false, as all sorts of people are good at math, and so Mathdog consumes Glitch. (Note: This segment first appeared in Episode 414.) "Phone Call" When a burglar is robbing a house, someone calls him and tells him a math problem - Add the year of your birth, the year something important happened in your life, then take the difference between that year and the current year, and your age at the end of this year. Then divide by two and the result is the current year. When the burglar does the problem, he is caught by the police. The burglar tells the police officer the problem and she is amazed, but arrests him anyway. "Animation - Estimation" A short person tries to pick an apple off of a tree. Estimating that he's three heads tall and that the tree is 12 heads tall, he gets three other people of the same height to stand on each other's shoulders and he goes on top and gets the apple. "Mathnet: Despair in Monterey Bay Part 2" After some gunshots, the Despair Diamond is missing. Pat and George find a tape recording of gunshots in a trash can and figure that the thief turned on the tape and took the diamond while everyone was hiding. They assume that Archie Leach took the gem, as he is leaving the party by motorboat. The coast guard catches up to him as he is capsized, but nothing is found on him. Pat and George figure that the diamond is in the Pacific Ocean, so they plan to dive for it. Using triangulation, they get information from two witnesses who saw the boat sink from two different directions. Now that they know where the boat sank, they have to find the gem as they dive. (Note: This segment appeared previously in Episode 407.)moreless
    • Episode 436
      Episode 436
      Season 4 - Episode 36
    • Episode 423
      Episode 423
      Season 4 - Episode 23
    • Episode 422
      Episode 422
      Season 4 - Episode 22
    • Episode 411
      Episode 411
      Season 4 - Episode 11
    • Episode 410
      Episode 410
      Season 4 - Episode 10
    • Episode 409
      Episode 409
      Season 4 - Episode 9
    • Episode 408
      Episode 408
      Season 4 - Episode 8
    • Episode 407
      Episode 407
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      Skits in this Episode: "Mathman: Math Myths" In this installment, Mathman must dispel math myths regarding where and when math is used. The first is that you only need math in jobs that require handling money, such as being a banker. Mathman points out that there are other jobs in which math is used, such as being a scuba diver, or a choreographer, or an airplane pilot, so the statement is false. The next is that math isn't used outside of school. Mathman gives many examples of how math is used outside of school, but in this season, the amount of time Mathman has to make a decision becomes important. Mathman failed to say false in time, so Glitch eats him, figuring, "Play by the rules, get eaten by the rules." "Square One Challenge" Another installment involves a tower of blocks, a statue of Mr. Beasley, and comparing 60% of 80 to 80% of 60. "Mathnet: Despair in Monterey Bay Part 2" The continuation of the Monterey Bay case.moreless
    • Episode 406
      Episode 406
      Season 4 - Episode 6
    • Episode 405
      Episode 405
      Season 4 - Episode 5
    • Episode 412
      Episode 412
      Season 4 - Episode 12
    • Episode 413
      Episode 413
      Season 4 - Episode 13
    • Episode 414
      Episode 414
      Season 4 - Episode 14
    • Episode 421
      Episode 421
      Season 4 - Episode 21
    • Episode 420
      Episode 420
      Season 4 - Episode 20
    • Episode 419
      Episode 419
      Season 4 - Episode 19
    • Episode 418
      Episode 418
      Season 4 - Episode 18
    • Episode 417
      Episode 417
      Season 4 - Episode 17
    • Episode 416
      Episode 416
      Season 4 - Episode 16
    • Episode 415
      Episode 415
      Season 4 - Episode 15
    • Episode 310
      Episode 310
      Season 3 - Episode 10
    • Episode 309
      Episode 309
      Season 3 - Episode 9
    • Episode 144
      Episode 144
      Season 1 - Episode 44
      Skits in this Episode Included: "Cabot and Marshmallow – Wooden Candy Bars" Repeat of a segment first aired in Episode 108. "Sybil Sawyer, Part 4" Hollywood reporter Sybil Sawyer is still in the woods, learning how people estimate the amount of wood in a log. "Oops!" A new segment finds a man making a mistake when multiplying decimals. The end tease ("Oops! is brought to you by erasers") is repeated by mistake. "Bumper: Please Stand By" "Bulletin" Now that SQ1TV is back on, they can deliver a late-breaking news item from the local courtroom. A jester was accused of making a bed too small for the King to fit in. The problem was, the King had made measurements for the desired bed using his big feet. The jester copied the measurements with his small feet, After exhausting testimony, the jester was found not guilty. "Time Check" Tease informs viewers they have already seen .44 of SQ1TV. "Mathman" This time, Mathman must eat only multiples of 6. "Countin' Out The Rhythm" Repeat of a music video first aired in Episode 116. "But Who's Adding?" Repeat of a game first aired in Episode 117." Mathnet: The Problem of the Missing Baseball, Part 4" Repeat of a mystery segment first aired in Episode 109.moreless
    • Episode 145
      Episode 145
      Season 1 - Episode 45
      Immediately after the titles, a voice over reminds us we've seen one thirtieth of Square One TV. Now twenty-nine thirtieths are to be seen: "Phoneymooners" A Venn Diagram shows groceries bought for Raccoon Hamburger Fry. Seems four things were bought twice and another four were not bought at all. "Sybil Sawyer (Pt 5.) A segment that details wood used vs. wood wasted in furniture. "Oops!" A segment about ruler measurement. As the Planet Spins Buying too much carpet for L-shaped room "Music Video: Square Song" Before the song, there's a disclaimer about it being edited for television. Cris Franco sings the lead in this song about squares. "Backstage with Blackstone" Blackstone does a trick involving 10 cards, face up/face down. "Claymation Creatures" The war between the Positives and Negatives rages on, showing that 1 + -12 = -11 Mathnet: The Problem of the Missing Baseball Part 5 Repeat of a segment first shown in Episode 110moreless
    • Episode 146
      Episode 146
      Season 1 - Episode 46
      "Number Squaring Trick" Arthur Howard, on the phone, learns a trick for squaring numbers ending in five. "Talent Agent - Square Numbers" Broadway talent agent Mr. Biggs wants a Broadway song about square numbers. "Bureau of Missing Numbers" What are distinct characteristics of 36? They'll need to know if they're going to find it. "Animation" This animation features dancing squares. "Exclusive Music Video" The classic Square Brothers' Perfect Squares. Repeat of a segment first shown in Episode 101. "Your Map Commerical" Repeat of a segment first shown in Episode 102. "Mathnet: Problem of the Passing Parade, Part 1" Repeat of a Mathnet case first shown in Episode 111.moreless
    • Episode 147
      Episode 147
      Season 1 - Episode 47
      Skits in This Episode Include: "Mathematics R' Us" Smilin' Al Gorithm tauts rounding off numbers. One example is how he rounded 9.72 to 9.7 "Music Video: Round it Off" The House Band, on the album "Live at Tilley's," sings of how to round off numbers to make things easier: round up if it ends in 5 or more, round it down if it's less than five." (Note: This segment first appeared in Episode 119.) "Art Store" An artist goes into an art supply store. "Animation - Area" The segment shows how a 6 x 8 rectangle is calculated to 48 square units. "The 5:19 Blues" A girl sings the blues about numbers that aren't rounded off. As she gets to the train station at 5:20, she realizes that although rounding off works on lots of numbers, don't round off the time the train leaves. "How Much is Left" This much (.41) of the show is over, but don't despair: there's this much (.59) left to come. "But Who's Counting" Another installment of Square One TV's parody game show, "But Who's Counting." "Mathnet: The Problem of the Passing Parade Part 2" Repeat of a Mathnet segment that appeared previously in Episode 112.moreless
    • Episode 143
      Episode 143
      Season 1 - Episode 43
      Skits include, but are not limited to: "How to Build a Bridge" "Sybil Sawyer, Part 3" "International House of Bologna" "Mathnet: The Probem of the Missing Baseball, Part 3"
    • Episode 142
      Episode 142
      Season 1 - Episode 42
      "Polling" A pollster for the Candidate Zagursky for Mayor campaign thinks he has had a good sample for his poll. But he finds his sample is biased: He called all people with last names starting with Z. They are are all related to Candidate Zagursky. "Sybil Sawyer, Part 2" How biologists measure the perimeter and age of trees. "Time Check" An announcer tells us that 20% of the show has passed. "Polling - Again" The Candidate Zagursky for Mayor pollster hass since polled the people at the local Post Office. But the sample is still biased: Zagursky worked at that Post Office for 15 years. "Backstage with Blackstone" The number nine plays a role in the number of coins on a table. "Polling 3" Finally, the Candidate Zagursky for Mayor pollster has done a random sample. It shows that Candidate Zagursky doesn't have a chance of winning. "Multiples of 1-10" A diagram shows all of the these multiples. "Bumper" Glitch, Mathman's nemesis, gives a hint to the secret code in the upcoming music video. "Superspy" Repeat of a segment that first aired in Episode 117. "Spending" A president (Reg E. Cathey) asks advisors for help in spending the allowance that Nancy gave him. He has to work the problem in the parentheses first. "Mathnet: Problem of the Missing Baseball Part 2" Repeat of a Mathnet case that first aired in Episode 107.moreless
    • Episode 141
      Episode 141
      Season 1 - Episode 41
      Skits In This Episode: "News interruption: One Way to Never Reach Zero" "Moderately Frightening Stories" "Mathman: Multiples of 5" "Battle of the Bulge Caterers" "Time Check Bumper" "Sybil Sawyer, Part 1" "Warning about the Upcoming Music Video" "Exclusive Music Video:Angle Dance" "Nancy Lieberman" "Ball Ricochet" "Mathnet: The Problem of the Missing Baseball, Part 1"moreless
    • Episode 136
      Episode 136
      Season 1 - Episode 36
      "Harry's Hamburger Heaven" A commercial shoot for the fictional restaurant. "Which is Best" An analysis of whether it's best to use decimal (.4), fraction (4/10) or percent (40%). "Music Video" Arthur sings Action at the Fraction Bar "But Who's Multiplying" The newest edition of the parody game-show. "Animation" Numbers and liquid are mixed in different glasses. "Battle of the Bulge Caterers" The caterers attempt to divide 18 popsicles for 12 guests "2001 Parody" This parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey features two astronauts attempting to stop their computer, Hank, from repeatedly singing "Row, row, row your boat." One of them decides to have Hank run a program, which Hank accepts, having to run the program until it is finished: Step 1, start with three; Step 2, add four; Step 3, stop if the answer is even, if not go back to Step 2. Of course the program can never be finished. The astronaut asks us to try the same program, but reminds us that we'll never reach an even number. The astronauts themselves wind up singing "Row, row, row your boat," and the closing title reads: The end? "Animation" An animation features a snowflake shape and fractals. "Mathnet: Problem of the Missing Monkey, Part 1" Repeat of a Mathnet case that first aired in Episode 101.moreless
    • Episode 138
      Episode 138
      Season 1 - Episode 38
      Skits in this Episode: "Odd Number Strike" Newsanchor Eugene Gummm covers the odd number strike. Number 107 insists it is because the odd numbers prefer to be called uneven. Gummm then interviews some people negatively affected by the odd number strike: chef Julia Kitchen, rock star Mick Stagger, a race car driver, and a city bus driver. Gumm then promises to keep covering the odd number strike because his office is on an "uneven"-numbered street. "Animation" A two row pattern of blocks shows odd and even numbers. "Math Rap - Music Video" Kurtis Blow raps to his students about mathematics. "But Who's Counting?" The Kurkendalls from San Simeon, California compete against the San Simeons from Kurkendall, California. The object is to place five numbers that come out on a number wheel to obtain the largest possible five digit number. In the first round, the number wheel comes up with a first digit 5, then second digit 3, third digit 1, fourth digit 4 and fifth digit 0. The contestants reveal their numbers. The Kurkendalls came up with 40,513 whereas the San Simeons came up with 5,341. So the Kurkendalls win the first round. They play a second round and this time the numbers come up 3, then 2, then 8, the number 6 and finally a 9. The reveal shows that the Kurkendalls got 89,623, while the San Simeons could only muster 86,932. The Kurkendalls win first prize - all they can eat at their favorite restaurant, while the San Simeons get half of all they can eat. Had either team scored the best possible answer, they would have won the bonus prize - two tickets to next week's game. (Note: This skit appeared previously in Episode 106.) "Your Head" Repeat of a skit that appeared previously in Episode 105. "The Phoneymooners" Alfie is building a doghouse, which included odd pieces and even pieces. He gets annoyed when he runs out of odd pieces, but Throckmorton proves that even pieces can be made by putting two odd pieces together. "Mathnet: Problem of the Missing Monkey Part 3" Repeat of a Mathnet segment that first appeared in Episode 103.moreless
    • Episode 139
      Episode 139
      Season 1 - Episode 39
      "So-Fari, So-Goodi, Part 1" Lady Huxbey talks of her unfortunate attempt to feed the elephants in the jungle. In her field report, she finds a hawker, Jungle Clyde. He says she must buy a map of jungle from him if she wants to feed the elephants. The cost: half the peanuts Lady Huxbey brought with her, plus one more peanut. "Person on the Street" What is a googol? "Animation" Graphics show that a googol is ten to the hundredth power. (Not to be confused with the googol animation that appears in the 3-2-1 Contact episode called "Measurement: How Many? How Much?") "So-Fari, So-Goodi, Part 2" Jungle Clyde explains Lady Huxbey must buy a map of the animals from him if she wants to feed the elephants. The cost: half the peanuts Lady Huxbey has left, plus two more peanuts. "Googol Commercial" Moon Unit Zappa discusses one googol and how she can write it easily. "So-Fari, So-Goodi, Part 3" Jungle Clyde explains Lady Huxbey must buy a map of the elephants from him if she wants to feed the elephants. The cost: half the peanuts Lady Huxbey has left, plus three more peanuts. Lady Huxbey is appalled to find she has only four peanuts left. But Jungle Clyde leaves her with his monkey and a puzzle: If she can tell him how many peanuts she started with, he will give all the peanuts back to her. "Time Check" Shows how much of Square One TV has gone by "So-Fari, So-Goodi, Part 4" Lady Huxbey has written down the problem: X ÷ 2 - 1 – the result of that ÷ 2 - 2 – the result of that ÷ 2 - 3 = 4. If she works backwards, she can correctly determine the number of peanuts she started with. But she cannot get the peanuts back from Jungle Clyde. "Bureau of Missing Numbers" Terri Ryan seeks the missing number 10, having first determined the properties of then number. "Exclusive Music Video: Burger Pattern" The Fat Boys have gone through a pattern in the number of burgers they have eaten for lunch each day. Each time they order an increasing triangular number of hamburgers (1, 3, 6, 10). Now they should order 15 burgers to keep the pattern going. "Burger Pattern Bumper" How many burgers would The Fat Boys order tomorrow? "Mathnet: The Problem of the Missing Monkey, Part 4" Repeat of a Mathnet segment first shown in Episode 104moreless
    • Episode 140
      Episode 140
      Season 1 - Episode 40
      "Let's Do A Deal, Part 1" In this send-up of Let's Make a Deal, two contestants are chosen from the audience and given a choice of two treasure chests. One has two gold coins and two lead coins, the other has more gold coins and many more lead coins. First, they must choose one of the two chests and, once that's done, they must pull out a gold coin from that chest. If they do, they move to another chance game. "Exclusive Music Video: Ghost of a Chance" Repeat of a segment first shown in Episode 111 "Let's Do a Deal, Part 2" Now the contestants must choose from a pile of four pencils, three of which are unsharpened. If they pick all the unsharpened pencils, they will win the treasure hunt prize. "Backstage with Blackstone" Blackstone takes playing cards from a deck. The highlight of the trick comes when the assistants must choose one of five cards with different sayings, including "Choose This Card Here" and "Let The Mystery Begin." What they don't know just yet, is that each saying has eighteen letters – and Blackstone was able to take exactly eighteen cards off the deck. "Mathnet: The Problem of the Missing Monkey, Part 5" Repeat of a Mathnet segment first shown in Episode 105.moreless
    • Episode 149
      Episode 149
      Season 1 - Episode 49
      Skits in this episode included: "Mathematics 'R' Us" Smilin' Al Gorithm has been asked to tone down the price of his function machine. Using the "-3" as his function, he takes the price down to $18, $15, $12, $9, $6 and finally $3. A customer does him better: using the -3 function to turn the price to nothing. "Mathman" Repeat of a sketch first aired in Episode 101. "Lazy Guys, Part 1" Cris plays two guys called Divided By 1 and Multiplied By 1. Both are dressed as old-time country bumpkins, not doing anything to change numbers. "Mathman Sabotaged" Another Mathman game is about to start, but Glitch cheats, eating Mathman before the announcer can finish his spiel. "Celebrity Kitchen" Talk show host Donna Who (who we will see on her talk show set during Episode 171) is visiting Superguy. He has been busy making three cakes: one each for his superfriends. Because he needs to multiply each ingredient of the recipe by three, he calls on his function machine. It's the gadget we saw at Mathematics 'R' Us, now equipped with a "x3" function card. "Lazy Guys, Part 2" The country bumpkins again, or more correctly, two old men called Plus Zero and Minus Zero. They don't worry about boredom because they don't change a number that comes in contact with them. "News Interruption!" Reg reports a film strike in Hollywood. "Slides at 11:00." "Cabot and Marshmallow" Cabot shows Marshmallow that shapes have "rotational symmetry" if they can fit into a hole more than one way. First off, Cabot inserts a square peg into a square hole four ways because the square is a regular polygon. The circle hole accommodates the circular peg every which way Cabot inserts it. But the irregular polygon can only fit in one way, so it isn't rotationally symmetrical. "Bumper" A voice-over leads us into the next music video. "Nine, Nine, Nine" Repeat of a music video first aired in Episode 102. "Animation" In another demonstration of rotational symmetry, a five-pointed star rotates around a center point, and it fits into a star-shaped hole five ways. "Mathman: The Problem of the Passing Parade, Part 4" Repeat of a segment first aired in Episode 114.moreless
    • Episode 150
      Episode 150
      Season 1 - Episode 50
      Skits in This Episode: "I Love Lupy" Lupy gets a new job cutting licorice, so she can pay off a ming vase she accidentally destroyed. She has to cut two-foot strands of licorice into five inch and seven inch pieces. This won't be an easy task, because the company frowns upon wasting licorice, going by the credo, "Waste not, get fired not." Lupy finds that cutting one strand from each strand isn't enough. "Battling Cones" -Seven negative blue cones clash with five positive orange cones. After a battle, two blue cones survive, showing that -7 + 5 = -2 "I Love Lupy Part 2" Lupy tries to cut 4 five inch strands, but finds she has four inches left over. Three seven inch strands also doesn't work, because there are three inches left over. Even when Lupy cuts three five inch pieces and one seven inch piece she still has two inches of waste licorice. In the end, Lupy figures out that a two foot strand of licorice into two five inch pieces and two seven inch pieces. Unfortunately she still has some wasted licorice, which she promptly eats. The boss doesn't notice a thing, and thanks her by giving her a jumbo pack of licorice. "Doggieweight Championship" Sugar Ray Leonard, in a boxing-style match, is supposed to weigh a dog in three rounds or less. In the first round, Sugar Ray tries to coax the dog onto the scale, but it won't work. Round 2 has Sugar Ray weighing a cinderblock because it has the same size as the dog, but the cinderblock is too heavy. Finally, Sugar Ray picks up the dog and finds their combined weight. He then subtracts his own weight to find the dog's weight, and wins the match. "Think" A music video by Third Hand. The group tries to help a young boy who doesn't have enough money for the bike he wants. Third Hand suggests ways to approach the problem and find a solution. "Mathnet: The Problem of the Passing Parade Part 5" Repeat of a Mathnet segment which first aired in Episode 115.moreless
    • Episode 151
      Episode 151
      Season 1 - Episode 51
      "But Who's Counting?" The parody game-show pits the Boones vs. the Goodmans. "Person on the Street" The person on the street asks people what a pentomino is. Pentominos play a part in "Make a Box," featuring Cynthia Darlow. "Animation" Pentominos making patterns and large rectangles. "Sketch 763" It's said that the sketch. could not be written. So it wasn't. It was ad-libbed. In it, Frank Lloyd Wrong (first seen in Episode 104) discusses his restaurant, which profited only 27¢. "Exclusive Music Video" Darling sings Perpendicular lines "Mathnet: Trial of George Frankly, Part 1" Repeat of a Mathnet case first shown in Episode 116.moreless
    • Episode 159
      Episode 159
      Season 1 - Episode 59
    • Episode 160
      Episode 160
      Season 1 - Episode 60
      Skits in This Episode Included, But Were Not Limited To: Music Video "Less Than Zero" "Person On The Street: What is a Googol?" Another segment in Square One TV's "Person On The Street" series featuring Moon Unit Zappa. People are asked what a googol is. Many answers are given, but only one is correct. The correct answer is that a googol is one million million. (Repeat of a segment that first aired in Episode 139) "Moon Unit Zappa For Googols" Moon Unit Zappa tells a story about googols. (Repeat of a segment that first appared in Episode 139)moreless
    • Episode 162
      Episode 162
      Season 1 - Episode 62
    • Episode 163
      Episode 163
      Season 1 - Episode 63
    • Episode 158
      Episode 158
      Season 1 - Episode 58
    • Episode 157
      Episode 157
      Season 1 - Episode 57
    • Episode 156
      Episode 156
      Season 1 - Episode 56
      Skits in this episode included: "The Adventures of Spade Parade: The Three Brothers Problem, Part 1" The 1940s detective drama spoof returns after many weeks with a new mystery. Spade encounters a female diner owner who has just had something lifted. She knows the culprit is one of three triplet brothers. Spade needs to know something different about the triplets. Finally the diner owner admits the triplets order hamburgers at her diner, but that one eats hamburgers with relish, another with ketchup, and the third with anchovies. "There's more than one way to solve any problem" "The Adventures of Spade Parade: The Three Brothers Problem, Part 2" Spade Parade makes a table and, after asking the diner owner questions, determines which of the three triplet brothers is the culprit. "Mathman - Factors of 18" Repeat of a segment first aired in Episode 108. "Fortune Teller" Cynthia tells the uniqueness of amicable numbers. With a man and a woman for her audience, the fortune teller says 220 and 284 are amicable because the factors of one number (apart from the given number) add up to the other number. "Time Check" A voice over says "this much" of SQ1TV is over. We see the fraction 58/100. "Stick Problem" Viewers are given a stick display of six squares and challenged to rearrange two sticks and have four squares all the same size with no sticks left over. "Animation" Eleven cows try to arrange themselves in a rectangular shape. The only way they can "accomplish" this is to have one thin rectangle of 11 cows in one row, because 11 is a prime number. "Backstage with Blackstone" Blackstone performs a trick involving three cup trics. "Mathnet: Problem of the Dirty Money, Part 1" Repeat of a segment first aired in Episode 121.moreless
    • Episode 152
      Episode 152
      Season 1 - Episode 52
      "The Mike Merv Show Show" Hinted to in Episode 137, The Mike Merv Show Show finally airs. Dim-witted Mike's guest is Ali Haji-Sheikh, then place kicker for the New York Giants. Ali shows, via a film of his kicks, how the angle of a kick determines how far the football will go. "Music Video" Larry Cedar sings I'm Just An Average American "Backstage with Blackstone" Blackstone performs another amazing trick that involves math. "Mathman" Mathman's mission is to eat only even numbers. "Castaways" It's easy for castaways to divide 0 sea biscuits. "Animation" An animation demonstrates that any number times 0 is 0. "Rappin Judge" Repeat of a segment first shown in Episode 102 "Mathnet: The Trial of George Frankly, Part 2" Repeat of a Mathnet segment first shown in Episode 117moreless
    • Episode 153
      Episode 153
      Season 1 - Episode 53
      Skits in this episode included: "Friendly Bank" Gangsters rob an unimaginably friendly bank. The tellers prove just how friendly they are when the gangsters can't seem to divide the stolen money evenly. "Time Check" Since .31 of SQ1TV is over, how much is left? "Count On It" Repeat of a music video first aired in Episode 103. "But Who's multiplying?" In this installment, Michael plays against Arturo. "Animation-Tetrahedron" Various 3-D shapes float across the screen. One of them, the tetrahedron, unfolds to show it is made up of four equilateral triangles. "Miracle Zero by Jip Industries" Repeat of a sketch first aired in Episode 131. "Mathnet: The Trial of George Frankly, Part 3" Repeat of a segment first aired in Episode 118.moreless
    • Episode 154
      Episode 154
      Season 1 - Episode 54
      Skits in this Episode: "Point of View" Cris talks about changing your point of view to introduce the next segment. "Clowning Around" In this sketch, a clown has to move from the outer ring to the center platform of the circus floor, without touching the ground. He must use two wooden boards, each of which are 6 1/2 feet long, to reach the platform, which is seven feet away, and the boards must not touch the ground. After examining the problem, the clown succeds, but falls onto the ground anyway. "Person on the Street" Square One TV's roving reporter asks this question of people on the street: What is a palindrome? After several attempts, one person finally guesses that a palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same backwards and forwards, and then a woman points out that this can also apply to numbers. "Palindrome" A musical number. The vocalist (Arthur Howard) sings about palindromic numbers and how to reach them by reversing and adding. He goes from a tango to a waltz to a disco beat. (Note: This segment first appeared in Episode 112. "Animation - Palindromes" When 67 is reversed, the number 76 is added to 67 to get 143. That number is reversed and the answer is 341, which is added to 143 to get a palindrome - 484. This process is done with 68-68 + 86 is 154, 154 + 451 = 605, 605 + 506 = 1111. "The Groaning Wall" Harry Blackstone tells jokes with Luisa, Cris, and Reg. "Backstage with Blackstone" After flipping a deck of cards, Blackstone asks Luisa to cut the cards in half. Then he asks her to count the cards taken off the deck and take that number of cards from the cards she cut. Then, Blackstone has Cris memorize the card at the bottom of the selected pack as the deck is reassembled, and gives Luisa a list of magic phrases. He then spells the chosen phrase one card at a time and finds the selected card! It's because by cutting the deck about halfway, there would be about 26 cards and by subtracting the digits, there would be 18 cards left. Then each magic phrase has 18 letters, so the chosen card would be on the last letter. "Zero Cones" Three blue negative cones run into three positive orange cones. One by one, each pair of plus and minus cones gets flushed through the ground, leaving -3 + 3 = 0 "Mathnet: The Trial of George Frankly Part 4" In Court, the witnesses (the bank teller, the customer before "George," and the bank president) all swear that they saw George rob the bank and get into his car afterward. George proves inefficient in representing himself, and the prosecutor is too zealous to have George proven guilty. Luckily, the tape of the robbery gets broken by the careless bailiff, and the pilot from Fishmonger airlines, Wiley Monger, is called in to prove George's innocence. Wiley, however, proves it would be possible for George to have been flown to the mainland from 7:45 AM to 8:15, and with the Three hours it takes to drive to Los Angeles, George would have arrived in time to rob the bank. The pilot then claims he flew George to the mainland and saw him drive to L. A.. Knowing the pilot is lying, Kate demands that George give her the weather information in the Great North Woods for the day of the robbery, but George is nervous, fearing he'll be convicted.moreless
    • Episode 155
      Episode 155
      Season 1 - Episode 55
      Skits in this episode included: "King for a Day" Repeat of a sketch first aired in Episode 123. "Time Check" 23% of SQ1TV is over, leaving 77% of SQ1TV to come. "Mathman" In this game, Mathman must eat only multiples of four. "Person on the Street" Given the question, "What is a quadrilateral?", several people on the street answer incorrectly before the last person gets it right. "Animation: An Interesting Game of Football" An underdog team is ready to play football with some bruisers on an odd-shaped field. One fence and a bunch of bushes makes the field a trapezoid, which the underdog team uses to its advantage. In the second interesting game, a large section of the same field is swamped by excess rain. That gives both teams a badly-shaped quadrilateral field, and again the underdogs find a way to score often. "Animation: Quadrilateral" A quadrilateral breaks, and all its corners join at a single point, showing the four angles of a quadrilateral add up to 360 degrees. "Fraction Rap" Repeat of an opening bumper and music video first aired in Episode 125. "Animation" Two men need to change their point of view when faced with the challenge of putting 11 elephants in four pens, keeping an odd number in each pen. "SQ1TV Tease" Cynthia says SQ1TV is recommended for those with math aches. "Mathnet: The Trial of George Frankly, Part 5" Repeat of a segment first aired in Episode 120.moreless
    • Episode 135
      Episode 135
      Season 1 - Episode 35
      Skits in This Episode: "The Colon Commercial" "Joke Glasses Party" "Time Check" "Backstage with Blackstone" "Exculsive Music Video: Apple Rap" "Bumper" "Coatrack" "Pentagram Animation" "Mathnet: The Problem of the Trojan Hamburger, Part 5"
    • Episode 133
      Episode 133
      Season 1 - Episode 33
      Skits in This Episode: "Phone Call: Fibonacci" "Backstage with Blackstone: Fibonacci Sequence" :Bumper on Fibonacci Sequence" "Mathman: Eat Percentages > 1/2" "The King's Stooges" "Person on the Street: What is a Tessellation?" "Exclusive Music Video: Tessellation" "Mathnet: The Problem of the Trojan Hamburger, Part 3"
    • Episode 112
      Episode 112
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      "The Paper Rase" John Hillerman impersonator advises Ned Flimsy, "You must round up" up the cost of Ned's law books "Exclusive Music Video" The Fat Boys perform "Burger Pattern." "But Who's Counting?" In this parody game-show, contestants must make the largest possible sum from a 3-digit number and a 2-digit number (Promotional consideration by Q mu less calculators) "Music Video" It's a Palindrome discusses numbers that are same backwards and forwards. "Mathnet: The Problem of the Passing Parade, Part 2"moreless
    • Episode 115
      Episode 115
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      Skits in This Episode: "Voiceover" A voiceover introduces the viewer to "Sketch #241: Daddy Knows Different." "Daddy Knows Different" Daddy and his son Rusty show the proper way to break dishes. "Apple Rap" A rap music video. In this rap, Johnathan tells his shrink about his after school apple-peeling job. He can peel 40 apples in an hour, but his co-worker, Maria, peels 80 apples in an hour. The psychiatrist diagnoses him with "apple envy," but Johnahan explains that his boss asked him and Maria to peel 360 apples and he doesn't know how long it will take aboth of them to peel 360 apples. He then realizes that both he and Maria can peel 120 apples in an hour, so it will take him three hours. His problem is solved, just as his session ends. "Animation" An animation in which circles change to hexagons and then to a pattern with hexagons and six pointed stars. "But Who's Counting" In this installment, the Barberras and the Meads face off against each other. "Bar Chart" A commercial which shows how to use a bar chart to solve a "data headache." "Mathnet: The Problem of the Passing Parade Part 5" Resolution of the case in which Steve Stringbean is kidnapped.moreless
    • Episode 116
      Episode 116
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      Skits in This Episode: "I Love Lupy - Elephants pt. 1" A parody of the classic show I Love Lucy. "Measurement of a Cat" Cynthia and Reg measure a cat using a framing device. "I Love Lupy pt. 2" The second half of the "I Love Lupy" skit. "Warning" Square One TV is interrupted for a warning. "Countin' Out the Rhythm" A music video. "Mathman (bumper)" A bumper to the upcoming "Mathman" segment. "Mathman: Factors of 12" In this installment of Square One TV's parody of Pacman, Mathman must eat all of the factors of 12 on the board, or else be eaten by Mr. Glitch. "Backstage with Blackstone: 3 Coins Puzzle" Blackstone takes us backstage for another neat math trick. "Mathnet: The Trial of George Frankly Part 1" Having come back from vacation, George learns that there was a bank robbery at the Next to the Last National Bank and when watching the surveilance tape, George learns that he's the one on tape! George sets out to clear his name by going to the bank and the bank's president recognizes George as the robber. Hesitant, he checks George's bank records on the computer database and finds that $250,000, the amount stolen in the robbery, was deposited in George's account shortly after the robbery. This leads George to figure that he must have done the robbery!moreless
    • Episode 117
      Episode 117
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      "Animation: Perimeter" The perimeter of a shape is measured out in units. "Oops! Perimeter" In 1968, a hippie was supposed to find the perimeter of an 8-inch by 5-inch rectangle. He only came up with 8 + 5, or 13 inches, causing a disaster. He should have taken 8 + 5 and then multiplied by 2, to find the length of all the sides of the rectangle combined. "Bandanas" Cowboys who had just purchased 5 head of cattle need to find out how much fence they'll need, as each cow needs 20 square yards of space. Thus, they figure that the fence should cover 100 square yards. The schoolmom helps them find the rectangle that uses the least fence, and it's 10 X 10, which covers 100 square yards, but only needs 40 yards of fence. "Newsroom Interruption" This just in: Rectangles of the same area can have different perimeter. "The Math Mimes Two mimes, Rene and Marcel, find a loop of rope and make different rectangles with it. Marcel points out that rectangles of the same perimeter have different area, but Rene gets frustrated from reminding him not to talk. Finally, things get too much. "Bumper" A bumper that introduces alphanumeric code as a segue for the upcoming musical number. "Superspy" In this music video, "Mae East" sings about alphanumeric code. Using alphanumeric code you can send supersecret messages back and forth to your friends. "Bumper" A voice over demonstrates another alphanumeric message that translates to "I Want Dessert"." "Sculpture of Geometric Shapes" An animated segment in which a doctor examines X-rays from a sculpture of geometric shapes and explains their geometric implications. "Game Show: But Who's Adding" This is similar to "But WHo's Multiplying" except it involves adding. The two players move their rings on the board and call out the sum of the numbers in order to cover three numbers on the board with their color. "Mathnet: The Trial of George Frankly Part 2" George Frankly tells Kate of a plane service from Nomanisson Island to the mainland. That would mean putting more than 300 miles on his odometer. George and Kate go to Crusty's Garage, where George had his car checked before leaving for the Great North Woods. The odometer reading on the bill versus the odometer reading now, suggests George did rob the Next to the Last National Bank.moreless
    • Episode 111
      Episode 111
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      "After the Interruption" This is a warnning about the upcoming probability tricks… "Cabot & Marshmallow" The pair play a game of "Heads You Win, Tails I Lose" to demonstrate the probability of one. "The Improbable Spinner Win" A carnival barker tries to swindle a lady into playing an unfair spinner game. He would win if the wheel stops on green, which takes up ¾ of the wheel. "Cabot & Marshmallow - Shelled!" The pair does "The Old Shell Game" without a pea, demonstrating the unfair game with a probability of zero. Music Video: Ghost of a Chance This music video, performed by Five Factorial!, shows a pizza delivery man trapped in a haunted house. It demonstrates a situation in which the old saying "a ghost of a chance" takes on a much more literal meaning. Wide Wide World of Sports You've Never Heard Of This spoof on ABC's The Wide World of Sports presents a Handshakes Tournament. The two sportscasters draw out triangular numbers to show how many total handshakes the winning team must complete. "Backstage with Blackstone" Blackstone performs a trick with a series of objects on the table: a key, a ring, a watch, a wallet, a thimble, a bracelet, a telephone, and a dictionary. Blackstone asks Larry to choose an object and spell its name one letter at a time with each tap of his magic wand. When Larry says stop, Blackstone's hand is on the selected object because each object has a different number of letters in its name. He would put his hand on the key for the first tap, on the ring for the fourth tap, then on the watch, then the wallet, and so forth. "Mathnet: Problem of the Passing Parade, Part 1" Kate and George plan the time and security precautions for Burbank's parade honoring rock musician Steve Stringbean. But a call comes through that Steve has been kidnapped.moreless
    • Episode 110
      Episode 110
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Sketches include fare such as "Superguy," "Combinatorics" and the fifth part of the Mathnet case about a missing baseball.
    • Episode 109
      Episode 109
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Warning: Sketches in this episode contain odd numbers. "The Phoneymooners" How do you determine the number of bricks needed to fix a hole in a brick wall? "Look for tens," says Throckmorton. "Square One TV Interruption" To find approximate area, do what was just done in that last sketch. "Film Insert" Tugboat Operation in New York Harbor "Backstage with Blackstone" A segment with this famous magician explores heads and tails on a coin. Multiplication Music Video: "Sign of the Times" A music video sung by Cris Franco about mathematical signs. "Mathman" Following the episode theme, Mathman's task in this segment is to eat only odd numbers. Mathnet: The Case of the Missing Baseball, Part 4moreless
    • Episode 104
      Episode 104
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Skits in this Episode: "The Mathematics of Love" In this segment, a singer finds himself in ancient Rome, where he's given a song to sing about the mathematics of love. However, he keeps getting stopped because whenever he reads one of the Roman numerals, he reads it as if it were an English letter, for example, instead of reading II as "two," he reads it as "I-I." Finally, he learns the meanings of the various Roman numerals and sings the song as it was meant to be sung. "Oops - Measurement (12 cm)" A man was supposed to measure a piece of wood, and came up with 12 centimeters. The problem was that he didn't start the piece of wood at the 0 cm mark, so the correct measurement was 13cm. "Frank Loyd Wrong - Building to Scale" Architect Frank Lloyd Wrong was supposed to build a building according to his blueprints, where 1 inch represented 20 feet. His wealthy customer realizes that he didn't understand the concept of scale, and only built the building the same size as it was drawn. She retaliates by shrinking Mr. Wrong with a reducing ray according to the 1 inch = 20 feet scale. Frank Loyd Wrong is a parody of the name of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. "Shoemaker & Elves Sketch" In this version, the shoemaker sues his elves because they made the shoes too small. They didn't understand the 1:2 ratio on the chart, which means they should make the shoes 2 inches in size for every one inch. Instead, they made them the other way around, which is why the shoes are too small. "Comedy Right Now" A stand up comedy routine in which the comedian complains parodies Rodney Dangerfield's classic complaint: "I get no respect" by saying "I get no perspective." He describes how he found everything 1/8 the size of what it was, which relates to proportion. The punchline is that he accidentally woke up in his daughter's dollhouse. "Mathnet: The Problem of the Missing Monkey Part 4" In this fourth installment of the Problem of the Missing Monkey, it's determined that there may be somebody out there who is actually posing as a gorilla in a gorilla suit. Then a call goes out - the man in the Grunt suit has been spotted climbing the giant "HOLLYWOOD" sign.moreless
    • Episode 105
      Episode 105
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Skits in this Episode: "Prime Number Television" A network executive is looking for shows for his new primetime lineup. The catch is that he only wants shows that have prime numbers in the title. Some are suggested, some of which are rejected because the numbers aren't prime. Others are manipulated so that they are made into prime numbers when they weren't before. "Percents" A music video by the "Bank Notes." "Your Head" Tauted as the best calculator in the world, Your Head is demonstrated as two teenagers figure out a tip from a restaurant bill. "28%" A message that informs us that we've already seen 28% of the show, so there's still 72% to go. "Cure For a Headache" In this commercial parody, designed to teach us about percentages, we learn that a large percentage of doctors recommend wrapping a rainbow trout around your forehead as a cure for a headache. "But Who's Counting - Chases v. Skirts" In this installment of Square One TV's parody game show, "But Who's Counting," the object is to make the largest sum, using two three-digit numbers. "Interruption" Square One TV is interrupted for a "news interruption." "Mathnet: The Problem of the Missing Monkey Part 5" In this final segment of "The Problem of the Missing Monkey," George Frankly and Kate Monday go to the HOLLYWOOD sign to nab the man dressed as a gorilla climbing up it. George goes up and tries to talk him down, but gets no response out of him. Drastic measures about to be taken when suddenly Grunt's friend Jane comes and reveals that it's not somebody dressed as Grunt up on the HOLLYWOOD sign, it's actually Grunt! It turned out the impostor actually got locked in Grunt's cage. Grunt is rescued successfully and the impostor who was committing the robberies is sentenced to a good, long prison term.moreless
    • Episode 107
      Episode 107
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Skits in This Episode: "Zero's Therapy Session" The number Zero is having an identity crisis, feeling that the number zero is unwanted. The sketch focuses on mathematical attributes of zero. "Desert Mirage" A man stranded in the desert comes across a mirage: Shari Belafonte-Harbor is selling lemonade in the desert for 26% of a dollar. It's actually real, but he only has a quarter, which is 25% of a dollar. "8% of My Love" In a high school setting, cast member Cris Franco sings about how he loves different things a certain percentage as they come out of his locker, but he still has enough left to give his girlfriend 8% of his love. "Matinee Movie" An introduction to the film Cartablanca, a parody of the classic black and white film Casablanca. This parody involves a man and a woman separated by love, war, and a French Customs Official who knows how to guess someone's weight. "Bumper" 40% of the show is over, but don't despair, there's 60% to come. "Harry's Hamburger Haven" The first of three sketches featuring Samuel the commercial director. The line in a fast food commercial is ".7 more French Fries" but Samuel doesn't lke it, so his assistant tells him to use 7/10 instead. He does, but still isn't satisfied-so he uses the other option-70% more French Fries. However, the actress in the commercial realizes this and points it out instead of saying her line. Samuel asks her her last name. She says it's Fonatine, just like Samuel's boss. Samuel and his assistant nervously reply, "You're wonderful." "Cartablanca" The parody film of the classic Casablanca. The customs official informs those about to leave that the plane can only carry 2500 pounds and rounds up each passenger's weight and subtracts it from the limit to make sure that the plane isn't above the weight limit. This makes for a romantic subplot like that in Casablanca. "Yes, Sir, General" A military private keeps saying "Yes General, SIr!" and demonstrates that there are six ways to say any three different words: Yes, sir, general Sir, General, Yes Yes, General, Sir General, Sir, Yes General, Yes, Sir Sir, Yes, General. "Mathnet: The Case of the Missing Baseball Part 2" The Mathnetters return to the spot where Mrs. MacGregor's house was an find Mrs. MacGregor in a tent. She explains that a man wanted to buy the house but she refused, and he was wearing glasses, which he left behind when he stole the house. As the mathnetters puzzle how the house was stolen, an informant tells them that he doesn't know where the ball is but while it was stolen, his TV reception went out. Back at the office, Ginny concludes that the glasses could have 38 possible owners. Howie calls the mathnetters to remind them that his father will return in three days, and he needs it back by then. George mentions that the house "couldn't have just flown away" but Kate adds, "Or could it?"moreless
    • Episode 108
      Episode 108
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Skits in This Episode: "Suds - Popcorn Sizes" A man goes up to a theater popcorn stand to order popcorn. He's asked by the cashier - cast member Reg E. Cathey - what size he wants and is told that there are three sizes available - large, larger and largest, for $1. The customer seems interested in the largest size, since he has a big family, but wonders if there's anything larger. In fact, he says that he wants some that's twice as wide, twice as tall and twice as deep. It turns out the cashier does have that and he whips it out. He then asks the customer for $8. The customer thinks that surely he's made some mistake - he should only be paying two dollars. But the cashier explains that by doubling all of the dimensions, he ended up with something that was eight times as large and he proves it - by removing eight of the "largest" size popcorn boxes from this jumbo box. The customer finds this very interesting, but says that he won't be needing the popcorn after all. They've been spending so much time chatting that the movie has ended. He leaves, yelling to his kids that he has an interesting math fact to tell them. "Oops! Decimal Addition" A skit that highlights a common mistake made with decimal addition. "Up Next - Sketch 395" A short bumper that says that the sketch coming up is Sketch 395. "Cabot and Marshmallow - Wooden Candy Bars" Cabot has three model candy bars, all made out of wood. He shows to Marshmallow and asks him which one he'd buy. Marshmallow quips that he would never buy a wooden candy bar. So Cabot tries again: if they were real candy bars, which would he buy? Marshmallow points to one and says that he would buy it because it's the largest. Cabot asks what his reaction would be if he told them they're all the same size. Marshmallow makes a motion to leave, saying that something must be wrong with Cabot. So Cabot demonstrates, by multiplying the dimensions of the candy bars (one for example, looks like a Hershey bar, long but flat, whereas another looks like a Kit-Kat, not very wide and kinda tall), that they actually all contains the same amount of chocolate. Cabot asks that now, knowing that information, which candy bar Marshmallow would want. Marshmallow says he still wouldn't want to eat a wooden candy bar and leaves. "Commercial Parody - Fractions Album" "Country" and "Western" talk about a Country Western album featuring songs that are all about fractions. Titles include such numbers as "You Made Me Feel Like a Jerky Nerd When You Told Me That One Half is Much Larger than One Third" and "8/16 of His Love He Pledged to Me, But I Just Laughed, Though It Sounds Like a Lot, It's Really Just One Half." "Music Video - Tesselations" The Square One TV cast, with lead singers Reg E. Cathey and Larry Cedar perform a song called "Tesselations." Lines include "We're talkin' about tesselations / Geometric shape senstations..." and "Who's got time for Good Vibrations? We've got to use our imaginations. Ooh ooh, tesselations! ..." "But Who's Multiplying" A game that pairs two contestants, Brigitte and L'Wanda. The objective is to get three numbers in a row on a board by multiplying two numbers using rings. Normally you only get move one ring, but if it's the first turn of the round, or if your opponent messes up, you get to move both rings. Best out of three rounds wins. "Mathman - Factors of 18" Mathman is asked to eat all of the factors of 18 on the board. Unfortunately, he fails and is eaten by Mr. Glitch. "Groaning Wall" A skit featuring a groaning wall. "Mathnet: The Case of the Missing Baseball Part 3" The third part of the case of the missing baseball has the Mathnetters searching after the house of an old woman which has gone missing and apparently contains a valuable baseball signed by Babe Ruth.moreless
    • Episode 118
      Episode 118
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Exclusive Music Video: "Perfect Squares" Rodney and Painter, Part 1: Square Numbers Masterworks Theatre presents "The Trojan Pie" Rodney and Painter, Part 2: Triangular Numbers "The Groaning Wall" Rodney and Painter, Part 3: Square and Triangular Numbers Interruption: Square Number Defined "But Who's Multiplying?" Mathnet: "The Trial of George Frankly, Part 3"moreless
    • Episode 119
      Episode 119
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      Skits in This Episode: "Round Off!" A game show that involves racing to a bell, and the first player to ring the bell has to round off a number. The first number is 3467, which must be rounded off to the nearest ten. One contestant, Belinda, does this with 3470. The next number is 33633, which is to be rounded off to the nearest hundred. Barry, the other contestant, gets 33700, but that doesn't work because the correct answer is 33600, to which 33633 is closer. The next number is 42656, which should be rounded off to the nearest thousand. Barry succeeds with 43000, but none of the contestants win because they each got one right, and the game is over. "Cabot and Marshmallow" Cabot gyps Marshmallow out of theater tickets by rounding off. Each ticket was $13, and there were 4 tickets, so 13 is rounded down to 10, and 4 is rounded down to 0, so Cabot points out that 10 times 0 is 0. Music Video- "Round It Off" A music video about rounding numbers. "Bumper" A bumper working in the theme of the episode. It only takes 8 seconds to introduce the next sketch, but Beverly will round it up to 10. "Backstage with Blackstone" Blackstone puts nine paper clips on the table, and asks Cris and Luisa to move any number of paper clips from the right to the left. Blackstone figured out how many were turned because the first paper clip was turned upside down, unlike the others, so he was able to count from it. "Animation - Triangle" A boy and a girl in class are both thinking about a triangle-he's thinking about three angles, she's thinking about three sides. Mathnet: The Trial of George Frankly Part 4 The fourth part of the Mathnet case in which George Frankly is put on trial for robbery. (Note: This segment repeated in Episode 154 and Episode 174.)moreless
    • Episode 120
      Episode 120
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      Skits in This Episode: "Warning About Prime Number" "Callous 101st Anniversary Assortment "Bureau of Missing Numbers 101" "Le Prime Club" "Square Dance" "Multiplication Class" "Mathman: Fractions Smaller Than ½" "Mathnet: The Trial of George Frankly, Part 5"
    • Episode 128
      Episode 128
      Season 1 - Episode 28
      Skits in This Episode: "Suds: Raffle Ticket, Part 1" "Person on the Street: Dodecahedron" "Animation: Dodecahedron" "Suds: Raffle Ticket, Part 2" Grempod and Blotmo: sponge candy "Suds: Raffle Ticket, Part 3" "Tony and the Togas: The Mathematics of Love" "Backstage with Blackstone: Coin Tricks" "Mathnet: Mystery of the Maltese Pigeon, Part 3"moreless
    • Episode 129
      Episode 129
      Season 1 - Episode 29
      "Matinee Movie" A promo hints to the eventual broadcast of Cartablanca. (Repeat of a segment first shown in Episode 107) "Perfect Squares" An exclusive music video performed by The Square Brothers. (Repeat of a segment first shown in Episode 101) "Oops!" A subtraction error, with the equation 300-163= , leads to disaster. Viewers are shown what went wrong and how to not make the same mistake. "Cartablanca" Repeat of a segment first shown in Episode 107 "Percents" A music video about percentages by the Bank Notes. "Mathman: Percentages" In order to win a free game, Mathman must eat only percentages that are less than ½. "National Geometric: The Search for the Giant Squid" Repeat of a segment first aired in Episode 114. "Soultions Warning" The voice of Barbara Feldon tells viewers to understand what kind of solutions they are looking for when solving problems. "Mathnet: The Mystery of the Maltese Pigeon, Part 4" Kate and George see through Maureen O'Rilley's alibi. Thinking the Maltese Pigeon seen in Monday's episode was a fake, they speak to one of O'Rilley's employees: an ice sculptor. But there had to be another trick up O'Rilley's sleeve if the Pigeon was to disappear within three hours. Kate and George discover the secret back at the museum.moreless
    • Episode 130
      Episode 130
      Season 1 - Episode 30
      "Interruption!" A newsreader quotes the Mathematician General's report: "Averages can be misleading." The Phoneymooners The two have helped moving the furniture and books of the Racoon Lodge. But Throckmorton is only taking five alumni books, which drives the average down. It's better, says Ralph, for the three to carry an equal number of books. "Nebbish the Grocery Bagger, Part 1" He doesn't pack the groceries right, breaking a dozen eggs in the process. "Exclusive Music Video" An music video called Count on It teaches viewers about counting. "Nebbish the Grocery Bagger, Part 2" He tries again, and this time he crushes a loaf of bread. "Time Check" .34 is a decimal fraction that shows how much of Episode 130 is left. "Nebbish the Grocery Bagger, Part 3" This time he puts the canned good in the bag first. It's a good move, but his later packing harms a cream puff. "Commercial Survey" Quacks are polled on what cures a Headache. Some recommend things such as a steak over the face. "Nebbish the Grocery Bagger, Part 4" Nebbish learns from all his mistakes and packs the bag correctly. But Who's Adding? Anthony and Jada compete in this parody game show. "Square One TV Pitch" Cast member Cris Franco pitches Square One TV, saying that problem solving is their main concern. "Mathnet: The Mystery of the Maltese Pigeon, Part 5" Kate senses Maureen O'Rilley has the Maltese Pigeon, and Noel is asked to help find out for sure.moreless
    • Episode 131
      Episode 131
      Season 1 - Episode 31
      Skits in this Episode: "Mathematics R' Us: Place Value Holder" "Bumper (Larry)" "Battle of the Bulge Caterers, Part 1 --- New Version" "The Misteaks" "Battle of the Bulge Caterers Part 2" "Time Check" "War of Positives and Negatives: -9 +4 = -5" "Subtraction Commercial" "Miracle Zero, a Product of Jip Industries" "Mathnet: The Problem of the Trojan Hamburger, Part 1"moreless
    • Episode 127
      Episode 127
      Season 1 - Episode 27
      Skits in This Episode: "Eagle Express, Part 1: Distance Between Detroit and Chicago" "Exclusive Music Video: Draw a Map by Lewis and Clark" "Eagle Express, Part 2: Cistance Between Detroit and Tulsa" "Appliance Pull, Part 1" "Fortune Teller: Arthur's Age" "Appliance Pull, Part 2" "Don't Despair" "Mathnet: Mystery of the Maltese Pigeon, Part 2"moreless
    • Episode 126
      Episode 126
      Season 1 - Episode 26
      Skits in this Episode:

      "Data Headache: Line Graph"

      This installment of Square One TV's series about using charts and graphs to solve a data headache features the line graph. Ms. Weatherby has a data headache from keeping track of corporate profits. The announcer tells her to use a line graph to keep track of her information, and it works for her.

      "Pie Chart"

      In medieval times, the Dra-Ma guild (dragon maintenance guild) uses a pie chart to keep track of how much it costs to raise a dragon and the percentage of the cost that each expense (food, dragon litter, lighter fluid, charcoal) entails.

      "Graph of Love"

      In a 50s rock and roll styled video, a teenager uses a "graph of love" to indicate how much love she feels throughout the course of a year. As each month passes, the number with which she rates her feelings goes up and down, and in the end, fortunately, it's a perfect ten!

      "Backstage With Blackstone"

      Blackstone's got more tricks up in this sleeve. This installment features the "invisible deck of cards." Blackstone asks Larry to pick a card from an invisible deck and give mathematical instructions to the suit and value of the card. Using this information, when Blackstone makes the card deck appear, the card Larry selected is face down in the deck.


      Repeat of a segment first shown in Episode 101.

      "Infinity - Paintings on a Wall"

      A segment involves a woman reading in her room. The picture on her wall shows what is exactly happening in her room. As the camera zooms in in the picture, it continues to do so, as there are an infinite number of paintings in the picture.

      "And on..."

      A repeat of the continuation of the "Infinity" song that first aired in Episode 101.

      "Mathnet: Mystery of the Maltese Pigeon Part 1"

      A mysterious woman, Maureen O'Reilly, asks the Mathnetters to find out how many people will be able to attend when she displays the famous Maltese Pigeon statue at a museum. The statue is worth "a king's ransom" as it is centuries old, made of valuable crystal, and encases a large sapphire in its stomach. After the Mathnetters check to see if the pigeon is safely placed in the museum, George, who was smitten with Maureen when he first saw her, is informed that the pigeon is missing.moreless
    • Episode 125
      Episode 125
      Season 1 - Episode 25
      Skits in This Episode: "Amazing Story of Nines, Part One" "Animation: Hexahedron" "Amazing Story of Nines, Part Two" "Animation: Pentagon Pyramid" "Amazing Story of Nines, Part Three" "Music Video - Change Your Point Of View by Obelisk" "Backstage with Blackstone" "Fraction Rap Bumper" "Music Video - Fraction Rap" "Mathnet: Problem of the Dirty Money, Part 5"moreless
    • Episode 121
      Episode 121
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      What are the common multiples of 15 and 18? You'll see them when two clowns enter at special times of the hour throughout the show and do silly things. "But Who's Counting?" It's another search for the best possible sum between a three digit number and a two digit number. Q mu less calculators, a previous sponsor, is not acknlowedged in this parody game-show hosted by Monte Carlo. "Common Multiple Man" Cris Franco plays a misfit of science who can instantly figure out common multiples for several numbers. "Exclusive Music Video" In "Less Than Zero," Stanley O'Toole is so bad at everything he does that the judges give him negative scores. Not to be confused with the "Less the Zero" song performed by George Frankley and Pat Tuesday in Season Five, a.k.a. "Don't Leave; You Stay; I'll Go." "The War between the Positives and Negative Begins!" +5 + -3 = +2 "Remainder of show Bumper" This bumper tells us how much of the program is left. "Rutabagas vs Square One TV" Larry Cedar does a superb John Cleese imitation as he shows bar graphs comparing the number of people who watch Square One TV to the number of people who eat rutabagas. "Mathnet: Problem of the Dirty Money, Part One" A strange case in which three trucks are stolen and then mysteriously returned.moreless
    • Episode 122
      Episode 122
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      Skits In This Episode: "March of History - Parts 1, 2 and 3" "Concave vs. Convex Shapes" "Backstage with Blackstone - Coin Trick" "Parity sequence" "Exclusive Music Video: Jenny Didn't Call" "Mathnet: The Problem of the Dirty Money, Part 2"
    • Episode 123
      Episode 123
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      Skits in this Episode: "King for a Day" "Person on the Street" "The Trapezoid Monks" "Mathman" "Daddy Knows Different: Parts 1 and 2" "Music Video: Roman Numeral Blues" "Oops!" "Mathnet: The Problem of the Dirty Money, Part 3"
    • Episode 124
      Episode 124
      Season 1 - Episode 24
      "Mathman" Mathman is assigned to eat only Prime Numbers "Matinee Movie" Matinee Movie is about to hold a Dialing for Factors call-in. The winner must name the factors of a large number. That leads to the movie, Mr. Bland Builds His Dream House (a Laurel and Hardy parody). Mr. Bland, garbage dealer, wants Stan and Olie to make a rectangular window with 17 panes. It doesn't look pretty, until Stan breaks a window pane. Back in the studio, Matinee Movie searches for, and gets, a winner in their Dialing for Factors game. Part two of Mr. Bland Builds His Dream Houseshows how many different rectangles can be made from 16 window panes. Matinee Movie wraps up after another fine mess that Stan has gotten himself and his partner into. "Newsroom Interruption!" Square One TV is interrupted. "Time Check" A time check points out how much of the show remains. "Bureau of Missing Numbers" The Bureau of Missing Numbers is assigned to trace the fascinating number 9. "Nine, Nine, Nine" The House Band at Tilley's performs this exclusive music video. It reveals the fascinating secret of the number 9, that the digits of multiples of it always add back up to nine. "But Who's Adding?" The newest installment of the parody game show. "Mathnet: The Problem of the Dirty Money, Part 4" The fourth installment in this Mathnet case.moreless
    • Episode 164
      Episode 164
      Season 1 - Episode 64
    • Episode 165
      Episode 165
      Season 1 - Episode 65
    • Episode 227
      Episode 227
      Season 2 - Episode 27
    • Episode 228
      Episode 228
      Season 2 - Episode 28
    • Episode 229
      Episode 229
      Season 2 - Episode 29
    • Episode 230
      Episode 230
      Season 2 - Episode 30
    • Episode 226
      Episode 226
      Season 2 - Episode 26
    • Episode 225
      Episode 225
      Season 2 - Episode 25
    • Episode 224
      Episode 224
      Season 2 - Episode 24
    • Episode 220
      Episode 220
      Season 2 - Episode 20
    • Episode 221
      Episode 221
      Season 2 - Episode 21
    • Episode 222
      Episode 222
      Season 2 - Episode 22
    • Episode 223
      Episode 223
      Season 2 - Episode 23
      "Backstage With Blackstone" Six cards and dice provide a lesson in parity "Positives and Negatives Battle" The first battle in the war between the Positives and Negatives -3 +5 = 2. It's the only time the Positives win a battle. Repeat of a segment first shown in Episode 121. "Music Video: Triangle Song" A song about various types of triangles. "Triple Play" Matthew and Jamie compete in this Square One TV game show. "Person on the Street" A recycled segment asks people what a hypotenuse is. Mathnet: The Case of the Missing Air, Part 3moreless
    • Episode 231
      Episode 231
      Season 2 - Episode 31
    • Episode 232
      Episode 232
      Season 2 - Episode 32
    • Episode 233
      Episode 233
      Season 2 - Episode 33
    • Episode 302
      Episode 302
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      "Never Give Up On Math" A segment helps viewers to figure out the area of a lawn by using math. "Dirk Niblick - Your Stereo is Running on One Ear, Part One." Fluff and Fold are getting bamboozled again by Microft MacBerger. Fortunately, Dirk Niblick of the Math Brigade is there to help them use math to solve their problem. "Music Video: The Jets - Infinity There Is No End" The Jets sing about the concept of infinity - noting that no matter how high you try to count, there'll always be a higher number. This segment is later used in the Square One TV Video Jukebox - and there may be a numerical error in one of the crawls. "Dirk Niblick - Your Stereo is Running on One Ear, Part Two" Fluff and Fold's biggest mistake was not in the math, but in dealing with Microft MacBerger. "Time Check" Since 55% of the show is over, how much is left? "Math Makes It Work" Parody of insurance commercials centers around a lemonade stand. "Phone Call - Number Trick" Repeat of a segment first shown in Episode 228. Beverly takes the call to do a mathematical-operations chain. Whatever number she chooses to start, the answer will always be 2. "Mathnet: The Case of the Ersatz Earthquake, Part 2" The alleged earthquake-teller appears to have made her prediction hit right on the head.moreless
    • Episode 305
      Episode 305
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      "Person on the Street" The person on the street asks ordinary people the question: "If someone is paid $10 a day, how long will it take for him or her to raise a million dollars? And then, how about a billion dollars?" "Million to Trillion" A booming voice relates the numbers Million, Billion, Trillion in terms of seconds. "Stadium Football Filling" The show continues its infatuation with the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, at Michigan Stadium (capacity: over 101,000). How many footballs would it take to fill the Michigan Stadium to the top? "Mathman: Hexagons" He can only eat hexagons (i.e., six-sided figures, which does not exclude concave polygons.) "Whatsina Name for Math" The first installment of Square One Challenge pits Kenny vs. Shalyn in a new format. With each question, two members of the SQ1TV cast give answers. It's up to the contestants to figure out whether the cast members are telling the truth or bluffing. Contestants' responses are shown in a "sets" diagram. "Peter Piper" John Moschitta Jr. recites Peter Piper numerous times: words per minute are measured. Repeat a segment first shown in the program's first season. "Mathnet: The Case of the Ersatz Earthquake Part 5" George puts the earthquake predictor to the test by asking her the outcome of a future football game. She falls for George's trap, because the teams George asks about, do not exist.

      Just as this case ends, Kate and George get an assignment from the New York City Police, who are investigating another future-reader. Thus George and Kate head for the East Coast.moreless

    • Episode 307
      Episode 307
      Season 3 - Episode 7
    • Episode 308
      Episode 308
      Season 3 - Episode 8
    • Episode 301
      Episode 301
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Wanna Be Bobby McFerrin sings an exclusive music video about the power of math. "Mathathon" A new program feature parodies traditional telethons and features clips from past programs about finding area. "1000 vs. 1 Million" A booming voice relates the amount of time for one thousand seconds to elapse, then one million seconds "What's My Number?" A binary sieve sends up What's My Line? The panelists ask yes-no questions to reveal The Number is 56 "1 Million vs. 1 Billion" A booming voice relates the amount of time for one million seconds, then one billion seconds "Mathnet: The Case of the Ersatz Earthquake Part 1" Kate and George set out to prove that an assumed earthquake-predictor is a faker.moreless
    • Episode 239
      Episode 239
      Season 2 - Episode 39
    • Episode 238
      Episode 238
      Season 2 - Episode 38
    • Episode 234
      Episode 234
      Season 2 - Episode 34
      "Dirk Niblick: Go West Young Mathematician, Part 1" Repeat of a sketch first aired in Episode 212. "Animation: Hexagons and Six-Pointed Stars" Repeat of a sketch first aired in Episode 115. "Dirk Niblick: Go West Young Mathematician, Part 2" Repeat of a sketch first aired in Episode 212. "Mathman Sabotaged" Repeat of a sketch first aired in Episode 149. "Stick Puzzle 1" Alison Smith asks, "How many squares do you see in this puzzle?" "Dggieweight Championship" Repeat of a sketch first aired in Episode 150. "Stick Puzzle 2" Alison Smith challenges viewers to move four sticks from the current arrangement and have three squares all the same size with none left over. "Mathnet: Case of the Willing Parrot Part 4" Repeat of a mystery first aired in Episode 204.moreless
    • Episode 235
      Episode 235
      Season 2 - Episode 35
    • Episode 236
      Episode 236
      Season 2 - Episode 36
    • Episode 237
      Episode 237
      Season 2 - Episode 37
    • Episode 219
      Episode 219
      Season 2 - Episode 19
    • Episode 218
      Episode 218
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      Skits include, but are not limited to: "Dirk Niblick caper" (presumed pilot) "2001" (repeat of a segment first aired in Episode 136) "Perpendicular Lines" (repeat of a segment first aired in Episode 151) "Mathnet: The View from the Rear Terrace, Part 3"
    • Episode 174
      Episode 174
      Season 1 - Episode 74
      Pop-ups tell you how much of Square One TV has elapsed as you watch the following: "Exercise" How to equally split pails of milk among 3 farmers. "Groaning Wall" With Freddy Kohler - a parody of Freddy Krueger. "Animation" Parallel vs. perpendicular lines "Music Video" Perpendicular Lines - Repeat of a music video shown earlier in the season. "Groaning Wall" Another segment with Freddy Kohler "Animation" The people who animated Turkey Television for Nickelodeon in 1985, are back for one last CTW effort. How can a girl carry her bird, her cat and birdseed to an island if the boat is only big enough for her and one of the items? "Peter Piper" John Moschita, renowned for his fast-talking, says Peter Piper at three speeds. The graph shows the different rates in words-per-minute. "Animation" We see how the girl can carry her cat, her bird, and birdseed. Groaning Wall: w/ Freddy Kohler (again) "Bumper" A transformer is shown. "Mathnet: The Trial of George Frankly, Part 4" Repeat of a Mathnet case first shown in Episode 119.moreless
    • Episode 175
      Episode 175
      Season 1 - Episode 75
      Skits in This Episode: "Hold It, Nobody Eat" When three cast members order a slice of pizza and Arthur orders half a pie, Cris cuts the pie in eighths. Since he has a slice left over, he returns the pie to have it recut. "The 5:19 Blues" Repeat of a segment that first appeared in Episode 147. "Hold It, Nobody Eat 2" Cris returns with a pizza cut in sixths - a slice for three cast members and half a pie for Arthur - but must return it to be recut when Luisa arrives and wants a slice. "Dropped Coin" Repeat of a segment that first appeared in Episode 131. "Hold It, Nobody Eat 3" Cris returns yet again with a pizza cut in eighths - a slice for four cast members and half a pie for Arthur. But what are they going to do when Reg arrives? "EB: Number Pattern: Square Numbers" This short animation illustrates a number pattern involving square numbers; square numbers are the sum of consecutive odd numbers starting with 1. "Arthur Benjamin - Squaring II" Arthur Benjamin, a mathematician from Johns Hopkins University, can perform complicated calculations in his head. He demonstrates short-cuts for squaring 2 and 3- digit numbers to a group of children. "Countin' Out the Rhythm" This song, staged in a very urban setting, illustrates that there are 4 beats to every musical measure. The song also stresses the idea of subdividing each measure into 8 and 16 beats as well. (Note: This segment first appeared in Episode 116.) "Sale!" Using only the digits 3, 5, 6 and 9, a clerk must create the lowest possible total price for a set of stereos and speakers. "Mathnet: The Trial of George Frankly Part 5" Kate proves that George could not have possibly left the island and committed the crime because weather conditions would not have allowed the plane to maintain its usual speed. (Note: This segment first appeared in Episode 120.moreless
    • Episode 201
      Episode 201
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Skits in this Episode Included: "Square One Squares" An early form version of the game that would later be known on the show as "Square One Challenge." Contestants Michelle and Diana try to guess whether two of the show's regular cast members are telling the truth about something mathematical or bluffing. Unlike in later versions of the game, in any particular problem, one of them is bluffing and the other is telling the truth. (Whereas with the later versions, both could be bluffing or both could be telling the truth.) The contestants are awarded points based on their guesses and the one of the most points gets great Square One TV merchandise and bragging rights and the winner gets other Square One TV merchandise. "Dirk Niblick" A Dirk Niblick episode in which the theme is "You can fool most of the people most of the time." Season Two of Square One TV introduced lyrics for Dirk Niblick's theme song, lyrics that were only included in the Season Two episodes of Dirk. This segment finds Dirk's neighbor, Mr. Beasley, looking to buy a new car. He comes across a slick dealership who is offering a 30% off sale. What Mr. Beasley doesn't know, though, is that this dealership is doing some funny math by giving three 10% discounts only on particular features of the car and claiming that they add up to 30%. Dirk Niblick exposes the truth, that not only does 10% off + 10% off + 10% off not add up to 30% off, but that the discounts are even more worthless if they don't apply to the entire $10,000 price of the car. "One Billion is Big" The Fat Boys do another music video about one billion, which is a million times a thousand. They compare a million to a thousand. "Animation" A pattern of equations is shown: 3 * 37 = 111 6 * 37 = 222 9 * 37 = 333 12 * 37 = 444 ? * 37 = 555 What number times 37 equals 555? "Mathnet: The Case of the Willing Parrot Part 1" The first of five parts of the Mathnet series, "The Case of the Willing Parrot." In this segment, a boy calls George and Kate complaining of strange noises in his household. When George and Kate first come to investigate, they can't find anything wrong. But after hearing the strange noises themselves, they make a determination: they're simply the wind.moreless
    • Episode 202
      Episode 202
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Skits in this Episode: "Dirk Niblick Tease" "Exclusive Music Video: Estimation" "Close Call: Premiere" "Animation: Times 0" "Spot the Quadrilaterals" "Mathman: A New Season" "Mathnet: The Case of the Willing Parrot, Part 2"
    • Episode 172
      Episode 172
      Season 1 - Episode 72
      More pop-ups show how much of Square One TV has elapsed as the following scenes play themselves out: "Mathman" Mathmanmust eat only the Factors of 18 "Quality Control" In a factory that values quality control, Harry & Elmo must put cubes into crates. They have a work order for 360, something that seems impossible until they arrange the cubes orderly into a crate. "Music Video" An exclusive music video called Think encourages viewers to use their brains. "Caraway Street" CTW borrows unto itself for parody as human-sized Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street consider the cost of owning a puppy. "Newsroom Interruption" Square One TV is interrupted for a newsroom interruption. "Positives and Negatives" The war between the Positives and Negatives continues: this time, the Negatives win (as they almost always did): -6 + 3 = -3 "Backstage with Blackstone" Blackstone predicts how red and green candies vary in number. "Animated Commercial" Plant-A-Spoon seed kit, comes in two colors. Planting 3 seeds guarantees a matching pair. "Mathnet: The Trial of George Frankly, Part 2" Repeat of a Mathnet case first shown in Episode 117.moreless
    • Episode 171
      Episode 171
      Season 1 - Episode 71
      At intermittent times during this show (and the next four), a graph shows how much of Square One TV has expired. "Oops!" Twitch E. Room makes a ruler mismeasurement. "Mathematics 'R' Us" Smilin' Al sells Perimeter Measuring Evaluator "Music Video" Rcycled run of Metric Electric Lover by Dodo "Animation" A variety of beautiful symmetry patterns are shown. "Donna Who?" Discusses a confessional as two theater ushers miscount theater sections. "But Who's Adding?" A parody game-show "Mathnet: Trial of George Frankly, Part 1"moreless
    • Episode 170
      Episode 170
      Season 1 - Episode 70
      Skits in this episode: "The Adventures of Spade Parade, Part 1: Baseball" "Music Video: Percents by The Bank Notes" "The Adventures of Spade Parade, Part 2" "Time Check" "Harry's Hamburger Haven Commercial Shoot" "Mathnet: The Problem of the Trojan Hamburger Part 5"
    • Episode 166
      Episode 166
      Season 1 - Episode 66
    • Episode 167
      Episode 167
      Season 1 - Episode 67
    • Episode 168
      Episode 168
      Season 1 - Episode 68
    • Episode 169
      Episode 169
      Season 1 - Episode 69
      Sketches include: Exclusive Music Video: Angle Dance (recycled from earlier) The difference between Area and Perimeter Arthur needs seed and fencing for his lawn. Another Exclusive Music Video: Burger Pattern featuring The Fat Boys McMath: parody of Shakespeare's Scottish play, in which the witch sisters ask McMath for the largest dimensions possible for a garden surrounded by 48 feet of fence. Mathman is instructed to eat only Even Numbers. Animation: Can 13 cows try to form a rectangle? Not really, since 13 is a prime number. Mathnet: The Problem of the Trojan Hamburger, Part 4.moreless
    • Episode 203
      Episode 203
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      "Backstage with Blackstone" Famous magician Harry Blackstone demonstrates a trick with a number grid. "Dirk Niblick Quickie" Everyone's favorite animated math advocate reminds viewers that another epiosde of Mathnet will be on shortly. Piece of the Pie This recurring game show of Seasons 2 and 3 combines elements of Family Feud and old Jack Barry-Dan Enright game shows Hot Potato and Play the Percentages. Asked the question, "What do parents tell kids not to waste?", teams of three kids huddle to find answers that made the survey. "Combo Jombo" A new music video features Regina singing about combinatorics "Mathman" Mathman is instructed to eat only Square Numbers, in other words, numbers that can be made by multiplying two of the same number, such as 4 * 4 = 16. "Mathnet: The Case of the Willing Parrot, Part 3" George finds the missing parrot by uttering the numbers "1, 1, 2, 3," a fibonacci sequence the parrot has become familiar with. It's a link toward finding the treasure of Fatty Tissue.moreless
    • Episode 204
      Episode 204
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Skits in this episode included, but were not limited to: "Triple Play" A repeating game show on the series, in which the object is to gain three numbers on the board that form an equilateral triangle when the segments between them are connected. "Dirk Niblick - The Case of the Illegal Lawyer - Part 2" Siblings Fluff and Fold Noodleman are told by lawyer Morley Corrupt that their late uncle promised Fluff 1/2 of his estate and Fold 1/4 of the estate. Morley then informs them that he keeps the rest of the money and that Fluff and Fold will recieve 2/6, or 1/3 of the inheritance. Fluff and Fold suspect something and tell Dirk Niblick about it. The show announcer discusses the equeation 1/2 + 1/4 = 2/6 and asks viewers "what's wrong with this picture?" "Phone Call" Cast member Cynthia Darlow receives a call about a math problem-add five, multiply by two, subtract 8, divide by two, and the answer will always be one. "Dirk Niblick - The Case of the Illegal Lawyer - Part 2" Dirk points out that 1/2 + 1/4 does not equal 1/3, because 1/2 itself is larger than 1/3. Fluff and Fold's real share is 3/4. "Groaning Wall" (The full version of a sketch that appeared previously in 113) Cast members come through geometrically shaped doors in a wall and tell jokes, such as, "What has three feet but cannot walk? A Yard!" and "How do you make a seven even? You take off the s"moreless
    • Episode 205
      Episode 205
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Dirk Niblick does an opening tease hinting of Blackstone's imminent appearance. Mathman must eat numbers that are two More Than a Multiple of five. Backstage with Blackstone: a trick with five envelopes Dweezil Zappa remembers how he learned of Combinatorics Exclusive Music Video: Tempestt Bledsoe sings Time Keeper Commercial: Pie Chart Mathnet: The Case of the Willing Parrot, Part 5moreless
    • Episode 214
      Episode 214
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      "Mathnet: The Case of the Deceptive Data Part 4" The Mathnetters get a call from Mr. Hoover asking them to meet him at the garage again. They bid farewell to Mike Pliers, who says that he enjoys watching them work. He's never seen a detective working before without a script. The Mathnetters go talk to Chief Thad Green and then head to the secret meeting place. Debbie, the head of the computer division, is already there, briefing Mr. Hoover. Debbie has been showing him a glitch which suggests that there's something wrong with the ratings system, although Mr. Hoover still isn't sure the system has been tampered with. Debbie points out something odd, about 20% of Vicious Vinnie's alleged audienc is 55 and above. Mr. Hoover suggests maybe he just appeals to old people. George asks again if the people who are in the sample know their viewing habits are being recorded. Mr. Hoover says that they do and the boxes that record their information are tamper-resistant. The boxes report what people are viewing to their computer system. The Mathnetters think that perhaps something is wrong with the sample. The Mathnetters ask for a list of his sample, but Mr. Hoover says it's secret. The Mathnetters finally get him to agree to give them a list of eight homes that are recorded as watching The Vicious Vinnie Show. They head to check them out. The first person they talk with, a young man, says that he watched it once, but now he's watching The Monotone News. He used to watch The Mike Pliers Show. He thought about writing a letter to his congressman, but he has trouble writing. And the congressman has trouble reading. They next interview an odd young lady with strong opinions. She, however, used to watch Mike Pliers as well and she and George share a program slogan. She now watches a nature show since Pliers was taken off. They interview several more Vinnie "viewers," but they all say they were watching something else. After they talk to seven people, they all have the same story. They visit the eighth person on the list, an elderly woman who at first thinks they're selling something. She seems to make a pass at George, but it was actually on behalf is a friend. George, in any case, is married. They ask her about Vinnie's show and she says she found it unwatchable. She too used to watch Mike Pliers, saying that he made Mister Rogers look like a "Cat-Bungler." She says that they should tell the Hoover people to leave her alone. She says they've been harassing her. A few weeks ago, somebody came by and fiddled with her TV set. She provides them with a description and says that he was wearing a three-piece uniform. Kate asks if he had a mustache, but the lady says he didn't have any facial hair at all. They go to check her television set and someone has broken the seal on her ratings box. That means someone could have altered the ratings.moreless
    • Episode 215
      Episode 215
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      The Mathnetters have visited the home of an elderly woman who is particpating in a television ratings service and found that the box that's supposed to record her viewing habits has been tampered with. They're involved in effort to find out what happened that caused the ratings of a program called The Mike Pliers Show to take a huge plummet. There was some sort of computer breakin and now households where people once watched The Mike Pliers Show are now recorded as watching The Vicious Vinnie Vermin Show. All of those people deny that they watch the program though. The Mathnetters return to the office, where George tells Kate that his wife Martha wants to invite her over for dinner. Kate doesn't sound too excited about the choice of cuisine, but says she'll come anyway. Kate and George discuss what's happening. They got back in contact with the eight sample families they talked with that were supposedly watching Vinnie's show and they all reported that someone claiming to be from the ratings service had come to do work on their ratings box. They decide to analyse the data and find 18 homes out the sample were supposed to be watching Vinnie. They talked to eight and none of them were watching it. George figures they can expect the rest of the 18 to say they weren't watching it either. Kate says that they actually can't be sure of that, but they do know that eight boxes were tampered with and that's pretty significant. They're getting a sketch of the man who apparently messed up the ratings right now. Mike Pliers brings them the sketch. They decide the person in the sketch looks harmless, but kind of familiar. Debbie Williams brings them one of the ratings boxes and explains that it had been altered to say that the television set was tuned to Vicious Vinnie. She's now going to head off to check out the other seven boxes. Kate notices something about the sketch. She draws a mustache on it. Now it looks like Wellworth Watching. She and George decide to head to Wellworth's home and have Mike Pliers come with them. They get to his house, but get no answer when they knock on the door. A nosy neighbor, a brain surgeon, comes by and tells them Wellworth Watching is never in at this time. She's also a fan of Mike's show. They return to the office and learn that in fact all the ratings boxings were tuned to Vicious Vinnie's show. They decide to go pay a visit to Vicious Vinnie, in person, while he's doing his show. They get to the studio and hide, while Vinnie spews his nonsense. Vinnie is busy teaching kids ridiculous stuff, such as that there are only two Great Lakes. He's been to all five and only two are anywhere near great. He also says that Chicago is the capital of Illinois. He then teaches that 0 times 7 is 7. This really outrages George, who knows full-well that 0 times any number is 0. Then, George seems to recognize something about Vicious Vinnie. George intercepts him as he's about to leave the set. He corrects Vinnie's misinformation and then removes phony glasses, nose and hairpiece. It turns out that he's actually Wellworth Watching. George asks him what the big idea is. Wellworth says that when they canceled his show, he swore he'd get back at the ratings service. He learned about computers and got himself a job at the ratings service. He figures he really showed them. He explains that he didn't even have to break into the office, he just hacked in from his home computer. He didn't even have to do anything with the numbers. He just altered the boxes. He's really proud of his scheme. He may be proud, but he's in trouble too. Backup help has just arrived and they're hauling him off. Mike Pliers then gets a call. He's back on the air. He thanks the Mathnetters, who exchange a high-five.moreless
    • Episode 216
      Episode 216
      Season 2 - Episode 16
    • Episode 217
      Episode 217
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      Skits in this episode Include, But Are Not Limited To: "Dirk Niblick: Mall or Nothing At Mall, Part 1" "Close Call" "Mathnet: The View from the Rear Terrace, Part 2"
    • Episode 212
      Episode 212
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      "Dirk Niblick" Dirk is off on a Western adventure in Part One of "Go West Young Mathematician" "Bureau of Missing Numbers: 14" Repeat of a segment that first appeared in Episode 101 "Dirk Niblick 2" Continuation of "Go West Young Mathematician" "Time Check" Mathman gets involved in a time check: Since 3/8 of the show is behind us, how much is left? "Mathnet: The Case of the Deceptive Data Part 2" Arriving at the office in the morning, Kate says that she watched the Vicious Vinnie Show and that it was pretty bad. George calls it disgusting. George says he's not done yet with the fight to save The Mike Pliers Show. He's booked an appointment for them and the show's fan club President to visit the headquarters of the Hoover Rating Service to learn more about this ratings process that apparently got Mike's show cancelled. It's a very security-conscious company, but they've been permission to come over. He gets a call - they're due in at 10:30. They go to pick up the fan club president and then arrive at the ratings service. After signing in and receiving photo IDs with important personal information, they meet up with a company representative, Mr. Wellworth Watching. They introduce themselves as Mathnet and Mr. Watching wonders if they've been on television before. They say that they haven't, but Mr. Watching says that he has and that he was wonderful. They ask him what happened to The Mike Pliers Show. Geri Lynn introduces herself and Mr. Watching says that Mike's numbers went sour. He says that people got tired of him and that numbers don't lie. Even though the show may have been good, the ratings don't measure quality. He understands this himself because he feels that if they did measure quality, he would still be on the air. George remembers his program and doesn't seem to think much of it. Kate doesn't remember it at all. Mr. Watching says that it had a small but loyal audience. The Mathnetters ask him to explain how his sample works. He says that many people ask about it, so he's set up a demonstration. He's set up a bin full of flat green and yellow marbles. He has Geri don a blindfold so she can do a sampling experiment. He has her count out one thousand random marbles from the bin, explaining that the marbles are thoroughly mixed after every experiment. Geri draws 1,000 and then George counts the number of green marbles. There are a total of 284 green marbles that were drawn out of the 1,000. Therefore, the rest, 716, were yellow. Mr. Watching says to pretend that all the marbles in the bin represent people watching television and they have a choice of two shows which they can watch. Geri protests that she could possibly watch up to ten shows at any one time, but Mr. Watching says that it's just for simplification. Mr. Watching says that the rating for the green marbles is 28.4%. He shows them a chart that shows the last twenty people who did the experiment. He points out that everyone's results, although mostly different, almost all fall in a certain range, 270-300. There are rare execptions, but statistics show that the margin of error is generally no more than 3% in any direction and therefore it's quite accurate. As it turns out, 30% of the marbles in the container are green and sampling seems to give decent estimates. It's precisely how they measure TV ratings. The viewers live in what they call TV households and they sample them carefully, like the marbles to estimate what everyone is watching. There are 450 people in the sample and they can measure what people are watching with an average accuracy of about 3%. Still, Geri wants to know why the show was taken off. Then, a masked man shows up and says that he wants to talk with Mr. Watching. Seeing the Mathnetters and Geri, he gets ready to leave, but Mr. Watching calls him Mr. Hoover and tells him about how he was demonstrating the sampling process for the Mathnetters. Mr. Hoover says to carry on and leaves. They carry on, George wondering if the people in the sample know that they're a part of it. Mr. Watching says that they do and that they have tamper-proof computer boxes that record viewing information. Their system is very secure. He says that TV ratings isn't the only thing they can measure and dismisses himself, saying he has another meeting. He hands George some more information and says to turn their passes into the guard. Back at HQ, George is looking over the information, when Kate gets a phone call. After some conversation, she hangs up. She tells George that the call was Mr. Hoover. He wants to set up a secret meeting. Someone broke into his computer system.moreless
    • Episode 211
      Episode 211
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      "Mathnet: The Case of the Deceptive Data Part 1" Kate Monday arrives at the office and finds that George is outraged. He's so upset that he doesn't even seem to notice her, he's really more talking to himself instead. His favorite television program, The Mike Pliers Show has been canceled and he can't believe it. He's stood by in the past while some of his other favorite shows have been taken off the air, but this time, he vows that he's going to stand up and fight. This was a great program that was not only educational, but was quite popular as well. It was about a private eye who solve problems using his head and not his fist. George has made a "fan" call and the President of the Mike Pliers Fan Club and Mike Pliers himself are coming to the office. Kate thinks that there were probably good reasons for taking the show off the air, but George won't hear of it. Then, Mike Pliers and the fan club President show up. George greets Pliers at the door and can't stop shaking his hand. Kate says that George is a real fan of his. She introduces himself and they also both meet Geri Lynn, the fan club President. Once everyone's seated, they get down to business. Mike wonders why he's there and mentions that George said it had something to do with his ex-show. George says that he wants to know why the show was taken off the air and then he wants it put back. Geri Lynn is all with him. She wants it back on the air too and has been conducting a huge letter-writing campaign. It hasn't mattered though, the station says that the ratings are too low. George and Geri don't understand this, since the show is very popular. Geri doesn't even understand what ratings are. So they discuss the ratings and sampling process. Pliers says that he understands that if enough people aren't watching, then a show is taken off the air. That's just the way it works. George is still outraged though. Pilers says that the strange thing is that the ratings suddenly took a sharp drop. The station had told him he was doing beautifully, with a rating between 5 and 6. Then, suddenly, the ratings dropped in two weeks to 5/10 and they took him off the air. Sherry Lynn says that it shouldn't matter how many people watch. After all, she and the other fans were watching and they loved it. Kate explains the advertising process, saying that advertisers want to support shows that do well because then people see their product. If ratings go down, then advertisers look for another show that's more popular, such as the Vicious Vinnie Vermin Show, as Pliers mentions. Both George and Geri hate the show, but Kate has never seen it. As George describes it, it's basically a cheap, badly produced version of Double Dare or something. George calls it "totally mindless," saying that it teaches dumb, or downright wrong. Yet, oddly, it's gotten very popular quite recently. Kate explains the Hoover Rating Service, which samples the population. There are more than 13 million people in L.A., so they use a small group to represent them, asking them what shows they watch. It's a small sample, only about 1,000. George draws an analogy of just a doctor taking a small sample of blood to check it. Geri says it's unfair, as there are more than 5,000 kids in the fan club and nobody ever asked them. They get a phone call. It's for Mike Pliers. He had left their number with the answering service. The call is from Ding Dong Broadcasting, the station that played Mike's program. They think maybe he's back on the air, but it turns out he just has some maintenance to do. He left some things in his dressing room and they want them cleared out.moreless
    • Episode 210
      Episode 210
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      Skits in this episode: "Phoner" "Dirk's Mother's Number Pattern" "Backstage with Blackstone" "International House of Bologna" "Mathman" :Mathnet: The Case of the Great Car Robbery, Part 5"
    • Episode 206
      Episode 206
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      "The Lint Trap" The first part of a Dirk Niblick case. "Mathman" Mathman must eat fractions greater than 1, and wins a free game for succeeding. "To Heck and Back Part Two" The second part of a Dirk Niblick case. "Close Call" An installment of this Square One TV game show involving estimation. "Animation" 4 glasses are each filled 1/3 of the way. One by one a cup is poured into the succeeding cup, showing that 4/3 = 1 1/3, and that's more than one. "Prime Numbers" The Jets perform in this exclusive music video. "Animation - Prime Numbers" To reinforce this concept, an animation on prime numbers follows the music video. "Square One Puzzler" This segment asks viewers to figure out how many rectangles really are in a given grid. "Mathnet: The Case of the Great Car Robbery, Part One" Thousands of cars are being stolen off the L.A. streets, and very few are returning. The Mathnetters must get to the bottom of this puzzling case.moreless
    • Episode 207
      Episode 207
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Skits in this Episode: "Dirk Niblick Tease" "Backstage With Blackstone - Trail" "Square One Squares" "Mathman - Multiples of 5" "Dancing to Health and Back" "Mathnet: The Case of Great Car Robbery - Part 2"
    • Episode 208
      Episode 208
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Skits include: Triple Play" This Square One TV game show involving connecting numbers on a board pits Liz against Ryan. "Dirk Niblick" Dirk gets a call from his chatty mother about using Graphs. "Oops!: Fractions" A new installment shows how to properly add fractions, demonstrating a common mistake and then the right way to do it. "Common Multiple Man" Repeat of a segment first used in Episode 121. "Mathman" Mathman is ordered to eat only Pentagons. They could be concave as well as convex. Archimedes Beverly Mickens sings this Exclusive Music Video from the album Heads by Amber. Mathnet: "The Case of the Great Car Robbery, Part 3" The Mathnetters are deeply involved in this baffling case in the third installment. Debbie has classified that most of the stolen cars are Cadillacs and Lincolns. In addition, the majority of stolen cars were built earlier than 1975 and later than 1984. Kate and George consult with famed local car dealer Art Fraud. He, too, has felt the crunch of the Great Car Robbery, as more and more Angelinos have been buying cars to replace their stolen ones. Fraud tells Kate and George that cars were heavier before 1975 and after 1984.moreless
    • Episode 209
      Episode 209
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Skits in this episode included: "Dirk Niblick: The Lint Trap, Part 1" Fluff and Fold Noodleman have part time jobs at a laundromat. The owner tries to shortchange them at payday. "Count On It" Repeat of a music video first aired in Episode 103. "Dirk Niblick: The Lint Trap, Part 2" Dirk Niblick confronts the owner of the laundromat. It's not enough, Dirk says, to pay Fluff and Fold for just the full hours they put in, when the half-hours count just as much. "Animation: Spot the Hexagons" Where can you see the hexagons in this sequence? "Piece of the Pie" This time, Cris asks two teams to name something you do when you are bored. Contestants are to match the survey. "Cabot & Marshmallow" Repeat of a sketch first aired in Episode 119. "Mathnet: Case of the Great Car Robbery, Part 4" Nobody can find the stolen cars. Perhaps, Kate and George believe, they have been exported illegally. They ask the Chief Wharfinger, who insists no large shipments of cars have passed through Los Angeles Harbor.moreless
    • Episode 306
      Episode 306
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      Skits in this Episode: "Dirk Niblick: Door to Door Boar Part 1" This Dirk Niblick Segment finds Dirk's young neighbors, Fluff and Fold Noodleman involved in a candy sale operation. They've signed up with a door-to-door business, which gives them candy bars to sell. The operator of the business tells them to go out and sell the candy bars and he'll give them 1/10 of the money they collect. They decide to go to Dirk Niblick to find out if this is a good deal. In the process, they break down his door, when they his piano playing, which sounds awful. They thought something was wrong. After dealing with this, Dirk addresses their question. He says that they could do quite well with this arrangement. 1/10 is the same 10%. Therefore, if they were to sell, say, $10 worth of candy bars, they would make $1. If it were $100, then they would earn $10 and so on. So Fluff and Fold go out and sell the candy bars and return for their pay. They collected $250 and are given $25. The operator of the business then tells him he's giving them a raise. He's raising their pay to 1/20, or 20%. Fluff and Fold think this is great. As the segment goes to break, the announcer asks us to consider a blackboard, on which is written 1/10=10% and 1/20=20%. What is wrong with this picture? "Mathman: Percentages > 1/2" Mathman is asked to eat all of the percentages on the board that equal > 1/2. Mathman correctly identifies several such percentages, including one that is even greater than 100% and eats them. However, he incorrectly decides to 10%, causing him to be eaten by Mr. Glitch. "Dirk Niblick: Door to Door Boar Part 2" Fluff and Fold Noodleman go once again to get their pay. They raised $300 and the operator of the business gives them $15. They go excitedly to Dirk Niblick and tell him that they're doing very well. They even got a raise! They were making 1/10 and now they're making 1/20! Dirk Niblick asks them to repeat what they said. They say they got a raise to 1/20? He thinks they've been cheated. He shows them 1/20 is actually 5%. Their pay "raise" was actually a pay cut. He decides to use a picture to help out. To demonstrate 1/10, he draws a rectangle and divides it into ten equal pieces. He then shades in one of them to show 1/10. He then takes another rectangle and divides it into 20 equal pieces. He shades in one and, as Fluff and Fold can see, the piece is clearly smaller. They've been gypped! They return to the operator of the business and make him give them the remaining money they should have gotten: $45. They then quit the business. As the episode ends, they return to Dirk Niblick. They also tell them that they disposed of the remaining cookies, on the keys of his piano. Dirk complains that that'll cause the piano not to work. They tell him that's the point. "What's My Number: 77" A skit involving a math trick for finding the number 77. Mathnet: "The Case of the Swami Scam Part 1" As the episode opens, upbeat music plays, continuing from the previous Mathnet in which the Mathnetters took a plane flight to an assignment in New York. The music transitions to the traditional "Dragnet" music as Kate Monday continues to make her intro. Inside, she meets up with George Frankly, who is wearing a funny hat. They introduce themselves, flashing their badges. The officer there shows her badge as well. Then, their Captain, Joe Greco, comes. He tells them that their just going to have to take his word that he's the captain, since he left his badge in his coat pocket. They're shown to their new office, as Joe introduces them to their case. It would seem that there are several people in New York who have been swindled. They received a tip from a phony swami on the winner of a horse race and lost $5,000 for the tip, as well as the money they bet on the horses. Kate Monday and George Frankly find these people to be incredibly gullible, but decide to get to work on the case. They notice a pattern in the people who were robbed: they all seem to be rather wealthy. As they're working, George gets a phone call, complaining of a lost dog. He tells the caller that they have the wrong department, but at the caller's insistence, he takes a description of the dog: it has a tail, it's named Fido, so on and so on. He promises to forward the information to the proper department. Not long after, a man comes into the office, but motions to leave. He says that he's looking for a couple of "cops from L.A." They tell the man, Benny Pill, that they are the "cops from L.A." Well, mathematicians, rather. Benny doesn't believe it at first, wondering where their sunglasses are. But George informs him that not everyone from L.A. dresses like that. Benny tells them that he can be of help to them, as he "packs." Kate questions the meaning of "packs." George informs her that it means he drives a cab. Benny wonders if George hasn't been to New York before. George starts to tell him that they won't be needing his services right now, but Kate decides otherwise. They leave, saying "Let's roll." They decide to pay a visit to those who were ripped off. As they pay each of them a visit, they find that in each case, they received a series of accurate predictions from the swami, which led them to believe that the prediction regarding the horse race would be accurate. However, in each case, the horse they chose lost. In fact, some did so bad, that one claims that the racer kept a diary as he was "racing." Kate and George, after finding that the last person who got ripped off isn't home, return to the office, where they try to look for patterns. They think they've found one: everyone that they talked to is a retired lawyer. However, when they check the profession of the last person, it doesn't seem to match: he's a teacher. Then, Kate gets a call from that person. He just got back home from his class and got their message. He gives basically the same story as the others. Then, Kate asks him a question: what he teaches. When she gets off the phone, she tells George that they may have a pattern after all: the class this last person teaches is law. He's a retired lawyer.moreless