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  • Number games, songs, cartoons, special guests, and oh, the glory that was Mathnet. One of the best educational shows of all time.

    Square One TV taught the principles of mathematics through humor, animation, songs, regular skits such as take-offs on game shows, and the detective team of Mathnet. Mathman, a humble video game character, roamed the landscape solving problems while evading the sinister Mr. Glitch. Artists such as Kurtis Blow and the Fat Boys contributed catchy songs about how to use mathematical formulas. Lt. Dirk Niblick of the Math Brigade, a hero and what a guy, took on seemingly impossible riddles and always emerged the smarter for it. The general cast themselves chimed in with bizarre mock music pieces I can still sing to this day.

    Did I mention I loved Mathnet? Well, I loved Mathnet. With its creepy Dragnet music and its plucky badge-wearing lovers of number law, George Frankly and Kate Monday, the little series-within-a-series which capped off every episode was a national treasure in its own right. They would use math to complete cases, ending by carting the offenders off to jail, with a little advice to turn from their errant ways: “It’s worse than illegal, it’s not nice.”

    This show made me get home from school early.

    I hope someday we’ll get to see a home release. It’s worth it.
  • Highly educational

    Why did they cancel this show? They're a lot of children who have a hard time getting through with Mathematics today, so this show will help them out in a big way.

    Filled with amazing mathematical facts such as how much time it takes a clock to reach 1 billion seconds , as well as my personal favorite, writing down a certain formula with a number you chose. And no matter what you do, you always get the same answer. Other favorites were Mathman and Mathnet.

    Extremly educational and funny (especially Mathnet) Please bring it back.
  • This show was all about Math and how to use it!! What a concept. I found Math to be one of the most enjoyable subjects in school. To sum this review it is about this great show and explains some of the greatest segments of it.

    This show deserves many kudos of thanks for being brought into the world.
    One of few shows to teach the world about math.
    There were many segments of the show that I found enjoyable. A few of my favorites included \"But Who\'s Counting\" and \"Mathman\". There were also television spoofs such as \"Late Night with David Numberman\", \"General Mathpital\". No one will ever forget the ever popular \"Mathnet\" a spoof of Dragnet that was one of the best lived spoofs ever.
    The episodes were designed to solve crimes using math.
    I especially loved the episode that payed homage to the great Mystery Game Clue.
    In general this show was one of few shows around that made you think and taught you how to think about math at the same time.
    I was glued to this show every weeknight when I was young.
    Square one should have never met such an early grave and should have stuck around to entertain for ages.
  • I grew up with this show. It made math surprisingly enjoyable. With math scores down and all, they should being it back.

    Most people don't know this show exists, in fact I forget most of it except the fact my face was glued to the sceeen when I'd watch it. It was entertaining, witty, and made math interesting. I enjoyed once correcting a teacher thanks to this show. =p I normally write reviews better than this, but I just forget too much at this point. I only remember that it had some funny skits and somehow managed to bring math into the overall picture in a sensible way. It makes math become "not abstract."
  • Previously Hated math!

    Square One TV made me love math!
  • Math hurts.

    I have never been able to figure out the Math equations that have been a problem for for years and years. I can't stand the fact that this entire show took up the time that could have been given to a better one or a more entertaining one. I don't think that it was a bad show. It was extremely educational for those that wanted to learn. But I was really too young to even care and I wanted something in the lines of a cartoon or a show with puppets. Overall, I have to say that the show was just average, if that at all. Thank you.