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  • Number games, songs, cartoons, special guests, and oh, the glory that was Mathnet. One of the best educational shows of all time.

    Square One TV taught the principles of mathematics through humor, animation, songs, regular skits such as take-offs on game shows, and the detective team of Mathnet. Mathman, a humble video game character, roamed the landscape solving problems while evading the sinister Mr. Glitch. Artists such as Kurtis Blow and the Fat Boys contributed catchy songs about how to use mathematical formulas. Lt. Dirk Niblick of the Math Brigade, a hero and what a guy, took on seemingly impossible riddles and always emerged the smarter for it. The general cast themselves chimed in with bizarre mock music pieces I can still sing to this day.

    Did I mention I loved Mathnet? Well, I loved Mathnet. With its creepy Dragnet music and its plucky badge-wearing lovers of number law, George Frankly and Kate Monday, the little series-within-a-series which capped off every episode was a national treasure in its own right. They would use math to complete cases, ending by carting the offenders off to jail, with a little advice to turn from their errant ways: “It’s worse than illegal, it’s not nice.”

    This show made me get home from school early.

    I hope someday we’ll get to see a home release. It’s worth it.
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