Square Pegs

Season 1 Episode 19

No Joy in Weemawee

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 1983 on CBS

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  • Johnny demonstrates his heretofore unknown ability to knock one out of the park; Patty writes it all down.

    The episode begins with a closeup of typewriter keys clacking onto a sheet, and then we see Sarah Jessica Parker typing as her voiceover narrates. Wait a minute, have we stumbled onto the wrong show? Nope. 15 years before Carrie, this episode unintentionally foreshadows what's to come. It's a shame "Pegs" was canceled so soon. By the time this installment aired the cast had gelled and things were less clunky, so it's even more of a pity that this is the penultimate episode. Everybody is completely believable and at their best. The dustup between Jennifer and Muffy, Johnny's talent and Patty's budding journalism career are all high notes.

    Note the fact that by the way Steve Sax talks about going into "the city" that he means New York even though no effort is made to hide any of the plam trees in the background.
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